You are so used to the English language, you probably don't see the everyday oxymorons you live with. Don't believe me?

How about these?

Jumbo Shrimp
Same Difference
Pretty Ugly
Definite Maybe

Or these!

Military Intelligence Microsoft Works Civil Engineer Act naturally
Alone together Hell's Angels Found missing Liquid gas
Deafening silence Seriously funny Living dead Advanced BASIC
Tragic comedy Unbiased opinion Virtual reality Definite maybe
Original copies Plastic glasses Almost exactly Constant variable
Even odds Minor crisis Extinct life Genuine imitation
Exact estimate Only choice Freezer burn Rolling stop

Think you're done. Think again!

Working holiday Great Depression Free trade
Peacekeeper Missile Sweet tart Crash landing
Butt head Sweet sorrow Student teacher
Silent scream Taped live Alone together
Good grief Tight slacks Living dead
Near miss Light tanks Old news
Hot chilli Criminal justice Peace force

That's it, right? Well, one more . . . the biggest of all.


Free love


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