Painting the Town Red

Democrats set the pace for Obama's need for luxury.
Tour the obscene temple Democrats built for Obama in August 2008

Obama has been painting the town red with the broadest of liberal brushes, spending American tax dollars at a huge rate for his luxurious travels and high-society entertainment.

But what can anyone expect when the Democrats built candidate Obama a huge Roman Temple in Denver for honor winning the nomination? Hail King Obama?

Two years later the Democrats may now regret feeding their Narcissist in Chief.

Candidate Obama indicated again and again he hated the rich when running for office, wanting to spread their wealth using Social Justice. Yet it is Obama who has now played more golf on expensive golf courses across America than Bush did in his entire eight years as president! What a hoot it is now, having watched Obama during the election accuse Bush of being the rich man's president.

Obama loves the money and luxury, seeming to never get enough. And that caught Rush Limbaugh's eye in a piece Rush did in his October 2010 Limbaugh Letter. The report is a stunning three-columns wide and three pages deep of Obama's painting the town red since being elected president only 19 months ago.

Now Rush could add to his list the travels of Obama in November 2010 when Obama planned to visit Mumbai, Michelle reported to be meeting with Commercial sex workers. You can't make this up!

The Obama's will stay at the posh Taj Mahal Hotel. The Economics Times reports Obama has booked the entire hotel, including ALL 570 rooms, banquets and restaurants!

This is the same president that sent his wife to spend hundreds-of-thousand of dollars on a vacation to Spain, when he could have sent her to Las Vegas, a city now at 15% unemployment. This is what happens when people, looking for free gas to fill their gas tanks and others to pay their mortgages, vote for the closest narcissist in sight that will shove our Constitution where the sun don't shine.

In any event, the facts speak for themselves. Below is Rush's extensive list, again from his October Limbaugh Letter on pages 16, 17, and 18.





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