eScam - "Protected Message from user."




There is an email going around titled, "Protected Message from user." It has the following brief message . . .


ID: 29151
Password: fbwdthbzd

Message is attached.

Protected Mail Service,


Note: The message and the subject of this email may be different. It may mention AOL,com,,,, or

There are also many variations on this email.


This is a scam!

There is not a message attached. Instead attached is an encrypted login webpage in a zip file. The webpage will put the JS/Feebs@MM virus on your computer, which will send out the virus to others.

Unlike other viruses, the "To" and "From" slots in the outgoing emails are not spoofed or changed. So the emails that this virus sends out will have your email address in the "From" slot, just as the email that you received had the sender's email address in the "From" slot.

This is done to trick the recipient into thinking that the email is a valid email message sent from someone they know. It is not.


If you do not open and run the attachment, this email will do nothing and you will not be infected by this virus. One indicator that you have been infected by this virus is that when you open your Internet Explorer browser it goes to <http://po[removed]>.

Another way to find out if you have this virus is to run an antivirus program. If you are infected with this virus, you can still use an antivirus program to remove it. This eScam virus is a reminder that you cannot believe everything you read in an email, and that you should not open attachments.


This eScam alert is compliments of Ray's Computer Tips, an email service to the customers of . . .
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