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Being downsizing can be viewed by an employee as emotionally devastating. It can cause personal denial, anger, and serious depression. These emotions spills over onto other family members and the total scenario can quickly become chaotic. Downsizing also can immediately effect other households in this age of single parenting, which may have been supported by an incoming alimony check. Sadly, children may become unintended victims of a downsizing--the fabric of their lives torn apart.


To help family members from being tossed about in these seas of discontent, the downsized individual needs to be responsible and make a reality check of their style of living. And by keeping an eye on the hope and potential that comes with the dawn of each new day, an individual can have a semblance of control over the effects of the loss of a job.

Below is hyperlink to the reaction of a teenager who has gone through the effects of a downsizing. Her fears and comments are unedited. If you know a teenager going through tough times due to a parent losing their job, maybe the reflections of this high school student will help other kids get through the storm. They can even send their comments by e-mail. Responses that contribute to this effort will be published on this site, protecting the name and e-mail address of the young writer.

In addition, we have placed a link to the web site run by Focus on the Family. Focus on the Family is a non-profit organization located in Colorado Springs, CO., and was started in 1977. It is headed by the popular psychologist Dr. James C. Dobson. Focus on Family provides support for family values through its innovative publications and several daily radio programs for parents and children. Through Dr. Dobson's early radio programs, Focus on the Family was created by the sheer demand of parents who responded to the program's direction in servicing their real needs in raising children. 

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"Freedom is Knowledge"