The Country That Was

Webmaster - November 15, 2010


A president of the United States surrounds himself with Marxists and Communists, calling them Czars, proudly annoucing the values his parents and grandparents taught him while he stands in front of the White House Press Corps. The corps sits silent, almost ignoring the remark, knowing in Obama's case his relatives were Communists.

Watching this it was as if the country had been given away, the people's guardian press reaching a level of silence, fear, and non-action one could not have conceived less than a decade ago.

Obama has openly said he feels very comfortable around radicals. Those words from our president would ONLY be a surprise to anyone who follows NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN, Newsweek, TIME, or The New York Times, these national outlets doing their best to hide Obama's past and assigning anyone who brings it up as a racist, a Saul Alinsky tactic from his Power Points defined as Rules for Radicals.

Once the far-left Marxists of the Democrat Party, financially supported by billionaire George Soros, use the national tools and organizations that are at their disposal over the next two years under an Obama presidency, (2011 - 2012 ) . . . from the TSA acting like Brown Shirts to the CIA afraid to interrigate terrorists, from the Parks' Department Islamic Flight 93 Approved Memorial now on hold to CAIR's growing influence over the military, even impeachment may no longer be available. We are only allowed to think it is so.

What many had wanted to impeach Obama for is ironically now running our government. I think finally admitting there really were death panels in the healthcare bill that was passed by Obama and his far-left Democrats, this country is on the edge of becoming so fundamentally changed that our great grandparents, if alive, would not recognize it.

The job of Americans, directed by history, was to take the baton from those who had died and had fought so hard to protect the Republic and then run with it, ready to pass to the next generation. But the last few generations of spoon-fed Americans seem to be the first ones to fail in taking up this silent directive with any seriousness.

It surely was the reason Jefferson understood that a warning would be needed for those in some future time who would prefer to go asleep at their posts. Jefferson said in very easy to read words, The democracy will cease to exist when you take away from those who are willing to work and give to those who would not.

And in November 2008 many believed a warning, usually attributed to Jefferson, was breached, the Republic that had protected our freedoms trampled on by the new American voters themselves wanting someone to fill their gas tanks and pay their mortgages.

We find ourselves at this point in time in a successful democracy not by jumping up from the first floor to a second, but instead in taking little steps of change so subtle we can hear Americans saying under their breath, Hey, this isn't so bad.

I think the country as those of us who had known it from the 1950s is gone, our only seeing the remnants of what had been hiding the curtain of what is to come.

It is how things are, and calling them anything else would be to deny what lies ahead of us with no safe harbor in sight. The Republic handed to us with over 200 years of history will continue to crumble, easily seen in the daily news stories I post on my homepage. I also see it as if a cancer when going through my four years of archiving news stories, noting with sadness the tiny steps that have lead to today's melting of the glue that had held us together.

Many conservatives will tell you that an impeachment to fix this will only take the eye off the ball. But that attitude of not wanting to do what our Constitutional demands is exactly what has gone wrong in America. The cancer has metastasized, I don't care what the results were in the recent 2010 election.

Too many Americans are no longer involved in the dimensions of protecting a Republic, their attention instead drawn to Internet porn and secular progressive Web sites, sexting / texting, and popular television shows such as Family Guy from FOX Televison, filled to the brim with anti-America dribble. It all seems well designed to take the viewer's eyes off the reality of what it takes to run a country filled with independent thinking people, the media instead providing a message that has become the massage.

Obama couldn't be successfully impeached because too many independent grass roots have been ripped out and replaced by those that want to be watered and pampered by a nanny government gardner. Even killing grandma so younger citizens can have more is now on the table in America.

A retired very high ranking military officer and friend wrote to me on the day Obama was elected, saying in one sentence, Everything I fought for and believed in was taken away in one day without a shot being fired.

The words were stunning, my knowing the military experience of who had written them.

We are allowed by those who control us to believe the things around us are alright. It's as if a movie has become our new reality. Maybe that's the faux reality Americans have chosen to hide in as the ships sinks.





"Freedom is Knowledge"