Trolling for Violence


NBC reporter asks a question that to the left would have been racist.  But since it came from the left, it was totally ignored as an, "Oh damn, no one bit the bait!"



Talk about being out of touch with the outside world! - NBC becomes television's Nanny channel, as its white female reporter, Kelly O'Donnell, asks a black man at a rally, "Have you ever felt uncomfortable [around Tea Party members?]"  He smiles and quickly replies, "No, no, these are my people - Americans!"  She acts disappointed.



Far-left liberal media is so used to dishing it out, it didn't even notice Kelly asked a question they could have classified as racist if said over at FOX!


Pisst: Don't tell Kelly, but to NBC the question she asked could have been seen as a racist statement. But since she is on the left and the other side of the debate, she will never get slammed by reporters or Rev. Al Sharpton for her trash talk. In fact no one even seemed to notice!

Had it been Limbaugh, Huffington Post would have wet its panties to publish it, most liberal news media outlets probably then running to pick it up as top news of the day.

Just remember, if violence starts it was the media that pushed the buttons hard as reporters purposely troll for violence. Liberal reporters even try to cause fights, as cameras follow their fellow liberal agitators wandering around Tea Party crowds, the lens and microphone waiting for one person out of thousands to get angry at the pushing.

Of course when a Republican and his girl friend are beaten up by two far-left agitators, causing one to have a broken leg and the other a head trauma, the liberal media's ink bottle suddenly runs dry, an event that almost went unreported as if it never happened.

It is what the liberal media does best with its progressive mission statement, "It ain't news until we say it is!" And they wonder why they're losing more eyeballs year after year.

Like I said, if violence starts at a Tea Party meeting you can look to these reporters as willing participants . . . hoping for a Nobel Peace Prize on what they might do in the future?)

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