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Color Television; The Amazing Journey!

1950's - 2010

From NTSC CRTs To Digital Flatscreens

"How we got to where we are in HDTV today . . . a study into HDTV formats, programming, pricing, along with a HDTV glossary of terms. There is also a special report on the real story of the Beta vs.VHS Format War."
Background: actual photo of HDTV image from HDNET on a Sony rear-projection television.

Into Tomorrow - A Look at New Products

B&H Insight to products and ideas

HDTV wide-screen color televisions - Clearing the confusion.
An overview of television from the 1950's - When laughter was for everyone.
Chapter 1 Meet Bob Jennings; an early example of freelance news photographers.
Chapter 2 From CATV to Cable television - On-air broadcast to multi-channel cable.
Chapter 3 Early television broadcasts - From pure entertainment to propaganda.
Chapter 4 Audiophile to Audio-in-a-Box - From two channels to seven.
Chapter 5 Early large-screen television - First signs of Superbowl fever.
Chapter 6 The real true story of the format battle - From one who was on the front line.
Chapter 7 HDTV content has come of age with over 230 HDTV channels
Chapter 8 HDTV - What you probably didn't know about the technology.
Chapter 9 Direct View 4x5 - Format replaced by 16x9 flat screens
Chapter 10 LCD Format - How it works; the plus, minus, and prices.
Chapter 11 Plasma Format - How it works; the plus, minus, and prices.
Chapter 12 DLP Format - How it works; the plus, minus, and prices. (It's in the mirrors!)
Chapter 13 Rear-Projection HDTV Format - Format replaced by flat screens (CRT gone.)
Chapter 14 Example of HDTV Features - Taking a look at Sony Technology.
Chapter 15 Resources - Resources we used with links to attribution.
Chapter 16 Buying HDTV - You don't bring home a set. You bring home a bundle.
Chapter 17 Glossary
Suggested Retail Price. (List replaced by link to current pricing Web site.)


Amazon helps you to educate yourself about 3-D technology.  Or in other words, you might want to wait awhile before purchasing a 3-D set, as another Beta vs. VHS could be coming to a store near you.
Amazon helps to make understanding 3D television easy . . . well sort of.


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