Phishing Scam on Wells Fargo

The following e-mail copy was read to a Wells Fargo representative, who advised it was a Phishing scam and to immediately delete it and clean out my temporary and cookie files. She said the e-mail did not belong to Wells Fargo.

Bottom "home" link, as well as logo hot link, goes back to Well Fargo and makes the e-mail look real. The verification link below is LIVE! Be aware Wells Fargo says this e-mail does not belong to Well Fargo..



Dear Valued Customer,

Wells Fargo is constantly working toward security for all of it's online banking users. To ensure the integrity of our online banking system, we periodically and randomly review accounts.We require you to update your account information. Failure to update your account information could result in your account being placed into a restricted status. Restricted accounts continue to receive payments, but are limited in their ability to send or withdraw funds.

Please update your information as soon as possible. To prevent this restriction,we require that you login into your account and complete our verification process. Various information such as your credit card details and your account information will be used to verify your identity. All the information is securely encrypted ensuring that your information remains safe. To start account verification please follow the link below and fill in the all necessary fields:

Thank you for your cooperation in keeping our services safe for you and other customers safe.


Online Customer Service
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