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John Wheeler and the media's Vacuum Effect  


I have coined a new term related to John Wheeler's murder. I call it the Vacuum Effect.

A Vacuum Effect forms, I believe, when information on an event becomes either incomplete or is intentionally buried by those who have the ability to fill it, such as from our federal government or the ones who are responsible for running today's national media outlets. Even FOX News had dropped the story after giving their original report on Wheeler. So who are Americans to trust for information about the world around them so they can make intelligent decisions? The answer is obviously not many.

Rush Limbaugh was the first to refer to these newer national media outlets and their spin machines on news as the drive-by's. He called them the drive-by media because they represented the days of prohibition in the 1930s when gangsters would pull up to night clubs, represented by a local liquor king's competitive territory, and open up from the windows of the cars firing from what was called Tommy Guns. After shooting the establishment full of holes and destroying people's lives in the carnage, they would quickly drive away leaving a mess. And so goes the name for a mainstream media that spins a story, does as much damage as possible, and then quickly drives away.

Others have called this Wall, “the Black gash of Shame and Sorrow” basically because the use of black granite put into such a stark angular form reminds them of just that, i.e. a gash in the earth that represents a war where many fellow Americans had to give up their lives.

A Brief History of the Vietnam Wall of Honor

This change in the media began in the 1960s with the slow pushing out of conservative news casters and newspaper managing editors to be replaced by liberal thinkers, eventually liberal thinkers taken over by socialist progressives. That is who represents the media today and the one that has ignored investigating further into John Wheeler's death, a Vietnam Vet, a conservative, and one who is said to have almost single-handedly pushed for the building of the Vietnam Memorial in Washington D.C.

Is it then any wonder the progressives that now run what Rush identifies as the drive-by media want Wheeler buried again quickly?

How did America get to this place in time having to endure such a corrupt media running America's right to know? I have a theory on it.

When our forces returned from Vietnam, many spoiled brats born from those heroes who climbed out of the aircraft and off the ships that won America WWII, learned to use the black and white TV news cameras to promote their new wimpy slogans. Remember ones such as "Hell No, We Won't Go!" Some witnesses at the time observed that large groups of students would strangely remain calm until the camera's red light came on, radical leaders then getting them to scream and shout like they did when they had lost their binkies as babies. Today many of these same radical hippies are now not only turning into boomers, but Czars in the Obama administration.

Many of our WWII heroes had sworn their children would never grow up to know the kind of sacrifice they had made for America while protecting loved ones back home. And they got their wish , their college-aged youth even enjoying an act of spitting on the returning heroes from Nam as they reached the safety of American soil.

Sadly, too many of the WWII heroes created in their children the opposite of who they had been. Many of their college-aged kids about twenty years after WWII would burn their draft cards, run to Canada or foreign countries to avoid the draft, or cause riots in the streets and at college campuses in the 1960s. Bill Clinton was one of those attacking the U.S. over the Vietnam war, reported to have done so while even standing on foreign soil. But later in the 1970s Jimmy (rubber bullets) Carter would give a blanket pardon to close to 100,000 draft dodgers, allowing Bill Clinton to later run for president of the United States.

Clinton once becoming president continued his romp as if an alley cat, reports saying he had an affair with a young government employee in the White House that even continued on into an Easter Sunday. It brought America the embarrassment of the famous, "It depends on what is, is," to the world and give birth to, the founders furious this Democrat president couldn't screw whomever he wanted to and where ever he wanted, even in the oval office. When Clinton was finally caught with his seminal fluid on his girlfriend's dress, the progressive media went after a friend that had advised Clinton's girlfriend not to dry clean the dress, saying it was evidence of the abuse of power. Years later out of office, Bill Clinton would write in his book . . . wait for it . . . I did it because I could!

Remember, this was the same progressive media that tried to protect John Edwards from the public, hoping his love child wouldn't be discovered (more on this below.) So nothing has changed in the way the media goes about its way to protect Democrats while trashing conservatives like Wheeler (pardon the pun.)

Groups were also formed by those anti-war radicals, their members attempting to bomb government buildings and police stations. One of the most violent groups was called the Weathermen lead by radicals such as Bill Ayers. Ayers would later become friends with Barack Obama as part of the activities of the CAC, candidate Obama spinning his relationship with Ayers by saying he (Obama) was (cough) only eight-years old when the Weathermen set out their bombs.

Last Video Of John Wheeler Murdered Bush Aide.

Media reports on Wheeler as if deranged

And that leads us right back to John Wheeler and the Vacuum Effect.

As with any vacuum, natural physics requires that it always wants to be filled. And that is exactly what happened last week when an Internet news site called the European Union Times, (EUT) printed disturbing claims that were centered around the murder of Wheeler. As mentioned, the media did not care much about investigating Wheeler's murder, a man responsible for helping to erect the Vietnam Memorial, a former Vietnam vet, and a conservative having served under George Bush senior.

The EUT is known to come out with stories that are outrageous or even challenged as fact, the site accused of purposely creating hoaxes.  I got involved when one of my e-mail recipients sent the story to me written by the EUT, asking what was fiction and what was fact in our world, his knowing how corrupt our government and media are today . . . a government filled with Czars and a media filled with radical progressives and socialists

This was while another site had used copy from the EUT story, but adding photos via a video it had been created. It simply made Wheeler's death look more like a conspiracy. But that's what happens when you have the Vacuum Effect in play and legitimate news sources refuse to do their job.

But in today's media, what is a legitimate news source? Being outrageous can also be said of MSNBC or CNN. CNN reported that the word crosshair shouldn't be used on the cable network, thinking between the lines it might make an unstable person go out and shoot someone.  This was CNN's host's reaction to the Tucson shooting a few weeks ago, the shooting that instantly shoved John Wheeler's murder off the front pages of newspapers and TV screens across America.  It was as if the shooting had done the media and government a favor. I reasoned later that Wheeler had not only been tossed into a Newark dumpster, but now had being tossed into the media's dumpster, his death no longer being investigated or even card about. I mean, where was the memorial?   

In situations like this where the media wants a story to go away, suppression of information will cause my Vacuum Effect. Is it then any surprise that when looking for a government or media memorial to the death of John Wheeler, you can only find material like this that not unlike what was written in EUT?

On January 25, 2011, 25 days after John Wheeler was discovered in a land fill in Newark, New Jersey, nothing was on Google about funeral arrangements.

The Vacuum Effect also applies to the investigation of John Edwards. Remember at the time when virtually all the mainstream media refused to tell the truth about their darling liberal progressive?  However the Vacuum Effect left by the media on Edwards had to be filled, and in fact was eventually satisfied from of all places a supermarket tabloid, you know those sources that say ET has landed. 

The tabloid  reported Edwards' had a love child while his wife was dealing with breast cancer, now deceased.  It was a story the entire mainstream media, including the New York Times, wanted to keep buried from the public because Edwards was (cough) one of their own, a top leading Democrat who one day might be president of the United States.  Once the story was out, this is how the elitists in the media treated the story that had caught their boy with his zipper down.

Looking at this type of non-vetting by the progressive far-left media, one would assume that only men like Edwards with their values are welcomed by the media to represent the Democrat Party for the highest office in the land. After all, in the end it is the progressives thing to do.

As you can see the report from the tabloid on Edwards turned out to be 100% correct, and as mentioned at the time the only news outlet that would print the truth.  Of course no Nobel Prize would be coming their way from the far-left socialists in Norway, the ones who gave Obama a peace prize for what he might do, their thinking of it in a positive light while Americans were having to deal with it under the category of damage control.

While involved in the Wheeler  research on the Web, I discovered a lot more people were also wondering what was John Wheeler doing that caused him to be murdered in such a way you would only see in the movies.  Was a message being sent secretly by our government to others such as Wheeler saying, "Do this, too, and you'll wind up in a landfill with no one in the media giving a damn?"

The story put out on Wheeler from the EUT, while outrageous in part, was sadly the only one that brought Wheeler's murder to the forefront. So again Americans was being forced to ask the mainstream media and their government again, "What the hell happened to this Vietnam war hero and a high government official having worked under a former president?"

In looking into the facts and comparing them to what was in the EUT article that was called a hoax, I discovered the following:

First I cannot verify the comment in the EUT about Putin, although with John Wheeler's extensive background his murder had to be of great interest to the Russian government on why a top intelligence executive would be murdered and if it was related to something he had been working on for the U.S. Government. And I found nothing either where Putin or the Russian government denied the claim.

And I cannot verify phosgene gas was being stored at the Pine Bluff Arsenal or flown on aircraft. However I did verify Pine Bluff has been designated to store warfare gases for the military since 1941.  Phosgene is a serious gas that disrupts your breathing, not something you want to mess with even in traces.  If phosgene gas was in the U.S. it would most likely be at or buried the Pine Bluff Arsenal. 

So allow me to provide you with what I did find out that jives with the EUT story.  How all the pieces are connected only future investigations will unravel.

1.  Wheeler's body was found in a dump, no one caring about it except saying that he might have climbed into one.  But that's not an answer, just a theory, actually already tossed out the window by someone who researched the travels of the truck that would eventually dump Wheeler's body onto a Newark landfill.  (Listen to the Michael Savage Show at the end of this e-mail for details of the truck's route.)  

Wheeler was found on New Year's Eve while the dead fish and birds in Arkansas were found around January 4th.  We wouldn't know if Wheeler ever knew of the effects of phosgene gas and if it was being stored at Pine Bluff or had been accidentally released by government aircraft.  But this information surely would have easily been within his realm of knowledge.

2.  Birds did die, (estimated to be at least 5,000), as well as an estimated 50,000 fish in Arkansas.  Homeowners and city workers picking up the birds with gloves and plastic bags would be one thing.  But having the local government bring in their people wearing hazmats and gas masks says someone knew these birds weren't just scared by fireworks, as had been told to locals earlier and would appease a far-left media that the story was now put to bed . . . you know "Move on folks, nothing to see here."  

But you need to view the actual photos shown below.  They don't lie, these birds hit by something that instantly killed them on the spot, as if they had stopped breathing.  It reminded me of the pictures I saw when Saddam had gassed the Kurds, their dropping like flies at the place they had stood..


3.  Wheeler was very outspoken and well into the ways of the military.  Here is a bio on Wheeler from the Web site Second Line of Defense.  It is simply amazing what this man had accomplished in his lifetime up to New Year's Eve of 2010.  Yet the media simply blew him off while his government acted as if he almost didn't exist.  However his bio says otherwise.

4.  Other people are asking about Wheeler and what was going on that would cause him to wind up in a landfill, this report coming from Veterans Today's Web site.

5.  And Wheeler was a consultant to the Mitre Corporation in 2009.   Here is extended report on Wheeler and the work of Mitre.

6.  The About Us Web page from Mitre Corporation's Web site reports that Mitre has over 7,000 employees, 65% having Masters Degree or PhD.  Note in its description it is a not-for-profit working directly for the government including the Department of Homeland Security (DHS.)

MITRE manages Federally Funded Research and Development Centers (FFRDCs): one for the Department of Defense (known as the DoD Command, Control, Communications and Intelligence FFRDC), one for the Federal Aviation Administration (the Center for Advanced Aviation System Development), one for the Internal Revenue Service and U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (the Center for Enterprise Modernization), and one for the Department of Homeland Security (the Homeland Security Systems Engineering and Development Institute). MITRE also has its own independent research and development program that explores new technologies and new uses of technologies to solve our sponsors' problems.

7.  A person posting a video about the last day Wheeler was seen by the public wrote the following comment:

John Wheeler was a computer CYBER ATTACK SPECIALIST who worked for Mitre Corporation. Google "John Wheeler, MITRE and 9/11" and do some research. Mitre is connected to PTECH and both companies were involved in 9/11. They have clients like the FAA, CIA, DOD, NORAD and MANY OTHERS. "Ptech was with MITRE Corporation in the basement of the FAA for two years prior to 9-11" Wheeler was also a lawyer for the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. 

8.  And this is what a blog wrote about Wheeler on the Huffington Post that was not included in the EUT article:

“What is the Mitre Corporation's connection to this? He was apparently shaken up, had his shoe broke (suggesting something was hidden in it and removed . . . thumb drive?), his briefcase was taken (was he taking docs home?), and at his house a chair had police tape on it and floor boards were removed, and not only that but neighbors said the tv was playing unusually loud for 4 days straight (a tactic used to cover up noise when someone is being roughed up) before this incident. It all seems to suggest he was in fact taking "something" and was found it, and then made into an example for others . . . which raises to question who is this a message to and what is it they should keep quiet about?”

9.  Pine Bluff Arsenal has been a chemical warfare arsenal for the U.S. Government since 1941.  

10.  Web blog comments on Russia and phosgene gas related to Afghanistan.

11. An eye witness phone account on strange events around Pine Bluff's Arsenal, seeming to be related to something in the air that affects humans and their pets.

12.  Below Michael Savage's four-part segment from his show on January 5, 2011, relating to details of the strange death of John Wheeler. The stunning information includes a summary from a reporter who actually traced the route of the garbage truck that had dumped Wheeler's body into the Newark landfill!

| Part 1 | Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4 |


So while the EUT article had been outrageous, some of the information the EUT provided was correct with some of the facts surrounding Wheeler's death reasonable to be suspicious, while the other claims . . . well until the vacuum is filled we'll never know where the truth lies.  And while waiting for the truth, be sure you listen to the four Michael Savage segments on John Wheeler's murder, again posted above from January 5, 2011. 

As mourners on January 22nd recalled Sarge Shriver's charity, idealism, in a ceremony attended by President Bill Clinton and others, John Wheeler's death received no more attention than an inner-city vagrant's body found in an alley.   Wheeler was a patriot, a graduate at the top of his class at West Point

He was not a bum.  He was a national figure, a Vietnam hero.  And his memory needs to be returned to that stature in front of the American people.  If not, then there is something very sinister going on in your Federal Government that John Wheeler knew about while the media was told to stay away.  I wonder if John Wheeler had been a liberal progressive Democrat working for the Obama administration if his death wouldn't have stayed about the fold on the front page of the slimy New York Times.

I hope you realize that if John Wheeler, a Vietnam vet, wasn't safe in traveling around America, none of us are. 


Foreign Land, sung by Krista Branch.


Listen to "50,000 Names Carved in the Wall."

The John Wheeler's Widow Claims Killing "Could Have Only Been Carried Out By Professional."

John Wheeler FINALLY to be bured in April 2011 at Arlington National Cemetary with honors.

- The Army Times Report -

A brick in memory of Wheeler will be laid the Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Dover.  The Delaware veterans group will hold a ceremony Wednesday March 30th at 11am at the Kent County Veterans Memorial Park, which was dedicated in November 2009.




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