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"Conservatives need a place where they can find articles, opinions, and news stories that reflect their common values." - Webmaster

Conservative Americans need their own information network, ones they can trust for daily references that reflect a value system that bypasses the secular progressive indoctrination found on too many television networks, cable channels, and newspapers. Conservatives have believed for too many years that these outlets are best at one thing - talking at each other.

In this environment Freedom is Knowledge was created. - Webmaster




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A brief overview of Freedom is Knowledge

Freedom is Knowledge was created in 2003 because conservatives had few places to go to find a daily summary of conservative news outlets they could trust. Today it is a unique Web site run by a retiree from New Jersey living in a small town in North Carolina.

The site features no ads and receives no income or perks from links chosen as content. Today the site has more than 850 pages with over 1.3 million words, and has passed 5,000 primary links.


How to use Search Engine

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You can search these outbound e-mails and their years of news stories by any word(s) using the above search engine from FreeFind. Just add a space plus emails/emaillist in quotes.

For instance, type in the word Gibson, a space, and add "emails/emaillist" in quotes as shown below. Try it. Copy the text below and paste it into the above text box. Then press the gray search box to find an e-mail since 2011 with Gibson in it. If you choose to only type in Gibson, the engine will then search the entire domain instead of only these e-mails.


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Archive of topics from 2007 on conservative issues

Progressive journalists too often see conservative stories as unimportant or useless, suppressing them.

As an example, you will find an entire page dedicated for editorials and news about Obama's history before the election, with another similar page dedicated to Hillary Clinton. Look at an amazing video linked on the Hillary page that explains how Hillary and her husband trashed Peter Paul. It illustrating how people are used, spit out, and then rolled over as if nothing had happened to the person lying dead by the side of the road.


Site features amazing content from the Web

Originally Freedom is Knowledge was under a different name that provided links for job search engines, job research sites, along with an interesting list of over 120 published Web sites referred to as Cool Sites. In this same area are updated Art Sites, a useful list of extremely talented and unusual artists who can be engaged for either personal or business opportunities.

Links on the homepage provide avenues to excellent content that includes Find Articles, Fastcheck, Reference Desk, and others. You will also find the top social networking sites on the Web, sites on college free speech issues, sites on global warming that glean out the hype, along with links for contacting your congressman. There is even a link for those going through tough economic times featuring recipes for Crock Pot cooking located in the lower right column of the homepage.

This right column is dedicated to specific sections on the site, such as a segment for searching anything you want to know about the 23 countries of Western North Carolina with Asheville's extensive activities highlighted on the Buncombe County page. You will also find some 24/7 audio streaming sites where you can listen to Family Radio, Talk Radio, or other streaming audio while you search for content on Freedom is Knowledge.

Another special segment titled Journey to HDTV features 17 chapters dedicated to the history of television with an overview of all the HDTV formats. The chapter on Beta vs. VHS reports on the famous VCR format war, who won it, and why. This unique format war serves as an example of other business successes and failures, a lesson on what drives a market and consumers to it. And at the end of every year you will find a link to current pricing of HDTV sets and their available formats.

Click on the old Zenith Television in the right column on the homepage and proceed to the bottom of the chapter list page for Price list. There are prices archived there since 2004, amazing to see how far the prices have dropped while the technology goes viral.

Finally in the right column you'll also find 100 conservative opinions or articles, peppered with new ones listed by date.


The stunning incident that pushed this site to the next step

You may be asking why the political content of Freedom is Knowledge is conservative. Like millions of other Americans in years past, I had watched the three television network news channels from New York City, unaware of the subtle bias that was growing as more and more liberal progressive journalists and their managing editors entered the field pushing out conservative thought.

In 1999 I stopped watching the network news because I was shocked the stories that had been buried that wouldn't fit into their elitist progressive agenda. I do not use the word elitist lightly. These progressives had finally come out of their closets in 2000, no longer hiding their hatred for tens-of-millions of conservative Americans.

Here is a prefect example.

1999 was the year I discovered a horrific story reported by the FOX cable news channel (FNC) about the the murder of Jesse Dirkhising. At the time FOX was new to me. I had not liked the programming on the Fox Television Network, not realizing FNC was 180 degrees in the other direction.

(Ten years later who would have guessed MSNBC, NBC Television Network, and NBC News would all be in the tank for a secular progressive agenda that would display such a lack of morals that their programming would go out of its way to trash conservatives and their family values. Sadly, the Weather Channel bought by NBC is sure to follow in their progressive footsteps.)

Jesse Dirkhising was a young teenage boy tortured and murdered by two men. But amazingly FOX had not reported on Jesse because of who had killed him, but because virtually all the national news outlets had refused to report on his murder!

I would later refer to Jesse's murder as the day the press stood still.

Newspapers and television network elitists seemed to view 13-year old Jesse as too dirty to report on, wanting him to stay buried. This was about a year after the murder of Matthew Shepard, a young adult reported to have been heavy into drugs and depression.

While Shepard after his death was being "born again" by the progressive mainstream media, Jesse Dirkhising had already been buried again by the same.

First, Jesse had been tortured and murdered by adult homosexual killers. Then while Jesse's body was still warm in the grave, the media tamped down the dirt thrown over his coffin to be sure he stayed there. Their goal was to keep the details of Jesse's torture and murder from as many readers and listeners as possible, protecting the progressive lifestyle that had so brutally taken his life.

To add insult to injury, Cathy Renna, PR manager for GLAAD's national organization, said at its national convention about three months after Jesse's death that reporters no longer needed to ask about lifestyle issues when reporting the news. She bragged that over 1,500 GLAAD members were already entrenched in news organizations across the country. Remember, we are talking ten years ago.

This willingness of newspapers and networks across the United States to suppress stories like these that could damage the progressive ideology brought them closer in rank step to eventually become so corrupt they would openly attack Americans for simply being "American."

This came to a head with the far-left's candidate being elected, Barack Obama, on November 4, 2008. By his silence, he have given permission for his administration to turn the faith and patriotism of freedom-loving Americans against themselves, trying to get them identified as potential terrorists.

This amazingly was done through a department that had been created to protect the country from terrorists, similar to those who had attacked the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001, belonging to Muslim fundamentalist groups. It's name was the DHS, or better known as the Department of Homeland Security.

I was accidentally drawn to this trend by the media through the deaths of Matthew Shepard and Jesse Dirkhising, one a middle-school teenager and the other a young adult. To my amazement there murders had been covered 180 degrees out of sync by virtually all the progressive mainstream press. It was a disturbing revelation, as previously mentioned one being "born-again" by the progressive media while the other was pushed deeper into the grave.

In a study I had decided to use the very liberal Newark Star Ledger newspaper for stories the progressive media had written on Jesse's and Matthew's murders. I then reported to the newspaper my results from their own archive, finding over 33 stories on Matthew's murder on or before page 10 of their publication, yet not a single one for Jesse. I was stunned.

I was forced to ask myself, "Why the hatred of Jesse and the love of Matthew?" In providing the stats of my research to the Ledger, I was shocked to receive a terse e-mail from a managing editor, as if I had found some of the newspaper's dirty underwear. The e-mail came back, "Yes we did! We reported on Jesse's murder!"

Reading this, I went back into the archives, puzzled while having to pay for each search again. That is when I discovered the ONLY story on Jesse from the Ledger I might have missed. But in reading it, I realized it wasn't a story at all. Instead it was a hateful press release from GLAAD's national organization, probably Cathy Renna's department, calling anyone who complained about the lack of coverage over Jesse's death in the media, "homophobic!" It was like having a code word for hate spit into your face.


What if it was your child?

Now that you know about how the media handled the murder of a teenage boy by two men, allow me to pose these questions.

How would you feel to have your child tortured and then murdered, your child's killers then pulling down their pants and dropping feces all over your child's lifeless body? Then to your horror, as if your child was some kind of vampire, virtually every progressive managing editor across the country would knowingly prevent as many of their viewers, readers, and listeners from knowing your child had ever existed.

You can read about what these two homosexuals did to Mrs. Dirkhising's child on a Memorial page, only one of a few on the World Wide Web dedicated to telling the story of what these disgusting hate mongers did to this child -- something no human being should ever be forced to go through.

But Jesse isn't alone. Would you be interested to know that there were other loved ones murdered? If so visit another memorial page dedicated to these murdered Americans, too. One of them was so violently murdered, it was reported the tip of a knife had been bent during the killing.

You probably never heard of those killings of straights, the progressive media burying them as if they were dirty. Did you know about Jesse's death before you read about it today? If you didn't, it is only further proof the progressive mainstream media's success in suppressing the other murders from their coverage and what violence had been done against their innocent bodies.

In the case of one of those murdered, a woman, it was reported her relatives were furious AP wouldn't even show up for the trial. Yet as if a pattern of the progressive media, the same was true for the trial of Jesse's murderers, the police reporting that the only national news outlet interested in justice for Jesse's murderers was FOX News. Isn't that interesting about these two murders taking place at different years in different parts of the country?

The progressives in the mainstream media are now so entrenched in their war against FOX and conservatives, they seem to view these other deaths as acceptable collateral damage, backed up by their total lack of interest in writing details of these horrendous murders, as they had enthusiastically done for Matthew Shepard's murder again and again.


March in goose step or else!

With these facts under your belt, you can begin to see a picture forming why the progressive mainstream media goes after FOX and other conservative media, the cat finally out of the bag.

While I'm not in love with FOX, FOX doesn't usually goose step with the rest of the progressives in the mainstream media. The vicious and surreal hatred of FOX is not unlike another mainstream media that had hated, in its case Jews following the Third Reich's progressive agenda, (see cartoons below). The attacks were just as interesting in involving the American government as they were in involving the German government, the White House going out of its way to attack FOX several times.

In the next segment you will discover stunning details about Matthew Shepard's life you probably didn't know about. His death should have been used for good to teach others what happens when you live in a drug infested world.


So why the deception?

Documented articles on the Web note Obama was well educated in the rules of Saul Alinsky to the point Obama reportedly taught the power points himself as a community organizer on Chicago's south side. This has been a geographic area known since the 1930s as a nest for socialism where Saul Alinsky had ruled, in African-American history famous for the winter's Hawk.

Did Alinsky's socialism improve the working class there? Ask those who live on the south side how much better off they are today than they were seven decades ago. When I lived near Chicago in the 1970s and mid 1980s, the south side was not exactly a haven for success like the northwest suburbs.

Even Saul Alinsky's son wrote a letter congratulating Obama on his handling of the Democrat Convention in 2008, furthering his father's efforts, Saul Alinsky's, for community organizers. It was as if Obama had replaced his own father with the late Alinsky.

While Hillary had interviewed Alinsky while using his teachings for her college thesis, Obama was too young to have ever met him. It was reported, however, Obama trained on and then taught Alinsky's tactics on the south side of Chicago, giving rise to Alinsky's son later letter. Obama's interest in using Alinsky's methods and ideology for personal achievement does not seem to be in question.

So let's get to the heart of the matter of Matthew Shepard's death, still called a hate crime by Obama, while the facts speak instead of a broken individual wrapped up in an infested drug world.

ABC's respected "20/20" was to report six years later after Shepard's death that a closer review of the facts had shifted the murder to look more like a drug killing, giving details about one of Matthew's murderers, Aaron McKinney. McKinney was reported to have already spent almost all of $100,000 received from a death benefit on fast cars and drugs.

According to a lone "20/20" report, a bartender from a business Shepard had frequented verified his drug world by saying of his death, "It's either money or dope . . . " The bartender had known that Shepard and his friend, McKinney, were well into the drug scene of Laramie, Wyoming.

The article further reported McKinney was already a heavy user of methamphetamines at 18-years old and reportedly used them every day. A close friend said McKinney became uncontrollably violent when needing a fix. In addition, three years before Shepard's death, his mother reported Matthew had already been raped and beaten up on a high school oversea trip to Morocco.

Finally, Shepard was reported to have told a friend he was considering suicide after discovering he was HIV-positive. Considering all these events, you have a sad character whose death had more to do with a dangerous lifestyle.

The "20/20" report said one of McKinney's friends had already seen McKinney and Shepard using drugs together at parties. The report said the friend had remarked, "Aaron was selling [drugs] and him and Matt would go off to the side and they'd come back. And Matt would be doing some meth then."

The report concluded saying Shepard's mother had created The Matthew Shepard Foundation, dedicated to promoting tolerance and diversity and lobbying for hate crimes legislation. It sounds like so much spin after the fact. If she had used the same dedication to free her son from drug addiction, he might be alive today. She obviously had clear warnings Matthew was living in a very dangerous world.


Freedom is Knowledge helps conservative voices to be heard

Freedom Is Knowledge is a Conservative Web Portal, allowing busy conservatives to visit our homepage for links to well over 70 conservative Web sites helping them to discover daily news and opinions without having to take the time to search for these links on their own. The site also has a Web page that archives over three years of weekend news summary content, representing e-mails sent out every week to a short list of followers from Montana to Florida, composed of professionals and retired military. Visit the page now, a search engine available to find specific content within these e-mail releases.


The more things change, the more they remain the same (See cartoons below.)

With the progressive media's vicious attack on the Tea-Parties, they're obviously no longer interested in hiding their bias, intolerance, and hatred of conservative principals along with basic American family values. Their reporting has gone from a difference in opinion, to suggested bias, to literally now a declared war on conservatives.

The mainstream media today protects Obama and his far-left Democrats on their social engineering agendas against the American people with nearly the same enthusiasm of another media that supported hatred of Jews in the late 1930s and early 1940s. The similar hatred from the two cartoons, shown below from then to today, is stunning.

With 46% of African American teens reported in 2009 of having an STD, and other minorities and Caucasians at over 33%, the progressive lifestyle's collateral damage to America's youth and to families like yours can be overwhelming to a nation's success, ruining families as if playing a game of dominos.

Visit Freedom is Knowledge every day, providing links to conservative and Christian news sites that refresh their content every day. And of course you'll find the weather, airline delays, search engines, content you can use for everyday life decisions.


- You see where in Germany or America, the more things change the more they remain the same -

Nazi Progressive Anti-Jew Hate   American Progressive Anti-Catholic Hate

Nazi Cartoon Poster Hatred of Jews.

"The Jew: The inciter of war, the prolonger of war." - 1943 Nazi Poster Cartoon

Source: Calvin, Minds in the Making
Section: German Propaganda Archive

American Cartoon Hatred of Catholics.

The Catholic Church, Christian Lovers of Pedophiles, Circa 1990s American Cartoon

Source: Had Enough Religion




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