Obama Uses The Office Of U.S. President To Openly Protect Islam


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Obama in 32 seconds says as president he will fight stereotyping of Muslims wherever it occurs in the world. He also says that Muslims should be able to practice their religion however they see fit (Sharia.) So why is an American President defending Islam around the world and Sharia Law over American Law?



Opinions on the Dangerous World Barack Obama Embraces for America

Saint Obama selling in San Francisco at $12.95 a pop, over 1,000 reported to have been moved from inventory.  What can we say?  It's San Francisco, where in the daylight they masterbate in the streets during certain holidays.   Remember comedian Woody Woodbury' of the 1960's, during one of his sets about WWII saying, "Can you imagine me protecting you?"  We thought that appropriate with this candle "stichk."   (Source:  Atlas Shrugs - click on picture for site.)

While Obama called himself a Christian during the election, deception is an interesting ploy when seeking power especially when you're a follower of the Koran and embrace an Islamic group even the Egyptian people want nothing to do with.

Source: YouTube   Source: YouTube   Source: YouTube

Brussels headed toward radical Muslim Sharia Law . . . fulfilling Obama's promise

2011 Stunning Warning from Indian Muslim, and Former Fascist, on Coming Islamic Fascism to the West




Yet in those statements by President Obama there is no mention of the murders of thousands of innocent Christians around the world and the burning down of their churches by Islamists. This was while Obama allowed Franklin Graham to be removed from the Pentagon's on Day of Prayer in 2010 for Graham to dare to mention those murders . . . called a hate monger by Obama supporters.

There are still many unanswered questions of President Obama's unique and open worldwide protection of Islam, and why many Americans believe in his heart he is a Muslim. Why is it important? He never mentioned it during his 2008 campaign for president. But after reading this documentation, can you blame them?


More and more Americans are becoming confused as the progressive, liberal national media catches on that the jig is up and is forced to circle its wagons around the flawed chosen one, Barack Hussein Obama. As the agenda of the media becomes more obvious, the public in turn pays less and less attention to what they see as an irrelevant media for rooting out the truth, wadding up the media's daily spin and tossing it into the waste basket.

Because of the continued lies from the liberal media, Americans across this nation are forced now to sit around dining room tables and discuss the meanings of the mixed messages coming from a president who promised the greatest transparency in American history, then tossing it in the trash the day he moved into the people's White House.

To that end the American people fully understand the meaning of, "Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me ." And so goes the polls, as Americans refused to suck in a belly full of any more lies.

A picture is worth a thousand words!  This photo was not actually aT the White House, but, regardless of WHERE it was taken, the fact is that he cancelled the National Day of Prayer, said that we are no longer a Christian nation, and has no problem taking part in Muslim prayer.
Hey Obama, when America's youth understand what you're doing, why do you continue to continue to pretend you're someone else?

Americans are also becoming more and more confused about the continued images of their president with his bowing here and bowing there, saying Muslim this and Muslim that, elected to represent their interests as president, not his. He even attracted more annoyance of the spirit of the American people by saying the America needed to apologize to the world.


The elitist journalists of the irrelevant media, who helped to put this man into office, actually find themselves fighting against the American people, calling their opinion on Obama being a Muslim a false perception. False perception?

What happened to investigative journalism? The question should instead be why are Americans seeing this image? Instead the public is actually attacked by the media as public enemy number one, stunning for a profession that needs to make a profit to stay in business selling content. But the most interesting evidence of Obama's support of Islam over all other religions in America is Obama's own Muslim roots that stir inside him from his days in Indonesia.

Let's have an understanding we can plant our reasoning on.

A religious background is based on one's support or inner belief of a religious practice. To this end listening to Obama's many comments about Islam shows he seems to have a MUCH better understanding of the Muslim faith than any Christian I have ever met and probably even some Muslims! But it is his total and loving passion that speaks volumes for what is inside his heart and mind and challenges his tongue of only being a Christian. But in a Muslim world this is an oxymoron unless you are lying for the sake of destroying evil in the name of Allah.

If a man were to follow Christianity with the same passion Obama follows Islam, that man would be a Christian. And there is nothing wrong with Obama being a Muslim. What is wrong is that he so strongly denies it!

Muslims are honorable people wherever they live, while we all know at the same time there are other Muslims who openly and proudly preach hate, destruction, and intolerance. But too often the ones who preach love are the same ones who are loudly silent when their opposites rage with hate. It is the reason for the groundswell for the mistrust of Muslims by many Americans . . . believing that the goal of many is not to blend in but to pretend to blend in. CAIR needs to understand that when its followers so vigorously try to paint over this perception rather than dealing with it, CAIR only adds fuel to the fire. That is if CAIR is who it says it is, and sadly only CAIR knows the answer to that question.

In the following Item #1 you will find three amazing quotes that a president of the United States could make in a speech, which Obama himself has strung together in just 32 seconds! You will also find 9 more reasons for viewing Obama as a stealth Muslim and supporter of the agenda of Islam in America. Along with videos and documentation, I use the good old-fashioned American logic for proof. It goes this way: If it walks like a duck, moves like a duck, looks like a duck, sounds like a duck . . . it's a duck!

1. Obama gives the following mass support of Islam in just 32 seconds

Obama tells West to accept Sharia.
As Germany, England, and now France reports progressive multiculturalism has failed, Obama pushes Western culture to accept Muslim religious practices in their countries.

(Listen and watch this entire video, noting what Obama says in the segment from 4 minutes to 4 minutes 32 seconds. Below are the three major statements he makes on his open support of Islam in just 32 seconds. I wonder if you ever knew about these three statements from the president of the United States, totally buried from your eyes by the progressive media.)

A. "Rules on charitable giving in the United States has made it harder for Muslim to fulfill their religious obligations. That is why I am working with American Muslims so they can fulfill Saka." - President Barack Obama

Obama wants Muslims to be able to deduct, for instance, giving such items as grain and forcing the U.S. tax code to follow Muslim religious rites of giving.

The Muslim Saka-fund community welfare system:

"One very interesting idea described in the meeting is based on the "Saka" system used in many of Muslim communities to raise funds for communal purposes. In the Saka system, everybody in the community has to contribute a certain percentage of their income (something like 2.5%) to a communal fund."

"It's like a tax, but it's a social tax which is imposed by communities, and used by the community for its own purposes. In rural communities, the tax also applies to the products you grow or produce, so if a farmer raises chillies, he has to contribute 2.5% of his chilly crop to the Saka fund! And these Saka funds operate like a community welfare fund. For Muslim communities, their welfare funds cannot be funded by interest earned on loans from the savings and credit groups, because the Quran strictly forbids the practice of charging interest. In most Muslim communities, loans from the savings groups are given and repaid without interest. So where there is no money being generated by interest, the Saka fund provides a non-sinful way of collecting money to build a communal welfare fund, to help their needy, sick and more vulnerable community members."


B. "It is important that Western countries avoid impeding Muslims from practicing their religion 'as they see fit.'" - President Barack Obama

Visit our very troubling list of "Other Warning," Muslims killing Christians around the world under Sharia

Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' for husbands of dead wives

Honor Killing: View Islam's Gruesome Gallery

Islamists Storm Maldives Museum & Destroy Entire Collection of 12th Century Buddhist Relics


Geert Wilders' FITNA Movie.


Barack Obama uses our Office of U.S. Presidency to defend Muslims in the world to practice their religion as they see fit, such as the beating of this girl or the Honor Killing Gallery found above. Can you Imagine the hate that Barack Obama is protecting? Congress, what do you need to impeach, our Constitution violated?
Afghan Child Bride Horrifically Abused By Husband and Inlaws


During an interview that aired on Egyptian Dream2 TV January 10, Saudi journalist Nadin Al-Badir relayed horrific instances of abuse and murder — including forcing over a dozen school girls to perish in a fire because they were not wearing traditional Islamic head coverings — carried out by the country’s religious police or, the “Authority for the Promotion of Virtue.” The journalist also revealed that most of these police are “ex-cons who used to be drug users or drug dealers.”
Saudi Journalist: Religious Police Made 15 School Girls Burn to Death Because They Were Not Wearing Hijabs


The Nigerian church bombings, in which the Islamic group Boko Haram ["Western Education Is Forbidden"] killed over 40 people celebrating Christmas mass, is just the most obvious example of anti-Christian sentiment in the Muslim world. Elsewhere in this region.


"It's not only about clamping down on clothing, but they are spreading panic and fear by sending out this much of police into the streets under the name of this plan, to control the society," said one Tehran resident.
Progressive Muslim controls Iranian morals to rebuke the West


First, note that Obama speaks of Western countries as if he is not part of them.

As you know, in America we have Muslim women being beaten and in some cases, murdered in Muslim honor killings as they see fit. Muslim would be able to do this if they could practice Sharia law in America, as one New Jersey judge allowed.

In other words, Obama wants America to submit to Muslim law instead of Muslims assimilating into the American society as they are required to do in Australia. Denmark or England didn't make these rules, wanting to be as progressive and diverse as possible, now paying the price as Muslim birth rates grows to take over Danes and the Brits in a few decades.

Or look to Dearborn, Michigan, for the numbers it takes to change a territory as Muslims take over that city, yet only 37% are reported to be Muslim. In other words, you don't have to wait for a majority rule.

So when Obama says he will defend the right of Muslims anywhere in the world to practice their religion "as they see fit," meaning Sharia Law, Obama as President of the United States is openly advocating a global Caliphate. And this is as the mainstream media says nothing, meaning they are behind Obama's political correctness effort in the name of forced multiculturalism, an ideology that Germany, England, and now France have rejected as destructive to their country's long term survival. We live in amazing Biblical times.


C. "And I consider it part of my responsibility as president of the United States to fight against negative stereotypes of Islam wherever they appear." - President Barack Obama

Islamophobia, CAIR?  Pretend you are Jews and invite this woman into your building.
Failed Suicide Bomber Hopes for Another Chance to Kill

* Muslims Plan "Parallel Parliament" In Switzerland

* FBI caves: Mueller pulls Muslim material Islam info from offices that is "offensive."

* Obama encourages Islam! Muslim Persecution of Christians at a Crossroads

* U.S. State Department accused of doing dangerous dance with OIC

* Obama keeps his promise of Social Engineering


- As Promised, Obama Administration Actively Cultivating Muslim Minorities in the European Union -

Notice Obama refers to HIS job as president of the United States is to defend ALL Muslims against their critics. He makes no mention of America as a specific example but speaks of it as if it was his job to enforce around the world. That is just stunning arrogance from a man who is well over his head in the authority that has been given to him

He has used his father's blackness to make blacks believe he was supporting them, when in fact their vote for him as president allowed Obama to protect Muslim interests around the world while serving as the president of the United States, a country formed by founders dedicated to a Christian faith.


D. The result? Someone's listening. 80 Percent of Muslim Americans Give Religion's Highest Approval Rating for Obama - Gallup August 2011



2. Obama would not assist in allowing Franklin Graham in 2010 to pray at the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer in 2010, while at the same time refusing to acknowledge the continued murders of Christians by Muslim as they burned down houses of worship in a fit of hate programmed since birth. (See news stories at the end of this document on Muslim hate which Obama refuses to acknowledge.)

Click here to read the Web page I created on the reason Franklin Graham was removed from the Pentagon's Day of Prayer and then scroll down the page to see the list of news items on Muslim violence against Christians, murdering families and burning down their churches. (Note: This list is always updated as new news links become available.)

But the biggest tip off in the original video that holds the 32 seconds of Obama's allegiance to the Muslim brotherhood is that he continues to call the Koran the Holy Koran and in perfect dialect.

Only one dedicated to the teachings of Islam would do that to honor his spiritual teachers. Non-Muslims simply say "the Koran," because they don't practice it nor follow it. But Obama, as president of the United States, goes out of his way to be sure the word holy precedes the word Koran.

So it should be no surprise that Obama went out of his way to remove reference to "creator" when quoting from America's Declaration of Independence, creating an "Obama Marxist version" of the world famous document. (Watch entire Obama video for yourself, Creator omission at 22.30.)

Obama looks to be purging God from America 'by design'?
There's no way in a court of law this would not be seen as willful, deliberate intent!


3. Obama purposely deceived the American people by not telling them of the full devotion he had for Islam during the election.

As I said I don't care if Obama is a Muslim. Just say what you mean and mean what you say.

But I DO CARE if he purposely deceived the voters about his full devotion to Islam, 95% blacks during the election thinking his passion was being directed toward them. But looking at Obama's two years of service as of the writing, was it. Blacks seem to be in the same position they were in 2008 but now with fewer jobs. A Muslim dictator had called this kind of deception during an election as merely a clearance sale, as they say in Egypt seen in the fourth point below.

U.S. President Barack Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio at MacDill Air Force Base on January 28, 2010, in Tampa, Florida.   Iorio had honored CAIR annually in Tampa with its own day in November 2008, acknowledging the large amout of Muslims living in the area.

Obama, honoring his decades of instruction in the Muslim faith, bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Why would a U.S. president ever do that? How about for her designating a day in Tampa for the Muslim group CAIR in November 2008.

Islam Is Not What You Think

Why did Obama bow to a mayor of a U.S. City?

Honoring his years of instruction in the Muslim faith, President Obama bows to Tampa Mayor Pam Iorio. Why? How about for her designating a day for Muslim organization, CAIR, in Tampa in November 2008. Read the document below for yourself.

The Official Certificate Honoring CAIR

And it goes even deeper in Florida

The al-Rahman mosque in Orlando, FL, a Muslim Brotherhood owned and operated property, is caught funding terrorism via George Galloway, self-admitted Hamas fundraiser, and Imam Mahdi Bray, public Hamas supporter.


Warning to Americans of Muslim teaching from the Korah to smile at your enemies while hating them in your heart.

Like the hijackers that drove those planes into the towers, walking into bars and strip clubs to make people think they were westernized, Obama also deceived the American people by not revealing the devotion he had for Islam during the elections. The directive is in the Koran.

Obama hid his faith because the "holy" Koran allows Muslims to do this to unbelievers, "smiling in their faces while hating them in your heart."




4. Is Obama seen as a Muslim by people who love their faith? Yes he is, from one of the most well known Muslims in the world.

All the people in the Arab and Islamic world and in Africa applauded this man," continued Gadhafi. "They welcomed him and prayed for him and for his success, and they may have even been involved in legitimate contribution campaigns to enable him to win the American presidency.

The following are direct quotes on Gaddafi's speech from the above video translated by MEMRITV  . . . not my writings!

At 7 minutes, 17 seconds: "We still hope that this black man will take pride in his African and Islamic Identity, and in his faith."

At 2 minutes, 16 seconds: "We hope that this [promises Obama made during the election] is merely  an election "clearance sale," as they say in Egypt.  As you know this is the farce of elections."    "Then when the people say you promised this and that . . . this was elections propaganda."

At 1 minute, 51 seconds: " . . . when our African Kenyan brother, who is an American National . . ."

At 1 minute, 08 seconds: "Along came a black citizen of Kenyan African origin, a Muslim."

Source: Middle East Media Research Institute, MEMRI, were aired on Al Jazeera in June

Surely a Muslim knows who is of his faith!

Deceased Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi in a June 11, 2008, speech identified Obama as a citizen of Kenyan African origins, a Muslim. (Amazing when you look at what is happening in March of 2011.)

Gaddafi, in this Arab video run on Al Jazeera television, told a huge crowd he looks forward to Obama winning the presidency in the American election, as Gaddafi referred to former President Reagan as a "dictator such as Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini, Genghis Khan, Alexander the Great, and the rest of the tyrants."


5. Obama's support of the Muslim faith and Sharia Law in America is now influencing how others rule in America, spreading to the courts and judges who have nothing to lose with life assignments.

Obama's Muslim influence on America is now entering into our judicial system. An African-American progressive liberal New Jersey judge allowed a Muslim man in New Jersey to beat his wife after she took her husband to the judge's court, her saying her husband couldn't do that in America. Read this excellent post on the whole story. The judge sided with the abusive Muslim husband, saying in New Jersey this was a religious matter!

The judge is also active in supporting candidates for the Democrat Party, my believing he knew what he was doing following Obama's directive from his Muslim faith. The judge used his position in the American justice system to forward Obama's Islamic principles on others. Stunning. And the judge did it only after getting a life-time appointment from the governor of New Jersey in May 2010!

Upon hearing of the judges ruling in support of Sharia Law in America, the New Jersey state court threw out his decision.


6. Obama openly supports a Mosque to be built two blocks from ground zero, the building itself even being hit by a piece of the aircraft after the plane had been driven by Islamists into the tower.

Yet Michael Bloomberg, Jewish major of New York City, saw little significance in keeping the old structure as a historic monument to the horrid attacks of 9/11, plans continuing to built it as a "sensitivity center," when every major Mosque built around the world after a Muslim victory is put there to put Islam's enemies off balance.

St. Nicholas Greek Orthodox Church once stood in the shadow of the Twin Towers but was destroyed when the South tower fell. New York Candidate for Congress George Demos is outraged that it has not been allowed to be rebuilt.

While Obama's lips say he understands the feelings of families of the victims of 9/11, he puts his position on supporting the Mosque at Ground Zero on the backs of America's founders, suddenly seeing them as a light for him to use in his dark view of America. It is why I believe nine years after Pearl Harbor, a president Obama would have allowed a Japanese Shrine build over the battleship Missouri. But in 1950, he would have done it at his peril, unlike this America today who seem confused what it is to believe about their country.

Yet where is the Greek Church (see photo on left taken on 9/11) that was destroyed by the 9/11 towers collapsing nine years ago. Obama says nothing about why this structure is NOT being allowed to be rebuilt!

And it is another reason why Obama is a Muslim, fighting for the building of a new Mosque near Ground Zero while totaling ignoring the rebuilding of a Christian Greek church that was right on Ground Zero on 9/11. Anyone notice how Obama's liberal progressive media acts as if the church never existed. It's hard to understand why any American would trust these sources for "news" unless simply enjoying a sip of Kool-Aid.

Even ministers are starting to notice the dissing of their beliefs by Obama, as he distances himself from Jews and Christians, the first time a U.S. president has ever gone out of his way to favor only one religion to the point of saying America could be the largest Muslim nation in the world.



7. But what is most disturbing is the silence just before the November 2010 elections from Congress, Obama, and the liberal media about another memorial to 9/11, this one being built in Shankesville, Pennsylvania. It is scheduled to be opened the same day as the Mosque in New York City, September 11, 2011!

The memorial to Flight 93 looks more like a memorial to the terrorist that flew those 40 Americans into the ground. And Laura Bush and Michelle Obama are scheduled to speak at the site on September 11, 2010, as American construction workers bulldoze the hollow ground for a memorial that is as deceptive as those that dove Flight 93 into history.

A friend sent me a video of the Flight 93 Memorial, my never having seen it before. The video questioned the design of the memorial, looking as if a sophisticated structure to be built to honor Islam and those that had died for Allah. The video's information can also be found on this Web site.

National Park Service's updated (summer 2010) .pdf file on memorial drawings.

I took the main circle of the design from the planner's .pdf file, made it slightly transparent, and for fun laid it over a map of Shankesville and the northeast from Mapquest. (See graphic to your left.)

The circle design, (brown area is rows of trees that highlight the crescent shape from the San Francisco architect), points due north in the .pdf file. The Mapquest graphic also points due north. The red star barely showing under the center of the circle is Mapquest's mark for the positioning of Shankesville, Pennsylvania.

The dot over the Mapquest red star is a dot noting the very center of the architecture's design, which I used for approximate placement.

The author of the video pointed to just one of the strange anomalies of this total design where you can draw straight line from the two bottom edges where the trees end to cross over Washington D.C., the destination of the terrorists not the passengers that were supposed to have been flown to San Francisco. I wanted to see for myself.

When I used the pen tool in Illustrator and lined up a straight line with the end of the trees and extended the line southeast, the line crossed directly over Washington D.C. I was stunned at the revelation, the design honoring where the terrorists were going, not the passengers. Then I started listening to the video more intently.

The video said more trees on the left helped to guide a straight line that was perpendicular to the line drawn to Washington D.C., ITS CENTER WHERE FLIGHT 93 HAD DRIVEN INTO THE GROUND. The author reports his second line points directly to MECCA on the other side of the world. Finally, since the Crescent is the Islamic symbol (with a star in the open end of the crescent, if the star would be added to this design it would fall right over where Flight 93 had crashed!

The memorial is being built by our National Parks Service, my remembering the political correctness in another U.S. agency, the U.S. Army, which had tried to remove Lt. Col. West from the service for firing a gun near a terrorist's ear in Iraq, getting the captured man to reveal an ambush that was going to kill American soldiers. West is now running for the U.S. House of Representative in Southeast Florida, able to keep his pension that the Army wanted to take away yet still had to resign after 22-years of service.

This is this same political correctness that almost a decade later would kill 13 at Fort Hood, a report showing how a Muslim terrorist was allowed to openly operate in the U.S. Army without restriction.

So there should be no surprise the National Park Service would also be infiltrated with this political correct ideology, the same ideology that had also recently kicked Franklin Graham from the Pentagon's National Day of Prayer because he would dare to expose Islamists around the world murdering Christians and burning down their churches, tons of news reports and photos supporting his claim. Yet Obama made sure Franklin didn't attend the politically correct prayer day at the building that is the center of our military around the world..

So what of the memorial? The entire layout as seen from the air can be viewed on the architect's .pdf file on page two. (See graphic to the left.) Note the Tower of Voices later shown on a page in the file, is a crescent-shaped tower hanging 40 chimes that are supposed to represent those who died on 9/11 in Shankesville, Pennsylvania, trying to save the plane.

But this seems to be just the tip of the iceberg.

Flight 93 architectural drawing of the planned site as to be seen from the air.

You can watch a more exacting video of how the architect planned this tribute that is dedicated to Islam. It is detailed and about 11 minutes long. There are too many symbols and lines formed not to question the Flight 93 Memorial's design objective, Islam responsible for mathematics, the compass, and the circle.

While America builds a simple Wall of Honor to those who died in Vietnam where family members can touch the names, looking at the site page with amazement how patriot it is, this Flight 93 Memorial is as if from a Dicken's Novel . . . maybe even Edgar Allan Poe himself.

While this Islamic memorial is accused of dishonoring those who tried to keep Flight 93 from crashing into a building in Washington DC, remember that Americans can dishonor our heroes, too. The American FOX Television Network did an excellent job of making our Vietnam Vets look as if chickens for a slaughter. Listen for yourself as many of those so-called conservative folks over at FOX News ignore this vile cartoon's message to America's kids, enjoying their paychecks from the parent company.

Then watch the actual cartoon that trashed our treasures who died in Nam, Murdoch getting away with it for profit. But of course, Americans laugh at Family Guy, proving the grass roots of America is rotten and why it is so easy for Muslims to build these symbols to their own heroes while everyone looks as if their eyes are covered with scales. It is as if God has made America's heart hard, like He did to the Pharaoh of Moses' time, knowing the people have become corrupt as he knew the heart of Pharaoh was not going to release the Jews. It is as if written again in stone, thousands of years later.

If you have begun to wonder what the hell is going on with the Flight 93 Memorial, here is more information in Part II of the video. Note this specific video investigates the Park Service's 44 blocks planned within the memorial. That's right, 44 where 40 Americans had died and no one on the ground was killed. Watch the video if you want to know what the four additional blocks represent and who they quietly honor.

And for your information, here is the author's research as the Memorial was being planned by the National Park Service.

But for me the most disturbing design is the Tower of Voices seen on the left, which hangs 40 symbols of those brave Americans murder on Flight 93 by four Islamists trained to attack the Great Satan, their efforts tied to the training of the Muslim pilots of the other three planes that had hit the Trade Towers and the Pentagon on September 11, 2001, a day that should live in infamy. But it seems supporters of Islam are doing their best to honor the Muslim pilots while the others are Muslim trash - infidels.

In the above videos you will watch that this tower is also an Islamic sundial, pointing to the four days of prayer required by all Muslims.

Note the tower itself is also shaped into a crescent, looking at the top edge. It is as if Islam has trapped these American souls into a fuselage shape that was rammed into the ground at Shankesville, turning it into a Muslim symbol that entombs their enemy.

While Americans in their naivety will see this as a memorial to their dead, it is Muslims will be the only ones to understand this design proclaiming those American souls who died on Flight 93 are now surrounded by Islam. It is as if those 40 murdered Americans have become entrapped by their Muslim hijackers forever in a tower of Muslim symbolism.

Coincidence? Not with radical supporters of Islam. Like bin laden, who hated the West and is now dead, everything was planned down to the last box cutter while our tears for those lost in 9/11 are turned into their victories right under our noses through many levels of our own infiltrated government. Look what Van Jones said, an vetted Obama appointee, the day after 9/11!

While everyday Muslims say they detest the terrorists, I wonder if the terrorists are the ones who are chosen by Islam to do the dirty work while the peaceful ones wait for the results of the chaos to push their enemy off balance by building these structures on American soil.

It is why the followers of Islam cannot help but push hard now, honoring those among them who gave their lives to take down the towers and Flight 93, as we say in America, "biting on the bit" to acknowledge those sacrifices for Allah ten years ago. It is the Koran (or as Obama says the Holy Koran) that is teaching its followers, It's okay to smile at your enemy while hating him in your heart. The terrorists listened well, didn't they! It is a shame Americans are not.

Even RINOs have gotten into the fray, Hatch now approving the Mosque at ground zero.



8. Obama continues his years in office to honor his Muslim faith and serve those who share it.

Obama directed NASA to honor Islam for their mathematical and scientific achievements as if they didn't know. But in the Flight 93 memorial their mastery of deceit using these achievements is overwhelming and clear, it having nothing to do with reaching into space but instead of honoring their religion of control and in too many cases, hate of all others who are not of the faith as they kill anyone who dares to build a church near Muslim held territory. Yet Muslims continue to force their Mosque near Ground Zero on the American public, unlike the Christian symbols around the other side of the world Islamists are happy to burn down. As Dr. Carl Mumpower put in his daily one-minute iPod message, Seen any Baghdad Baptist lately?

If New Yorkers are so unhappy with Bloomberg agreeing to the Mosque whose placement is not unlike that at Shankesville to honor the terrorists, then let them chase this pariah out of office. It's that simple. If not, then they need to shut up with their whining and let the mosque be as if a knife stuck permanently into their Manhattan Island honoring the planes that stabbed all those innocent Americans in Tower 1 and 2 with their own jet liners, as if knives.

You see, like what is happening in Western Europe, change is always by the numbers. In other words, how many children can your ideology produce to carry it into the future with a bigger fist. Western elitist progressives and their love of abortion is already seen as their undoing in this numbers game, unfortunately taking Christians with them unless they can quickly create our own destiny.



9. As Obama pushes Islam on America, others pick up on his directive putting a Muslim Holiday over where an important day of American remembrance had been.

Since when does stabbing an open wound heal anything, it taking almost sixty years for Americans to get over Pearl Harbor. But last year for the first time even that was being whisked away as some calendar companies under pressure from Muslims tried to erase Pearl Harbor Day on December 7th by replacing it with . . . are you ready . . . a Muslim Holiday, Al-Hijra.

According to the above link . . .

"It is the Islamic New Year, the first day of the month of Muharram. It marks the Hijra (or Hegira) in 622 CE (note the dropping of reference to Christ) when the Prophet Muhammad moved from Mecca to Medina, and set up the first Islamic state."

Note I believe there are now 56 or 57 states, ones that candidate Obama had eluded to as the biased and progressive Snopes whined on its site, "Obama was tired."

But if you don't like any of this push by Obama for the Muslim faith in America, CAIR, the leaders of the Muslim faith in America, have now pulled out the play book of advocating lifestyles saying . . . are you ready . . . that challenging Americans are Islamaphobe, intolerant, and hateful if they don't want a Mosque built right outside of Ground Zero to honor the bravery of those terrorists that took down the towers. This is as gays themselves are hanged from street lights in Iran.

Yet the Obama's continues to add fuel to the fire of what they really believe.

For instance, Obama's First Lady had admitted to People Magazine that her daughters receive no presents under the Christmas Tree because they (cough) already get enough in slumber parties. This is from a First Lady who went on vacation to Spain and spent over $350,000 dollars of taxpayer money that could have been spent back home in Las Vegas, a city where more homes seem to be underwater than any other major city in America.

Photo source:  Snopes - <http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/ramadan.asp>
Click here for enlarged photo of watch

And then there is the controversy of Obama's wedding ring missing during Ramadan. Snopes, in rebuffing the claim, passionately goes too far out of its way to protect Obama. It is why I recommend the use Truth & Fiction whenever possible for getting unbiased answers and research on political issues.

Snopes even proudly provided a photo (seen on the left), showing Obama's wedding ring missing while Snopes proclaims his watch was still on his wrist. However, the Ramadan question is not about jewelry, but about gold. It is Obama's gold wedding ring that is missing, Obama reported to have said it was in repair. Obama's watch is still obviously in the photo and obviously not gold.

One of CAIR's own Web pages makes it clear about what Muslim men and women can wear during Ramadan, not speaking of jewelry but of gold and silk (See page 11 of their .pdf document clarifying the issue.)



10. Barry Soetoro, a.k.a. Barack Hussein Obama

"Barry Soetoro a.k.a. Barack Obama Exposed Saturday Oct. 23rd Wash. D.C.

In July of 2009, people were already asking who Obama was, where was he born, as his documents in Indonesian show he was not a citizen of the United States (dual citizenship is reported to not be allowed), this report saying that Obama could not have been a Christian but a Muslim.

Now look at some of the news items below and then ask yourself this question.

Do you ever remember Obama as president of the United States criticizing any one of the following stories of Muslim arrogance, abuse, or violence against Christians or Jews? This is as he goes out of his way to say on the world stage that America is not a Christian Nation . . . while instead defending Muslims around the globe from ANY criticism?

You tie all the pieces together. The only question left then is why does he deny it and why didn't he run on it in the election?  Could the answer be because he would have lost?  Now there's a good reason Democrats just love . . . if you can't win with the truth, run on a lie. 

(Note: Obama Again Omitted ‘Creator’ when Speaking of ‘Inalienable Rights’ cited in Declaration of Independence.)


Muslim Cleric Warns FOX News host - We are coming!

“Sharia will come and it will remove the corruption of democracy, and freedom, and all of your exploitation,” Muslim Cleric Choudary said. You are worried because you know Islam is coming to your backyard.”




Surprise surprise! All traces of America pride in country have been quietly removed by Obama's Justice Department, replaced with a quote from a former Communist.
American Spectator's comment on why this has happened!


You Better Wake Up!

Lie to your opponents and disarm them by pretending to be moderates . . . - Saul Alinsky (Teachings listed as Tool on NEA's Web site.)

Click this graphic to watch video on Obama's use of icons.

What don't you get about Obama's agenda, throwing in your face he's fundamentally changing America?

Look at the above icon created by the Obama campaign in 2008. Now as president, it is extremely troubling Obama and his DNC have decided to toss out the Presidential Seal and instead, in many cases, use Obama's own personal "O" seal on official government Web pages. spitting in the face of American tradition.

In the above 2008 icon, see the American eagle fly away and our flag fall towards the ground as our e pluribus unum is shown to fade away into Obama's blue background. Click on the above graphic to watch a video on Obama's [Marxist] icons. If you wait around for the progressive media to tell you, you wouldn't have a country left to protect.


Many Islamic agents, ‘Taqiyya-masters’ , would have you believe that ‘Jihad is inner struggle’- nothing is further from the truth! The soldiers of Allah, the mujaheddin or terrorists, have the scriptures on their side. There is the sad history of 1400 years of Islamic raids on the west. Constant strife, perpetual warfare against all unbelievers where-ever Islam conquered. A continuous, relentless pattern of warfare and conquest to make the world Islamic.


News Items (updated as needed):

A. Even the Muslims know, as I have said, who Obama is.

U.S. Army uniforms to include Muslim head scarves, turbans?

Paki Minister Wants Obama to Offer Eid Prayers at Ground Zero and Declare Himself Caliph of All Muslims

Obama ‘Reaches Out’ by Naming ‘Devout’ Muslims to Security Posts

Obama uses American tax payer money to promote Islam Law in Kenya through new constitution

B. Gallup:

Obama’s Approval Highest Among Muslims—78 Percent

Muslim statistics and the ongoing violence of Islam against non-Muslims

C. Warning to the west:

Europe must stamp out intolerance of Western values within its own Muslim communities and far-right groups if it is to defeat the roots of terrorism, British Prime Minister David Cameron said Saturday.
First German, now the British government admits the attempt to follow liberal progressive multiculturalism is an utter failure


Muslim woman tried to ruin police officer's career by calling him a racist!
Muslim woman driver pulled over by police refuses to remove burqa so officer can verify her identity, her later calling him a liar, racist, and then going to the media saying he tried to rip off her vail . But it was all caught on tape . . . in Australia.

Unwitting Western couple mocked as 'infidel' and 'swine' by 'minister' during foreign language wedding ceremony at luxury Maldives resort

Muslims are attempting to convert America to Sharia law

Islamic Militants Storm Chechnya's Parliament

Dutch politician on trial on hate speech charges, protecting the Netherlands from Sharia

Muslim Brotherhood: "The U.S. is now experiencing the beginning of its end, and is heading towards its demise."

'Islamization' of Paris a warning to the West

Even CBN knows about it, but the progressive media laughs at them.

D. Protecting America success to continue to be a melting pot and not a salad bowl.

Egyptian beats pregnant wife to death for not voting for Mursi

Christian hater and Muslim supporter, Mikey Weinstein, at it again suing to ban Christian free speech at Air Force Academy. What I wrote 2010!

United Arab Emirates ( UAE) High Court: Beat Your Wife - Just Don't Bruise Her!

Muslim Day Parade New York City

Muslim States now want U.N. Action on Islamophobia

Judicial Watch - Stunning: Obama sends Anti-America Imam on (cough) Outreach Mission

Imam wife and Ground Zero Mosque Planner: Americans Are Bigots!

The Obama administration allows PLO office in Washington, DC to fly Palestinian flag

The State Department’s Islamic Supremacist

Muslims in Wheaton, Ill, want to zone a home as Islamic Center with 30 parking spaces for prayer five times day

Newsweek protects potential Muslim terrorists, withholding their known Muslim names from the news story!

How soon England, the Netherlands, and even Sweden will by run by Muslims, Sweden's southern city already overrun by Islamists who have shown they hate for Jews, even just one who had come to compete in a tennis match! Now Jews two years later are running from the city, no longer welcomed in Sweden via its own sick political correctness.

Raging Muslim students in Sweden attacked artist Lars Vilks during a free speech lecture in Sweden. 15 Islamists screamed “Allahu Akbar” rushed the podium, head butted Vilks, broke his glasses and tackled him to the floor

As Jews are chased out of Southern Sweden, their secular progressive leaders in New York City rally in support of Obama praising a Mosque near site of 9/11

Obama backed release of Lockerbie terrorist, Abdel Baset al-Megrahi

MAC supporters shouted slogans such as ‘murderers, murderers’ and ‘British troops go to hell’, while the mainly white crowd opposite, some of whom are believed to have been BNP supporters, threw frozen pork sausages and chanted ’scum’ and ‘Allah, Allah, who the f*** is Allah?’

Dutch Use 'Decoy Jews' to stop Anti-Semitic Attacks "from young men of immigrant origin" - in other words everyday Muslims?

Muslim Youths Stone Jewish Dance Troupe in Germany

Mother of Baby, saved by Israelis, wants him to get well and kill them

Obama poses for photo-op with Palestinian President Abbas yet banned cameras with Netanyahu

The Muslim Hate Machine in action again, just as Franklin Graham had complained about - Pakistan Christians denied aid

And it goes on and on and on!


E. Other Warnings:

New Gaza Laws: Cutting Off Thieves' Hands, Lashes for Drinking

Judge Hearing Palestinian Rape Case Stuns Court: ‘Some Girls Enjoy Being Raped’

Egyptian Magazine exposes Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration of Obama Administration

Islamists Enter Church During Sunday Mass – Slit Throats & Shoot 15 Worshipers Dead

Indonesian Islamists Hurl Rotten Eggs, Cow Dung and Pi$$ Bags at Christians During Christmas Mass

Afghan girl’s throat slit over refusing to get married

5-Year-Old Saudi Girl Dies After ‘Religious Scholar’ Allegedly Tortures Her With Whips, Electric Shocks & an Iron

Hate speech in Saudi textbooks challenged

Militant Islamists Cutting Out Tongues

Brussels Bans Annual Christmas Tree Display – It May Offend Muslims

Another fake hate crime: Husband of Murdered Iraqi Woman in San Diego Arrested For Murder

Young Afghan Bride Beheaded For Refusing

7-Year-Old Murdered for Not Learning the Koran

Lebanon: Commemorating Ashura

Brussels angered by new Dutch immigration rules: NRC

'Muslim Brothers plotting overthrow of Gulf states'

British Allow Anti-Semitic Iranian Propaganda in the UK

Calls to Destroy Egypt’s Great Pyramids Begin

Mali Islamists destroy tombs at famous Timbuktu mosque

Gaza Christians protest forced conversions

Taliban shoot woman 9 times in public execution as men cheer

Egypt's Sex-Slave Marriage

Radical Islam Spreading in Spain

U.S. Congressional Muslim Representative Carson: America’s schools should use madrassas as ‘model,’ ‘where the foundation is the Koran’

Dearborn Police encourage Muslims To ‘Stone’ Christians at Public Event by taking away Christian freedom of speech from their eyes

Muslim author Zuhdi Jasser discusses the Muslim Brotherhood, Caliphate on radio

Obama’s Peace Partners Attack Kabul Hotel the Day After Killing 3 U.S. Troops

Rioting Follows Nigerian Church Attacks, Killings

Indian Muslim Father Beheads Daughter in Rage Over 'Lifestyle'

Militants open fire on Israeli civilians after crossing border from Egypt

Muslim Brotherhood wins Sharia Law in Egypt

Gaza: Kindergartners with toy guns vow to kill Jews

Suicide bomber targets Nigeria church

Muslims make video demanding that all members of German PRO NRW party be murdered

Protestant Church Service Disrupted by Feces-Throwing Islamists

Muslim Women Hide from 'Honor Killing' Relatives

Tunisian Universities Under Islamist Siege

Islamists Attack Police Over Muhammad Cartoons at Rally in Germany

Chechen Women in Mortal Fear as President Backs Honor Killings

Outrage as Egypt plans 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives up to six hours after their death

German Islam Conference Ends in Failure

Christians Tried on Easter in Iran for Their Faith

As Muslims influence grows, so does female genital mutilation Offered in the West by UK Medics

“My Allah is Bigger Than Yours and He Will Wipe This Country From the Face of the Earth”

Islamic extremists storm prayer meeting, beat and mock Christians in India

12 Christians in Iran await verdicts after Easter Sunday apostasy trial

Palestinian Official Calls for Hamas-Fatah Alliance to Destroy Israel - Hillary Sends Them Money!

Islamic extremists storm prayer meeting, beat and mock Christians in India

German Salafists Push Mass Proselytization Campaign

Dozens Died as Suspected Muslim Terrorists Targeted Easter Service in Nigeria

Saudi Arabia’s top Muslim issues decree to demolish all Christian churches on the Arabian peninsula

Winning Through Intimidation

Islamic Indoctrination in American Textbooks

Pamela Geller: Jew-killing jihadist now a hero

"I Will Make London a Beacon of Islam"

Book tells Muslim men how to beat and control their wives

Nearly 1,000 Pakistani women ‘killed for honor’

Indonesian Islamist Groups Object to Gender Equality Bill

Angry Turk's Message for Europe: "We are Coming"

Germany in the grip of Muslim terror

Moroccan Girl, 16, Forced to Marry Rapist Commits Suicide

Karzai Diminishing Rights of Afghan Women

Child-Killing Terrorist Given Weekly Talk Show on Hamas TV

Islamists Stone Christians on Temple Mount

Muslim Hate Groups on Campus

Dutch Move Step Closer to Banning Burqa

Canadian Muslim family convicted of 'Honor Killings'

Europeans Increasingly Converting to Islam

The Stone Age meets Western Culture

Egyptian Islamists Torch Homes and Businesses in Coptic Village

Ezra Levant: Saudi Arabian Fascists Threaten Free Speech In Canada!

Nigerians Fear More Attacks After Muslim Terrorists Kill 35 Catholics at Christmas Mass

Honor Killing: Islam's Gruesome Gallery of lack of care for human life

Another Honor Killing in Chicago!

Texas Christmas Honor Killings: Mass Murderer Didn’t Want Daughter Dating Non-Muslim

For Safety, Afghan Travelers Tune In to Taliban Ringtones

Extremist Teachings Remain in Saudi Textbooks

Christianity May Be Eradicated in Iraq & Afghanistan - Chair of U.S. Religious Freedom Commission

U.S. State Department pushes Islamic law on Americans: Applying Sharia at Home!

Muslim 'Rape Wave' Reported in Oslo, Norway. Ministers Blame Israel

Islamists return to the Stone Age - Saudis Sentence Australian-Muslim 500 Lashes, Jail for Blasphemy

Islamists and Egypt's Future

Salafists Surge in Egypt

Obama Support of “Arab Spring” - Clear Marxist values leading to Sharia Law Revolution

Clash grows as Islam fights Western values - Alarming Rise of Muslim ‘Honor Attacks’ in the UK

Muslim father 'murdered his three daughters in honour killing for their dating the 'wrong boys' - 'I would do it again 100 times.'

Libya Heading Towards Islamism

U.S. Commission: Pakistan Schools Teach Hatred, Intolerance

Indonesia running out of “moderate” Muslims

Muslim Homeland Security Advisor Accused of Leaking Documents to Prove 'Islamophobia.'

Radical Islamic sect attacks of blood in northern Nigeria, at least 150 killed

Hamas-linked CAIR pretends that Muslims are threatened by Christians praying near Detroit

Texas Hyatt hotel abruptly canceled scheduled tea-party event. Atlas Shrugs founder, Pamela Geller was to speak at on the dangers of Islam

Muslim promise of violence shuts down free speech in America again, as another hotel is threatened

U.S. Army Makes Soldiers “Culturally Literate” About Islam

Hamas-linked CAIR says Muslims threatened by Christians praying at Ford Field near Dearborn

Man Publicly Beheaded in Saudi Arabia for Being a 'Sorcerer'

Islamists Establish ‘Sharia Law Zones’ in Denmark

Tunisia Election Results 'to Confirm Islamist Dominance'

Muslim Fascism shutting down free speech in America - another hotel threatened that would allow speeches on Muslim threat to America

Libya's liberation: interim ruler unveils more radical than expected plans for Islamic law

French Suburbs Becoming 'Separate Islamic Societies'

Guess who's lobbying against tracking of al-Qaida in U.S.?

The Latest Addition to Occupy Wall Street? Radical Islamist Group CAIR

UN Schools Face Palestinian Heat . . . are your ready . . . for Trying to Teach the Holocaust

Speak out against Islamic terror? Not at this Texas Hilton Hotel!

This for our Blood & Treasure?! Not a Single Christian Church Left Standing in Afghanistan

Christians fear Islamist pressure in Egypt

Indian Catholic Jailed in the Maldives Over a Bible and Rosary

Attackers Carve Star of David Into the Back of Iraqi Poet in St. Louis

Muslim love on display again in Pakistan - Woman Gang-Raped for Annulling Forced Marriage

"Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani faces execution for refusing to renounce Christianity"

Another Loving Muslim-lite Suicide Bomber hits Indonesian Gospel church, injuring 22

Obama's pet project - Ground Zero Mosque Opens for Business

The First Muslim “No Go Zone” on American Soil?

European 'No-Go' Zones for Non-Muslims Proliferating: "Occupation without needing a military!"

UK Muslim Protesters Burn American Flag in Front of US Embassy During 9/11 Moment of Silence

The Administration Takes on ‘Islamophobia’

Muslim woman punches Toronto man in the face, but fat chance police charges will be laid out

Underpublicized threat deep in White House - FBI: Penetration by radical agents worse than thought

Wild Scene Erupts at Playland Amusement Park, NY. Muslims don't like safety rules set up for everyone!

Ugly situation surfaces again. Is Obama foreign policy financing Muslim extermination of blacks in Tripoli?

Egyptian Muslim Leader: "Christian churches may need to be blown up and Christians exterminated to allow the advance of Islamic law, or Shariah." - Read interview translated by MEMRI

Arab Spring for Dummies

Muslims Attack Christians Watching 'Jesus Film'

New Warnings About Muslim Brotherhood’s Influence on the Obama White House

Obama: 'Lone wolf' terror attack more likely than coordinated attack. But what is the other hand doing?

While Muslim hate continues overseas, the America media puts duct tape over its mouth

School text book 'advocates anti-semitism'

Progressive media's silence is deafening - Islamic Honor Killing Bloodbath in Berlin

Albino Muslim Family Targeted Because Eldest Daughter Married a Christian

Beck was right, while mainstream media filled with its own delusion. Tension Rises as Islamists Dominate Tahrir Square, as 10,000 fundamentalists shout, "The people want Sharia!"

Europe continues its move to the right on Multiculturalism - Belgian Bans Full Islamic Veils

Afghanistan: Jihad/martyrdom suicide bomber murders Kandahar mayor with bomb hidden in turban

Progressives learning a hard lesson about multiculturalism: The right to be different has its limits

Muslim Riots in Malmö, Sweden, multicultural not working!

A Swedish citizen sees the Muslims as invaders. Could Norway be far behind?

Jews leave Swedish city after sharp rise in anti-Semitic hate crimes

Malmö, Sweden: Growing Muslim Influence that flies in the face of their proud multiculturalis

Iranian Pastor Sentenced to Death Could Be Executed if He Doesn’t Recant, Says Verdict

Australia: The truth will get you sacked

Muslim polygamy – in Seattle

Kuwaiti Female Politico: Men Should Be Allowed Sex Slaves

Suing Organizers and Funders of the Gaza Flotilla

Sharia and Violence in American Mosques

Love that Sharia Law? Muslim girl, 19, 'stoned to death after taking part in beauty contest'

Palistinian Teen Accused of Brutally Stabbing Israeli Fogel Family: ‘I’m Proud of What I Did.’

Glenn Beck warned about this months ago. But you know the New York Times never likes to tell its readers when progressives are wrong, even when it means life or death.

"Could Be the Beginning of the End for Israel"

It begins! Saif al-Islam, El Shukrijumah Named by al Qaeda to Counter Bin Laden Death

Muslims Push Sharia-Lite in Australia - for now?

Arab Protesters Use "No-Borders" Facebook to organize and descend upon Israeli's Borders

Top down, bottom up, inside out - could Beck be right: Muslim Brotherhood, come save us?

Hey Obama, stop agreeing that Franklin Graham is a hatemonger. Yes, it was a MUSLIM Mob that burned down a Christian Church and murdered six Christians. GOT IT!

National media says, Nothing to see here, move along! But local stations still serve their viewers

Anti-Christian Violence in Punjab; Woman Raped, Pastor Attacked

Christian in Pakistan Threatened ‘Convert or Die’

World Israeli Actor-Activist Shot Dead by Hamas Militants in West Bank

A visit to the Pennsylvania fortress of “The World’s most Dangerous Islamist

14-Year Old Bangladeshi Girl Lashed to Death for Adultery

Beck called it! Muslim Brotherhood the Modesty Police in Egypt

Oversea's Islamists welcome in the Stone Age. Don't like something. Behead someone!

Obama Arming Al Qaeda?

Thomas More Law Center Enters Oklahoma Mosque Controversy

Florida circuit court judge allows case to proceed under Islamic law

Gaza Openly Celebrates the Slaughter of Family

Hamas-associated CAIR applauded by White House

Ladies’ Home Journal — Jihad edition: Al Qaeda affiliate releases women’s magazine

White House to liberal-minded Muslims: Drop dead!

Obama & Hillary Clinton Calling Al-Jazeera News Superior to U.S.

Shariah4America Web site: Cover Statue of Liberty 'goddess' until it can be demolished

Islamic indoctrination on U.S. taxpayers’ tab

Qaradawi, the father figure of Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood, is watched by 60-million Muslims on Al-Jazeera as he implores genocide in Gaza or the unique dangers of female masturbation

First the Netherlands, then Germany followed by England. Now France says progressive multiculturalism has failed!

Saudis Warned Obama Not to 'Humiliate' Mubarak

Muslim Brotherhood text reveals scope of radical creed

Buffalo Honor Killing Ruled a Murder

Sharia Law Gains Foothold in U.S. - Federal Judge Upholds Government Funding of Islam

Somali Mother of Four Slaughtered for her Faith

Muslim Rapes SIXTH Underage Christian Girl

Christian women attacked, publicly humiliated in Lahore based on false blasphemy accusations

Egypt Gives Muslim Fanatics 'Open Season' on Christians

Islam Considered 'a Threat' to French, German National Identity

Stunning from the British Government, giving Islamists permission to kill Christians by not wanting to get involved in "religion" - He added, "there is a danger in presenting Christianity as too closely associated with the West."

Somali Islamists ban men, women from shaking hands or even talking with none-relatives in public - can be imprisoned, whipped or even executed by Muslim leaders!

Catholic Church responds to Muslim violence on Christians, responds to Egyptian imam: ‘No war may be waged in God’s name’

Christian-hating Islamists Strike a Blow in Pakistan

Christians grow tired of the violence from Muslims, as Angry Copts Attack Vehicle Carrying Egypt's Top Muslim Clerics

Suspected suicide bomber kills 21 at Egypt church. (Can you hear the silence in Dearborn?)

Shy of her first anniversary on the federal bench, an Obama-appointed judge known for promoting “racial tolerance” has ordered U.S. taxpayers to provide criminally convicted immigrants with “diminished mental capacities” lawyers to fight deportation

Inappropriate Involvement Between NYC Mayor's Office & Ground Zero Mosque Developers

Angry Indonesia Muslims Surround Homes Of Christians

Islamists continue to enjoy killing Christians, as American Muslims stay silent in approval! Christmas Eve bombings in Nigeria kill 31

Members of the Islamic movement which seeks to establish a universal caliphate have established their newest charter school on a U.S. Marine base in Kailuna. The school, which will be funded by US taxpayers, is called the Mokapu STEM School

Muslim Jihad Battle plan Hearings in Congress

UK Red Cross bans Christmas, told the nativity scene offends Muslims and can only have some useless tinsels. Christmas cards can't have anything that means Christmas.

Iraq obtains info on bomb plots in the US, Europe

Sudan police arrest women protesting at flogging video

The Islamic Tsunami

Mainstream media DOA on arrival - this is from a British newspaper! Muslim woman teacher sues Chicago school after being denied three weeks unpaid leave to make pilgrimage to Mecca

Female Genital Mutilation is recommended by the profit Muhammad and those who don’t believe it are “ignorant”

Majority of Muslims in Pakistan, Egypt, Jordan and Nigeria HATE the West's progressive values - favor instead stoning as punishment for adultery, hand amputation for theft, and death for those who convert from Islam to another religion

Activating Jihad

Muslim Brotherhood Front Group Trains Airport Screeners on handling Muslim women, while Nuns continue to be groped

Islamic Cleric offers reward to kill Christian woman

Textbooks tainted with Islamic ideology

Pastor on trial for witnessing to Muslims . . . wait for it . . . in Wichita, Kansas

UN Initiative Would Protect Islamic Persecution of Christians in Middle East

UK School text book 'advocates anti-semitism'

Federal judge continues block of Oklahoma Islamic measure

Ground Zero Mosque Builders Apply for $5 Million From 9/11 Rebuilding Fund

A Terrorist Victory

Stunning! Army report ignores Fort Hood shooter's religion

Obama Visits Mosque Where Crowd Cheered Ahmadinejad With: 'Fight America, Fight Israel!'

Obama Administration Cover-Up - Proof Terrorists Crossed Mexican Border

World ‘Burn in Hell’: Muslim Protesters Disrupt British Veterans Day

Judicial Watch - Women’s Rights Judge Blocks Oklahoma's Sharia Ban

In Indonesia, Obama introduced as ‘fellow Kenyan’

Obama Exempts Sudan, Chad, Yemen, and the Democratic Republic of Congo from Law Barring U.S. Military Assistance to Nations Using Child Soldiers!

Muslim Obama Praises "Great Religion" Islam - Won't Condemn Jihad!

The sick Iraqi terrorist plot to bomb a U.S. plane with exploding DOGS

Islamophobia is Really Islam-Awareness

Ofsted praises Islamic schools which oppose Western lifestyle

Church Attack Seen as Strike at Iraq’s Core

New Cartoon Brings Muslim ‘Indoctrination’ to Your Kids

Department of Justice drops charges against Indicted Islamic Terrorist

Mosques are the “Trojan Horses” of the Global Caliphate

Obama U.S. funds mosque renovation and rehabilitation around the world

Three Things About Islam

America's Ruling Class -- And the Perils of Revolution

Religion score card

List of Attacks by Muslims around the world.


- For More News Stories of Muslim Murders Against Other Races / Ideologies, Click here and Type in Your Search Word -


The only good news.

Netherlands abandoning multiculturalism

Tens of Thousands Women Rally in Pakistan

Dutch Move Step Closer to Banning Burqa

Canadian Muslim family convicted of 'Honor Killings'

A Palestinian Hero

French Judge to Muslim attacker: ‘Your religious values are not superior to the laws of the republic.’

Dutch Court Acquits Wilders of Hate Speech, Discrimination Against Muslims

Syria’s solidarity with Islamists' Ends at Home (Think it will hold or will leaders be beheaded?)




Flight 93 National Memorial

National Park Service on Flight 93

Ground zero mosque is the SECOND mosque being built on a 9/11 site"

Flight 93 Memorial Blogburst: Muslim Consultants LIED to Park Service




"Freedom is Knowledge"