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The New York Times believes its ideology is more important than what America's Founders had envisioned, writing: "But that view is myopic. In some respects, Mr. Obama is far more experienced than other presidential candidates." - Nicholas D. Kristof, New York Times, March 6, 2007





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July 30, 2017


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Top News Stories Of The Week


Why You Can't Trust The Damn Mainstream Media That Censors Your Right To Know


1. Surprise Surprise: Obama Gladly Sent Taxpayer Money To Palestinians Who Pay Terrorists A Reward For Killing Jews. So Will Congress Now Stop Paying For This Bloodshed Overseas?

"Despite the looming prospect of diminishment of funds for his people, PA President Mahmoud Abbas has vowed to continue the payments. As documented by Palestinian Media Watch (, Abbas recently stated, 'Even if I will have to leave my position, I will not compromise on the salary (rawatib) of a Martyr (Shahid) or a prisoner, as I am the president of the entire Palestinian people, including the prisoners, the Martyrs, the injured, the expelled, and the uprooted.' - Clarion Project

To The U.S. Congress: OMG, You're Giving Taxpayer Money To Pay Islamists To Kill Jews!

"The terrorist who stabbed to death three members of a Jewish family in Israel as they sat down to eat their Sabbath meal last Friday night will be paid a monthly salary of $3,000 by the Palestinian Authority (PA).

The PA passed a formal government resolution in 2011 awarding all Palestinian prisoners in Israel jails monthly salaries for security and terror-related offenses. Aid money given yearly to the PA from the United States, Europe and other countries contributes to these salaries.

Currently pending in Congress is the Taylor Force bill, which would limit [END] American aid money to the Palestinians unless it ends these payments as well as its rampant incitement.

Taylor Force was a former U.S. Army officer who was stabbed to death by a Palestinian terrorist while visiting Israel on a university trip in 2016." - ClarionProject

Photo Source: ClarionProject




2. Palestinian Mother Cheers Her Son's Slaughter Of Israeli Family

Palestinians take to the streets to ALSO celebrate the murder of the Israeli family.

"While Israelis mourn the death of 3 Israelis killed in last night's massacre, Palestinians in Gaza took to the streets to celebrate." - Daily Wire

"Of course, the murderer’s mother was not the only Palestinian celebrating; Palestinians in Gaza were delighted at the rampant spilling of so much Jewish blood that the kitchen floor was covered with it." - DailyWire

Video / Photo Source: DailyWire




3. Enjoy This Palestinian 2017 Kindergarten Graduation In Gaza

"A kindergarten graduation in Gaza. Children dressed as terrorists to 'kill JEWS.' Hamas is stealing any chance the next generation has at peace by poisoning young minds." - TheIsrealProject, June 2017

Video Source: TheIsraelProject



4. Palestinian Version Of An ISIS Sesame Street

Program Is Called Pioneers Of Tomorrow!

"Another creepy Hamas kids TV show, this episode features a Muslim rabbit who vows revenge on the enemies of Palestine and desires martyrdom above all else. He says he will 'get rid of all the Jews,' and he will 'eat them up - inshallah.' - NeverSubmitToIslam

Video Source: NeverSubmitToIslam


Watch Palestinian Leaders Continue To Teach Their Children To Murder Jews - Palwatch, April 2017



5. Islam's Leaders Through American Mosques Now Teach Others To Disrespect Our Freedoms. Here Are Three Of Them.

Click on graphic below to watch.

Click on the graphic to play the documentary.

Three leading Islam leaders trying to find a way to override America's individual freedoms to obey Allah. - ClarionProject

Video Source: ClarionProject

London Riot 7/29/2017 - DailyMail




Debbie Wasserman Schultz Criminal IT Aide, Imran Awan, Allowed Possession Of Pelosi’s iPad. - TheHornNews
Debbie Wasserman Schultz ‘Jumpy,’ Avoiding Media After IT Staffer’s Arrest - TheBlaze
The Night A RINO Killed The GOP’s Health-Care Fight [And Teamed Up With Obamacare.] - WashingtonPost
Hmm? Palestinian President Demands Removal Of Temple Mount Cameras In Jerusalem. - TheBlaze
This Story May End The 'Putin Wanted Trump To Win' Myth Once And For All - DailyWire
Deficient High School Civic Education Contributing To Issues On Campus - FIRE
‘Allahu Akbar!’ [By A Catholic? A Christian? A Mormon? An Atheist? An Unitarian? An Orthodox Priest? A Hamburg Grocery Clerk? Oh Shucks, We Know Who Said It!] - Breitbart
"As Usually Happens When Muslims Attack, The Press Is Consumed With Worry About Their Mental State And Well-Being." - HumanEvents
China Warns That It Will Step Up Its Troop Deployment In A Border Dispute With India, Vows To Defend Its Sovereignty At "Whatever Cost." - SpaceWar
Oregon State University Holds Retreat Examining White Identity And Racial Aikido. [Yes, That's Right, Fascist Oregon Education Is At It Again. But Will These Grads Flip Hamburgers If They Can't Find A Job?] - CampusReform
In Delight At Keeping The Affordable Care Act (ACA) Intact After Vote Collapse, Chuck Schumer Condemned Trump's Recent Tweets Regarding His Saying Let The ACA Fail So Congress Will Be Forced To Act. - IJR
Kids’ Movies As Anti-Trump Weapons: Hollywood’s Latest Derangement: Actor Insists Children's Film Is An Attack On President, Wants Them To 'Adopt Progressive Values' - Lifezette

Planned Parenthood Exposed: Counselor In 2014 Instructs Minor To Know The "Safe Words" During Sexual Bondage / Sadomasochism

Sexed: Undercover Investigation, June 2014 - PlannedParenthoodExposed

Video Source: - PlannedParenthoodExposed

So what do the pagans do in America's U.S. Senate? They vote down an amendment to defund planned parenthood .- LifeNews

President Trump's Policies On Israel, Iran, Qatar And Climate Change Under Attack By A Former Obama Rogue State Department. - Frontpage
Richard Dawkins Slams Police For Pulling 'Allah Is Gay' Sign At London Pride Parade, But Not 'Jesus Is Gay.' - GospelHerald
Extreme Hate Group, Southern Poverty Law Center, Brands Peaceful Groups As 'Hate Groups.' - FOXNews U.S.
A Month Of Islam And Multiculturalism In Britain: June 2017 - Gatestone Institute
"New Research Report Confirms Invalidation Of The EPA’s Endangerment Finding." - IceCap
"Lefty Media Went From Assailing ‘Dishonorable’ McCain To Calling Him ‘Jesus.’ NewsBusters
Trump To Cops: Don’t Be Too Nice When You Put These M13 Thugs In The Back Of The Paddy Wagon - HotAir
Judicial Watch Files Three Lawsuits Seeking Communications Of Acting FBI Director Andrew McCabe. - JudicalWatch
ICE Considers Charging Sanctuary City Leaders With Smuggling! - NumbersUSA



You can't change healthcare with a "skinny plan." - Trey Gowdy

"Trey Gowdy has had enough of the GOP's big promises and constant under-delivery. The Republican congressman from South Carolina, who is also the Chairman of the House Oversight Committee, had some oversight for his own party. 'Our problem is for seven years we've been telling folks what we’re against and what we’re opposed to, and then we’ve had seven months to govern, and the best we can come up with is a skinny plan on 24 hours notice?" - IJR

Video Source: IJR



OJ And The GOP

This cartoon says it all.  Webmaster. F

Graphic Source: - AmericanSpectator



Top Video Of The Week



1. It's Not So Simple!

Parents whose children serve in the military need to be assured they will not be put in harm's way by political correctness . . . you know "our" way or the highway!

"This One Photo Perfectly Sums Up Why We Needed Trump's Military Transgender Ban." - PJ Media

"Y’all know I’m trans and queer, And what that means for me all around, Is something that’s neither there nor here, It’s a happy, scary middle ground. So when I talk gender inclusion, And I wrote these rhymes to help you see, I’m not tryna bring up something shallow, Periods are honestly pretty traumatic for me. See my life is very clearly marked, Like a red border cut up a nation, A time before and a time beyond, The mark of my first menstruation. So let me take you back, To the details that I can still recall, Of the day I gained my first period, And the day that I lost it all. " - PJMedia

Photo Source: PJMedia

"Former Transgender: Trump 'Made Right Decision,' 'Military Is a Fighting Force, Not a Gender Clinic.'" - CNSNews



2. It's Not So Simple, Is It?

Cromwell's Andraya Yearwood [male] a racing transgender athlete, [who calls himself a woman], easily beats all the "real" humans born as female. He reports to be "very proud" of his accomplishment. Can we all say no ****?

"Transgender sprinter Andraya Yearwood, a freshman who was born a male, won the girls 100-meter and 200-meter dashes at the Connecticut high school Class M state championships — victories that didn’t come without some controversy. 'It feels really good. I’m really happy to win both titles,' Yearwood of Cromwell High School told the Day after winning at the May 30 meet. 'I kind of expected it. I’ve always gotten first, so I expected it to some extent. … I’m really proud of it.-” - TheBlaze

Video Source:



3. It's Not So Simple, Is It?

Wow, who would have guessed? Transgender dominates in girls' track and field. Male transgenders are on the verge of destroying "real" women's sport world wide. Nice job, Democrats!

Anchorage, AK - For the first time in Alaskan history, a biological male has won all-state honors in girls track and field. - JTSmith

Video Source: KTVA



4. It's Not So Simple, Is It?

The reported "normal motivation" for transgenders in general to join the military is not 5%, as reported by Obama, but more like 30%.

Over a ten-year period, transgender surgeries in the military will cost taxpayers $1.3 BILLION dollars. Obama had reported, (of course), that only 5% would want surgery. But actual studied desires for the surgery are at least 30% in real life. They serve under a year because of the surgery. Then when they leave, another American has to fill in. - TuckerCarson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

"Transgender Former SEAL Kristin Beck: ‘Tell Me I’m Not Worthy’ To My Face." - WashingtonTimes - [It's not you. It's "30%" of all of you.]




Other News Videos Of The Week

Click on graphics below to go to selected videos.

Maxine Waters . . .
"While the California congresswoman was able to ask Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin questions during a Financial Services Committee hearing today, she repeatedly reclaimed her time, preventing him from providing answers." - The American Mirror
" . . . was more interested in grandstanding on Thursday than actually getting answers to her questions." - TheAmericanMirror
House Minority Leader . . .
"'I know it was a late night last night, but a victorious one for the American people,' Pelosi told reporters on Friday.  'I want to thank Chuck Schumer and the Democrats in the Senate for their unity.  I want to thank Sen. McCain for establishing a higher level of participation to how we should proceed,' Pelosi said.  She also thanked Sens. Murkowski and Collins." - The American Mirror
" . . . Nancy Pelosi singled out Senator John McCain for praise after the Senate failed to repeal Obamacare the night before." - TheAmericanMirror
Jerusalem Dateline
"Iranian Christian fights for freedom and her life; and how history and prophecy merged during the 1967 Six-Day War." - CBN News
The unrest over Temple Mount continues. But what's behind it? - CBNNews
The Truth About . . .
"On February 2nd, 2017, Democrat-hired informational technology workers Abid Awan, Imran Awan, Jamal Awan, Hina Alvi and Natalia Sova were barred from the House of Representatives computer networks." - Stefan Molyneux
" . . . The Awan Family Democrat IT Scandal | Debbie Wasserman Schultz exposed." - StefanMolyneux
A German Culture-Enricher . . .
"This video is an interview with a second eyewitness who heard the 'Allahu Akhbar' — the mysterious phrase that has German police investigators so puzzled." - Gate Of Vienna
" . . . went on a deadly jihad rampage on the street in Hamburg, stabbing one person to death and wounding four others." - GatesOfVienna
Judge Jeanine . . .
"Their hysteria has nothing to do with Russia and everything to do with their hatred for President Trump." - Judge Jeanine
" . . . Freaked out Dems see collusion everywhere." - JudgeJeanine / FOXNews
Karmatic Kickback
"But that’s all there is to this comatose cartoon for kids, aka 'T.J. Miller’s ticket to oblivion.'  Yeah, T.J. Miller quit a good TV gig because now he’s a LEADING MAN. In, uh…this. But never mind." - NewsBusters
"Trump hating T.J. Miller's 'The Emoji Movie' universally panned." - NewsBusters
While The IT Consultant . . .
" . . . who worked for congressional Democrats, has been arrested on bank fraud charges while trying to leave the country. He is the staffer for Debbie Wasserman Shultz, the former DNC chairwoman." - TomFernandez20
Majority Of African-American . . .
" . . . families: gun ownership is necessary! - TruthAboutGuns





Special Videos



ESPN: Finally Comes Clean On The NFL Losing Viewers In 2016, ESPN Having Pushed Kaepernick As An American Hero.

"After Colin Kaepernick protested during the national anthem, a lot of people felt that professional sports were turning into a political sideshow. Kaepernick's subtle shots at police wearing by pig-themed socks during training didn't help his situation, either.

Kaepernick's protest didn't just inspire some other teammates to join in. It prompted other NFL players to follow his lead. Players from the San Francisco 49ers, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, Kansas City Chiefs, and Denver Broncos took a knee or raised a fist during the national anthem. Kaepernick's stunt went way further than just the gridiron. High school and even elementary football teams took a knee on the field in support for the former 49er.

During the protests, viewership of NFL games went down. But at the time, there was just speculation that the Kaepernick's political activism was the reason behind the low ratings. Now there is data to back up the claim . . ." - IJR

Video Source: IJR



Science Means Telling The Whole Truth – Not Just The Parts You Like!

"Thank God for SCIENCE, and a sixty-one-year-old dressed like Pee Wee Herman, only without the fashion sense laying down the phat science beats with DJ Seahorse." - BillWhittle

Video Source: FireWall




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