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April 24, 2017



Why JamesPlace?

James is an honorable veteran with over two decades of service in the United States military, retired as a Staff Sergeant, SSGT, pay grade E-6. Like the fictional character, James Bond, he is the best with weapon safety and use. Having traveled around the world, he has learned to question everything and trust no one.

And so the content here reflects an American I want you all to meet, one who continues to protect a Constitution that gives him permission to be whomever he wants, to believe in the faith he chooses and to challenge anything that is said by any government official local, state or federal.

He is a man who loves the Oath keepers and what those brave Americans stand for, demanding all citizens never forget where this country came from and why people all over the world want to share in its freedoms paid for by others.

But today for the first time James sees that freedom under heavy attack, disappearing through the rule of elites whose service is not measured by honor and duty but by faux titles, six-figure salaries and Ivy League diplomas dripping with political correctness that has become fascist in nature. It is something that has not been seen for eighty years with the politics of another government that was feared by millions, known as the Third Reich. - Webmaster, FreedomIsKnowledge

Anonymous 2013 Message To Oath Keepers - Wake Up America

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"Through Project Appleseed, the Revolutionary War Veterans Association is committed to teaching two things: rifle marksmanship and our early American heritage. We do this for one simple reason, the skill and knowledge of what our founding fathers left to us is eroding in modern America and without deliberate action, they will be lost to ignorance and apathy." - Appleseed Project

Project Appleseed

Honoring Our Military - CBN News

A Prayer From James, An Oath Keeper:

"God bless this country, its citizens and those willing to stand in defense of her founders' wishes, giving them wisdom in their actions. Provide them the courage to change the things they can and to let the Father's Hands guide the things they don't understand." Amen


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My View Of The World

March - May 2017

These have been trying and confusing times. There were abundant reasons for being concerned. The cost of living had been increasing under the Obama administration while buying power was decreasing with wages held at a standstill for years. 

Plus as more illegal immigrants entered the work force through an invitation by the Obama administration to cross our southern border, they would compete for available blue-collar jobs that had gone to minority Americans.  It would cause friction in towns and inner cities across the country for those who needed work.  High-tech jobs also went begging, causing visas to be welcomed in corporate America.

Cries of “foul” went out from American workers, as companies such as Disney hired the cheap overseas labor.  It created a negative impact on assumed freedoms along with threatening the livelihood of American families.  It would fulfill Obama’s legacy as the “Food Stamp King.”

At the same time groups of elites, domestic and foreign, have been trying to divide the nation in an effort to destroy its sovereignty; its self-government; self-rule and self-determination.  It is the fundamental foundation for freedom, what our founders referred to as "liberty for all."  It is this critical foundation that Obama wanted to “transform” in his famous “Hope & Change” boilerplate for the 2008 campaign. He failed.

So how can citizens hope to protect themselves in this “brave new world?” They need to turn back to the values of those who kept this nation running through two world wars, those grandparents who themselves were immigrants but legal, coming through vetting stations such as Ellis Island in New Jersey then transported by rail across the country for new lives . . . new Americans.  They came with little or no money, only dreams, knowing that in America hard work was rewarded and that you could rise to whatever level in society you desired with good decisions and savings.

They were fortunate because they, unlike Americans today, had a national media behind them whose goal was to protect their freedoms, the guardian of the ship’s rudder that was the hope of its builders. 

But in the 1970's a dangerous socialist organization, the “American Society of Newspaper Editors, (ASNE), saw it differently, taking over the reporting of everyday news by newspapers, enabling politically correctness to define such issues as illegal aliens, sexual lifestyles while redefining faith.  In conjunction the ACLU would attack, using the courts, to establish a new direction for America in a landmark Supreme Court ruling on the Separation of Church and StateIt gave the ACLU and the ASNE the hammer they needed to remove any reference to Christian values in the halls of government, from Washington D.C. to the smallest towns across America.

But the American people woke up in November of 2016 when the Democrat Party referred to them as just a useless "basket of deplorables.” The people were tired of their rights being eroded, their faith degraded, the everyday American worker feeling as if they lived in the poor territories identified in the movie, “The Hunger Games.” This was while the progressives in the states of New York and California viewed themselves as elites living in the movie's fictional city of “Panem,” or in their case “Panem East” and “Panem West” owning everything in between.

It is President Trump who now brings order and decency back to America that previous generations had taken for granted.  For the first time in decades, he wants to nurture a positive approach between North and South Korea, settling tensions for our safety.  Even China seems to be seizing the moment that comes with change, buying less from North Korea in an effort to bring it to the table.

It is time, since the left’s political correctness took over America after the election of Bill Clinton 25 years ago, to again find peace and prosperity for a divided nation. It would come through a new president, promising citizens who yearned for a return to common sense and rule, that it would find itself again in the hands of “We the People.”

I am an adopted Marine who was raised in the Army.  Semper Fidelis. – James


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If Jade Helm Ushers In Martial Law, What About Your Savings?

"Citizens need to start talking seriously with their representatives to the U.S. Federal Government. They need to ask and then demand that their country be returned to the status of a "Constitutional Republic" instead of the "Corporate" one we live in today. Only then could there be meaningful input with everyone finally being on the same page, not unlike those who lived in the America of the 1950's when the country was at its strongest point to represent real freedom to the world.

Our representatives would then know that they are required to hold public referendums, consulting with the citizens before doing some of the unconstitutional stuff they are so famous for today. You know your country is in a deep cess pool when an actual Nobel Peace Prize winner, Lech Walesa, (the Polish freedom fighter of the 1970's who pushed the Russia bear out of his country risking everything), tells Americans in 2010 that they are no longer the moral leaders of the world." - James, April 2017

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