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What's The Point Of An "Oath Of Office" If Government Officials Don't Keep It?

November 10, 2021




I believe truth was a fatality of the election of 2020. The November date could almost qualify as a sea change in the loss of trust the people have for their government. It's time politicians are forced to keep their oath of office or get out. And Americans are rising up to make that happen. - Webmaster, November 2021



The Revolution Starts: Teddy Daniels For Congress

Click Here to watch if video has been taken down by YouTube's "community standards."

"Meet Teddy Daniels. Combat veteran and Purple Heart recipient. Business entrepreneur and former law enforcement officer. Called again to fight for America." - TeddyDanielsPA

Video Source: Teddy Daniels For Congress




Joy Reid Blow Out On Her Communist MSNBC (Comcast) At Elected Black Woman, Ex Marine Lt. Governor, To Virginia.

Communist for MSNBC Joy Reid attacks African American woman who won Virginia Lt. Governor as a "white racist." - Webmaster

Graphic Source: Branco

"Rutgers Faculty Groups Stand In ‘Unequivocal Solidarity’ With Professor Who Wants White ‘Motherf**kers’ To Be ‘Taken Out.'" [You Can't Make This Up: They're Unhappy She Got Death Threats For Her Death Threat. - Webmaster] - GatewayPundit



Tucker Carlson Releases A Trailer About January 6th, Patriot Purge.

Twitter's (Jack Dorsey CEO), censors it. Then the trailer cannot be found, having to go to FOX Nation to check out the series. However a trailer was found but on another's domain. Click on the photo below of Twitter's CEO to watch. - Webmaster

"According to conservative activist and author Andrew Meyer, Twitter did the same thing to a trailer for “Anti White,” a documentary chronicling the continued rise of anti-white racist ideologies like Critical Race Theory in the United States.” - Breitbart

"Twitter hid a trailer for Tucker Carlson’s new documentary, Patriot Purge, behind a 'sensitive content filter,' a tool that hides tweets behind a warning notice that users must click through in order to view the tweet.

The first of the three-part documentary has been released on Fox Nation, but Twitter users would have had a hard time finding the trailer on the platform, as it was hidden behind a warning message stating 'the following media includes potentially sensitive content.'” - Breitbart

Photo Source: Breitbart / Getty

In Football It's Called "Piling On." In Media It's Called The "Echo Chamber." In Education It's Called "Indoctrination." In Government It's Called "Communism." - Webmaster

Here are some of the Democrat Party's collective media reports in goose step trying to torpedo Carlson's release. And you thought just the Communist Chinese Party was against free speech!

"Tucker Ridiculously Claims His Deranged Doc Provoked WaPo’s Massive Jan. 6 Exposé." - DailyBeast

"FOX Nation Streams Tucker Carlson Doc Pushing Conspiracy Theory That Government Agents Spurred Insurrection." - LATimes

"FOX News Would Like To Make It Clear That Tucker Carlson's Deranged January 6 Show Is Not On FOX News." - VanityFair

"Tucker Carlson Is Stirring Up Hatred Of America." - TheAtlantic

"CNN's Acosta Labels Tucker Carlson Jan. 6 Series 'Proud Boy Porn," - TheHill

"Tucker Carlson Made A Movie to Prove He’s Not A White Nationalist." - WashingtonPost

"Carlson Uses A Deranged Montage To Imply The Biden Administration Wants To Put Trump Supporters In Guantanamo Bay." - MediaMatters

"Critics Likened The FOX News Personality's Latest Project To Alex Jones’ Conspiracy Theory-Spewing InfoWars." - HuffPost

"Tucker Carlson Previewed ‘Patriot Purge,’ His Batsh*t New Documentary Series . . . " - UPROXX

"Anti-Defamation League Urges FOX News To Shelve Tucker Carlson’s Conspiracy Theory-Filled Jan. 6 Documentary." - TheWrap

"Liz Cheney, Geraldo Rivera Slam FOX News Host Tucker Carlson’s Trailer For January 6 Documentary." - Deadline

"Someone At FOX News Need To Be Held Accountable For Tucker Carlson’s Dangerous ‘Patriot Purge’ Documentary." - NewsBreak

"CNN’s Briana Keilar Goes OFF On Tucker Carlson’s Patriot Purge: ‘Why Does Rupert Murdoch Want To Destroy America?’" - MSN

"Washed Up Wap Tucker Carlson . . . Drops 'Patriot Purge' Documentary Trailer." - Boxden

"‘How Many More Need To Die’: Pressure On FOX News To Ditch Tucker Carlson’s Documentary Calling 6 Jan Riot A False Flag." - IndependentUK

"'Off The Rails': New Tucker Carlson Project For FOX Embraces Conspiracy Theories." - NPR

"Tucker Carlson's FOX Nation Series About Jan. 6 Is Slick Propaganda." - MSNBC

"Why FOX News Won't Cut Tucker Carlson Loose — Even After 'Patriot Purge'" - NBC

"'Patriot Purge' Has A Chilling Method To Its Utter Madness." - CNN

"Tucker Carlson’s ‘Patriot Purge’ Is Too Crazy To Believe — And Too Dangerous To Ignore." - Rollingstone



The January 6th Insurrection. Was It A Hoax?

Article written by Roger Kimball, Imprimis, September 2021, Volume 50, Number 9

Information is coming forward that this was led by feds pushed by the Democrat Party. - Webmaster

Above article written by Roger Kimball, Imprimis, September 2021, Volume 50, Number 9



Along With The Law Breaking Treatment Of Citizens Who Were Arrested For Trespassing Into The Capitol Building On January 6, 2021, Is The Story Below What The End Of Reason Looks Like? Does Our Supreme Court Still Sit?

Broward County School Board Member, Sarah Leonardi, Chaperoned Children From Elementary Public School Wilton Manors On Field Trip To A Gay Bar, Said She Was 'So Honored' To Do So. - LouderWithCrowder




Oh look, that's where they've been hiding!

As we lose our freedom of speech, did the supreme court move down to Cuba? - Webmaster







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