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Freedom is Knowledge is located in a small town nestled in the mountains of Western North Carolina north of Asheville. For someone who grew up in 1950's America, Asheville's downtown can remind one of a flawed jewel so named by Rolling Stone Magazine circa 2001 when it designated Asheville as the Freakiest City in America. It is therefore no accident if looking to retire here that you may find the city missing from some retirement brochures.

Since 2011 Asheville has celebrated a topless day event where local women, some in front of their children, bare their breasts for citizens to admire while others were openly fondled in the downtown square. It is all compliments of a clown from Huntsville, Alabama, who comes to Asheville because Alabama wouldn't allow it. I suspect the originators of the Grove Park and Biltmore Estates are turning over in their graves.

Asheville went missing from CNN/Money's top-twenty list of places to retire to in North Carolina in 2004. My researching Asheville vs. the selected cities revealed why, Asheville having twice the crime rate of those chosen North Carolina cities. Yet travel sites continue to recommend Asheville as if the rest of Western North Carolina doesn't exist. But a new and sharp magazine surfaced a few years ago by business orientated conservatives, highlighting entrepreneurs of businesses who help to make WNC a profitable area to live. It's called Capital At Play, the quality of writing and agenda-less research other than success in one's dreams highlights the glossy photos and well-designed pages of the monthly pub.

I've also done my part to promote the rich traditions of the 23 counties of Western North Carolina you'll find in a module I built several years ago.

Other researched modules on Freedom Is Knowledge includes an extensive travel page, links to researching careers and major job sites, a journey into color television, (my great uncle worked for MovieTone News and pioneered the Graflex movie camera), an extensive news archive from 2007 - 2010, three years of week summaries of news delivered in the form of a weekly e-mail sent out to a short list of professionals and a warning about a nation that has lost its moral purpose in leading the world.

While Asheville is sometimes pointed to as a top tourist destination in America, it is not the city of Asheville that is the attraction but instead the entire 23 mountain counties of Western North Carolina that surround the city. It is this mountain scenery, not Asheville, that had attracted the producers of Cold Mountain and the Hunger Games. Asheville itself likes to think it's the main reason tourists come to WNC with its annual Moog festival, independent film festival, and other draws that now include many new breweries. While that is true for Asheville and its Buncombe County, the other 22 counties might disagree.

But with the nickname Little San Francisco, Asheville also draws liberal progressive looking to hang out. For instance, if you go to Charleston and Savannah you will be greeted with great encouragement to see the many sites and historic areas. But in Asheville with its many liberal progressive socialists, it can sometimes be instead "don't let the door hit you on the way out." It is why Asheville will continue to be a second city in the southeast, as it bathes in its 21st. Century label as the Freakiest City in America.

It is why many locals and their families may totally avoid the city center, enjoying the rest of the area outside the approximate 10 square block area embedded with hippies and homeless with a few excellent musicians thrown in looking for donations thrown into their instrument cases. However the city itself and surround area is home to many excellent restaurants with fine chefs and why you will find many pricey.

While the Rolling Stone title for Asheville amuses the local daily progressive newspaper, the Asheville Citizen Times (ACT), it's not surprising that the newspaper represents just one of hundreds of tentacles owned by the liberal Gannett Company, a corporation that inoculates its secular progressive culture into the body of cities across America and the world and the publisher of USA Today.

If interested you can click here to read about our encounters with Gannett's satellite newspaper in Asheville along with more fun details. We haven't subscribed to the pub for many years.

As a side note, you should know that in one of the more recent outrageous stories after 9/11/2007, the ACT on September 16, 2007, asked why cable providers across the country were not providing the Al-Jazeera Network to the tens-of -millions of America's cable viewers, the far-left opinion editor asking ACT readers to join in any attempt to "quash" her personal demand for Al-Jazeera to be broadcast across the country. Showing how far off base the ACT is to the natural patriotism of the American spirit, Al-Jazeera has come AND gone as its own cable channel. So much for the laughable leadership of the ACT.

By the way, it was the ACT in July of 2006 that did exactly that but in reverse, quashing the story that 17,000 Muslims were protesting Israel's fight with Hamas. Were these moderate Muslims protesting in Palestine? No, they were standing with their fists in the air in Dearborn, Michigan. We reminded the publisher at the time we couldn't find the story in the ACT's archive, just one of many that found itself on the editing room floor. The response? A terse, "Thank you."

You can't make this stuff up, as Gannett and a member of the drive-by media pretend to be the friends of those that live in the mountains. Like we have said about today's corrupt journalists . . . They don't live with us anymore. They only live among us.

As a final note for About Us, in August of 2005 Freedom is Knowledge was removed from Google's Search Engine for over eight months. So why was the URL of a small Web site blackballed for almost a year after a letter had been written of complaint to the search engine's PR Manager?

You decide after reading our posting about Google's "Do No Evil" corporation.

P.O. address is on WHO IS. Webmaster contact e-mail address is located at the bottom of this page.







Freedom Is Knowledge

"Over 10,000 direct links to sites loaded with information."


I was raised in Westchester County, New York, in the late 1940's, with my parents later moving to Florida. I graduated a year after Burt Reynolds and George Hamilton made it from the school on the hill, Palm Beach High, now a center for the arts. After two years at Palm Beach Junior College, I found an inexpensive university to finish my studies and moved to Western Kentucky. It was there I received a BS degree in the arts and education, later teaching in public schools for over a decade.

Discouraged as leftist ideas entering the classroom, I gave up teaching and entered the business community. There I spent twenty years in the electronics industry serving as a North American field trainer for a major television manufacturer in the midwest. Later I moved back to the New York area to serve as a sales promotion manager for a 300-million dollar group that was part of an international Fortune 100 electronics manufacturer.

Downsized more than a decade later, I morphed to contract work in 2002 that provided training for TSA baggage screeners after 9/11 at LAX in Los Angeles and then Newark Liberty Airport in Newark. The following year I retired to WNC. You can sometimes find me and my wife at the popular Blue Mountain Pizza with live music located on main street.

I have four grown children, which includes a son who served in the U.S. Marines in Afghanistan. My father is buried at Arlington National Cemetery for having seen action in WWII on Okinawa, later with occupational forces moving into Japan.

Later in his life after serving in the Navy, my father became the VP for an optical retail chain in the 1980s called Lugenes, which provided fine optical products for customers in Palm Beach at a store then located on Worth Avenue next to the Taboo. He fitted glasses for residence and winter visitors to Palm Beach that included names such as Rose Kennedy, Dan Rather, Victor Borge, and Liberace.

My Web site, Freedom is Knowledge, is a nonprofit portal for conservative thought, encouraging daily exploration of the Web. The site provides thousands of links to Web sites that are filled with content, ideas, and competitive information. For instance, as mentioned above it features an entire section for a historic journey through color television up to today's HDTV products. The module is now archived, no longer added to since the technology has become standardized across the electronic world. Another section featured is one of the most extensive sites on the Web for information on visiting the 23 counties of Western North Carolina. You can find the entrance page near the top of the homepage.

One of the more popular pages on the site is the Cool Sites, along with other information pages that can be easily searched by word using the search engine found on the home page and at the top of this About Us page.

For instance on our Cool Sites, you can see unique pictures taken in New York City's underground tunnels and the hidden life that lurks there. You will see more exploring the over 120 Cool Sites. And while there don't forget to visit "Mother," just one part of our many Art Site listings.

The site started out around a decade ago as a homepage with general information tied to a module on finding jobs. That module is now just one part of a domain that has evolved to a conservative portal with weekend e-mails that provide an extensive summary of the week's news.

Its content is rarely found in America's establishment media run by the ASNE, the weekly stories either missed, buried or tossed aside in the name of, "It Ain't News Until We Say It Is!" Those weekend e-mails with around 50 stories each are a result of my gleaning through over 70 conservative sites. Visit the archive page to over four years worth of news stories the mainstream media is usually no longer interested in. That's because its audience is not filled to the brim with progressives, not unlike the fictional ones running the city of Panem.

The site has grown from around 100 visits a week to nearly 30,000, now having more than two-million searchable words and over 1,300 Web pages.










Why This Site Grew Into A Conservative Portal, The URL Changed To Freedom Is Knowledge


While the idea of Freedom is Knowledge was started in the 1990's to help people find useful information on the Web when searching for employment. A new section back then had been added to the site via a very disturbing event that occurred in 1999. 

This event created a sea change in my view of the media, a story about a boy who had been murdered in Arkansas with virtually every damn major newspaper and television network refusing to carry the story on how this 13-year old child was tortured by two willing homosexual adults.  

Not only did the liberal progressive socialist media totally ignore the 13-year old's death, it purposely suppressed the story as if the boy had never existed or somehow he had become the dirty one.  I had written on my site that the media had not only kicked sand in the boy's face, but had joyously buried him a second time while the body was still warm.

I discovered the boy's death had been totally suppressed by the ASNE media because it was sympathetic with the criminals themselves, two adult gay men impressed with the boy's private parts.  Only FOX News had carried the story at the time, my accidentally catching it while a new viewer in 1999. FOX reported it was not carrying the story because the boy was murdered by two gay men but that the entire media had decided in lock step not to report on it.

The teenager's name was Jesse Dirkhising.  I had put up I believe the only Memorial Page to the the young boy, phoning the police department in his hometown to advise them I was publishing their police report on how Jesse was murdered.  That was when I discovered from a police officer that the only national news network to care enough to cover the trial of Jesse's murderers had been FOX News. It quickly explained why America's vile mainstream media hated FOX News for not goose-stepping with their progressive message against a faith-based country they hated.

It was because of Jesse's death I began to realized our Fourth Estate was being abused by agenda-driven journalists and their elitist managing editors across the country.  I eventually traced the abuse down to a nation stealth organization, the ASNE, the American Society of Newspaper Editors.  (Note its name has changed to now include electronic media.)

This org had been started in the 1970's, its tentacles eventually reaching into every state of our union to purposely color the news across America and changing forever how we, as a people, would be allowed to see, read or hear the news as it actually happened without a guaranteed progressive spin. 

I have since dedicated the site to informing visitors about America's agenda-driven media that cannot be trusted for a heartbeat. As the three television news networks, some cable news, and newspapers continue to lose viewers and subscribers who discover their fourth estate has been stolen to promote a secular progressive agenda through cooperating managing editors and publishers. Tens-of-millions of people across America have realized they can now instead find truth on the Internet along with several conservative news reporting sources trusted to respect your right to know. I have a list of those in the center column of my homepage by category if you would like the names and their URLs so you can search for conservative news on your own.

While Freedom Is Knowledge was one of the few Web sites early on to warn that our national news media had been changing against a traditional country, which it now hated. In fact only recently had the event been given an official name; fake news.

It was the arrogant Bill O'Reilly who told his viewers in a "Factor Tip" not to get news off the Internet. This was laughable to me, as it was O'Reilly himself several years back who had claimed the traditional news outlets we used to be able to trust had been corrupted. I knew, from my own postings from around 70 Internet news sites, that the mainstream media was no longer interested in these stories, only ones that attacked faith-based Americans.

Because of Jesse's murder, I also created a section on the site called "The Basement." The Basement years later has become an archived page to keep a light shed on a dark time in America so we don't forget how vicious the mainstream media was becoming.

Abusive managers and publishers could eventually find their careers out on the street in trade for their arrogance as their products go more and more unread and untrusted. The streets will be the perfect place where they can no longer do harm to this country's promise of the people's right to know




- A passion close to our heart to never forget! -

This has to be a record, the mother suing for almost ten years yet never getting justice for her ten-year old son's murder in 1998.


Our forefathers must be turning over in their graves over the activist Massachusetts Federal Court System taking eight (8) years to hear Barbara Curley's case against NAMBLA, the ACLU siding with this vile organization in 1999 against a grieving mother, the ACLU's unique and Christian-hateful progressive Jewish membership giving NAMBLA pro-bono support.

She also, to our knowledge, had not received any support from the late Ted Kennedy, or the billionaire Senator that was supposed to represent her, John Kerry, wealthy beyond understanding via his marriage to the former Heinz ketchup queen.

Mrs. Curley sought justice for the 1998 murder of her ten-year son, Jeffrey, by two NAMBLA members, the police reporting they found NAMBLA materials downloaded from the Web that helped them to elude the police, luring him into a car where they murdered him.

Jeffrey's mother had wanted her son to work for his new bike he had wanted.  The NAMBLA adult male members, following the boy around, discovered this fact and had told him they would get a new bike for him.  That's probably the last thing he heard after getting into the back seat of their car.
Ten-year old Jeffrey Curley

Police reports are said to have shown Jeffrey's killers later went back to their apartment to play with the boy's tiny body. O'Reilly had said on the Factor in 2006 that he believed NAMBLA and the ACLU were hoping the mother would run out of money and go away. She finally did.

NAMBLA is very well organized in the Boston area with support from top Democrat city politicians looking for votes.

The ACLU was defending NAMBLA's Web site material as an issue of freedom of speech. To that end I now believe there is real evil in this world that is alive and well in Massachusetts.

Its ugly head was raised again in the Boston area when the Mayor of Boston in 2012 called Chick-Fil-A a hate corporation because of its owner's Christians values. The NAMBLA-friendly mayor had reported he didn't want to allow the Chick-fil-A business to build a store within the city's limits.

In the case of little Jeffrey, it couldn't be more true of this evil that surrounds the Boston area. So is it any wonder that the people of Massachusetts have been reported to be one of the top populations in America to give as little as they can to charity while others openly support a progressive socialist society for America represented in the fictional movie, The Hunger Games.

Christ in Matthew 23:4-5a, 25-28

"But all their works they do for to be seen of men. Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye make clean the outside of the cup and of the platter, but within they are full of extortion and excess. [Thou] blind Pharisee, cleanse first that [which is] within the cup and platter, that the outside of them may be clean also.

Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchers, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead [men's] bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity."

Source: Use the Oxgoad

You can visit the Web page on the sadistic death of two innocent boys who still cry out for justice and vengeance against our evil media again lead by what some might call the wicked witch of the east, the American Society of Newspaper Editors (ASNE.)

Major newspapers and network television news outlets just love to suppress these stories for their viewers, while they embrace the vision of the ACLU, ironically now beholding to a growing secular Jewish membership along with a reported list of Islamic believers joined to attack the foundation of a Christian nation. Their leader, Barack Obama, even threatening to "fundamentally transform" the nation, a term meaning that what was being transformed would never look the same again.

I had written to one well-established, large east coast newspaper, whose editor in 2006 had been sympathetic in 2001 to the young boys preyed upon by NAMBLA. I asked him to consider a story on Barbara Curley's courage.

But he wrote back and said that kind of news story was causing him so much harassment from his peers at the newspaper that it wasn't worth writing about them anymore! I thought that must have also been true for reporters trying to talk about the harassment of Jews in Germany before 1932.

So what would you have done as a parent when discovering your little ten-year old son had his lungs filled with gasoline fumes as a 300-pound NAMBLA member sat on him in the back of a car, forcing a rag filled with gasoline against his face until he stopped struggling . . . stopped breathing, his lungs destroyed.

Later, after having been sentenced to jail for the murder, it was reported one of the child murderers had sailed joyfully into the world of sodomy in prison. These NAMBLA members before being caught, were reported to have put Jeffrey's body into a RubberMaid tub and then drove it to Maine where they dumped it into a river, hoping it would never be found.

It was reported that when the tub was opened, lime was everywhere, even filling Jeffrey's small open mouth. Yet the Massachusetts Federal Court system along with Senator Kerry and the deceased Ted Kennedy had played with his mother's hopes for justice, not unlike the NAMBLA members played with her son.

Christ was right. There is evil in this world that is unspeakable in its depth. Just ask Mrs. Curley, who had the courage to continue her law suit into 2008, when her son would have been twenty years old.

This is a curse on the United States of America and the accepted collateral damage by progressive liberals, from the ones who wanted to kill Jeffrey to the ones that wanted to bury him a second time hoping the mother would run out of money. Click here to read Barbara Curley's 2006 letter when she was still pleading for funds from a deaf and dumb America.

Lech Walesa, the polish freedom fighter, acknowledged later in 2010 that America was no longer the moral leader of the world. Who would know better than one who had earned the Nobel Peace Prize vs. one, Barack Obama, who had taken it for what he might do, the Polish hero vs. the American coward elected president of the United States twice.




Note: "Wikipedia is rarely used as a source or reference on Freedom is Knowledge.

On Wikimedia's reliability as a source for information online:

The Florida-based Wikimedia Foundation is aware of its web site’s reputation. Board member Erik Moller was very frank in a recent essay. One of their ten things they wanted you to know about Wikipedia is

“We don't want you to trust us. It's in the nature of an ever-changing work like Wikipedia that, while some articles are of the highest quality of scholarship, others are admittedly complete rubbish. We are fully aware of this.”

Source: Watchdog, March 2003

WND reported Wikipedia scrubs Obama eligibility - Mention of citizenship issues deleted in minutes, 'offending' users banned.



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