And yet ANOTHER Heath Shuler self-loathing 2010 campaign ad


Congressman Heath Shuler makes a claim that he read the entire 2500 page Health Care Bill in 12 hours.

Heath Shuler brags in the above debate in WNC, I read that healthcare bill . . . [2,500 pages] in 12 hours and why I voted against it.

Really, Congressman, one page every 17 seconds? As any English teacher will tell you, looking at words is not understanding words.

Shuler could not have known what he was reading at this alleged pace. Instead, the truth is Shuler did get the pass by Pelosi, as insiders had been saying, to not have to vote "yes" because Pelosi already had enough votes to win Healthcare to let her Blue Dogs out of the kennel, the little blue puppies whining, I have to go out, I have to go out.

Even the media knew how the game was being played on that day seen above, as Pelosi stuck her nose in the air as House members strutted with her outside your Capital building.

The bottom line! Shuler lied in 2006 when he said he wouldn't vote for Pelosi as Leader of the House if elected by the people, and now he's lying again!

Go vote for Shuler, WNC, and watch your electric bills sore like weasels kicking American values out the door in Washington D.C.


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Heath Shuler does it again!

So-called Christian, Heath Shuler, seen around the Biltmore Baptist Church, allows the North Carolina Democrat Party to make Shuler's Christian competitor, Jeff Miller, look like a joker so Shuler's hands can be sparkling clean. Note the above ad obviously doesn't mention that Shuler himself voted for Cap and Trade under Pelosi's thumb to raise the electric rates of WNC citizens, which would also affect everything they would buy . . . raising cost of living and taking food off their kitchen tables.

And Shuler favored Card Check to allow the votes of union members to no longer be kept a secret, union boss thugs able to know whose arm to twist or what home needed a personal visit.

Shuler also says he didn't vote for the Healthcare Bill, but that's not true. Nancy Pelosi, knowing the WNC voters needed to be deceived in the next election , was reported to have allowed Heath to vote No on the bill because she had enough votes to pass it anyway. Then Heath could go back to his home in Tennessee, oops, his home in Western North Carolina to say he was a true Blue Dog conservative.

What a guy!

August 2010 Washington Times Article


Letter to Biltmore Baptist Church



How Democrats Fool Conservative Voters . . . Again!

October 19, 2010

Below is a perfect example how Democrats are pumped up to win again in 2010 in Western North Carolina, the same strategy happening around the country.

This is how they have done it for the last two elections, now aiming at a third:

1.) In 2006 they said new Democrats were now going to be conservatives, spinning Pelosi's / Enamual's new tactic for the U.S. House candidates as Loving Jesus Blue Dogs. In WNC specifically, the Democrats brought in a candidate from Tennessee (see above) who then joined the largest church in the area to help spread his message that he loved Jesus and for Christians / conservatives to vote for him.

2.) Then in 2008 the Democrats ran with the Hope & Change following their socialist candidate, Obama, saying he was going to spread the wealth.

Now that Americans have discovered what the socialist term meant, the new Democrat strategy is to no longer call themselves . . . wait for it . . . Democrat.

3.) Therefore, in 2010 the new strategy is to now run their candidates as stealth candidates, the voter not able to see which party the candidate bows to. It's why they're the party of weasels.

Check out the new direct mail ad for a local WNC Democrat sent out in late October 2010, a perfect example of a Democrat-run "stealth" candidate.

Don't understand what I am talking about? Look for the word "Democrat" in the direct mail ad below. It's there, but well hidden to fool conservative voters of WNC for a third election.

Note: The candidate shown below is a member of the North Carolina Association of Educators, a state union that represents its national organization, the NEA. It was the radical NEA that sent members to the Marxist One-Nation Rally in Washington, D.C.

The NEA has turned far left over the last decade, even now having a page on its site dedicated to the Power Tactics of Saul Alinsky. The NEA refers to Alinsky as "recommended reading," the page itself listed under NEA teaching tools.

Still want Democrats who are members of the NEA teaching your kids? If so, maybe one day your child will come home and tell you how its going to be run under his / her rule.

Now look what the outgoing union leader of the NEA said at the NEA convention last year about teachers and the children they teach. And then ask why are these Democrat candidates are still NEA members if they love America so much. That's why they're called weasels, their agenda well represented by the NEA union they cuddle up to.

Oh, and remember it was these same NC Democrats that named their annual fund raising in WNC after Charles Aycock for over 40 years, a White Supremacist who had created the environment that led to the murders of over a dozen Black Republican businessmen in 1898.

Since that year North Carolina became a Democrat-run state and never looked back, the heart not falling far from the sheet. North Carolina Democrat leaders had said Aycock was an educator. He sure was, well representing the Democrat's love of the Eugenics of the founder of Planned Parenthood.

It was the current leader of their party, Barack Obama, who openly spoke of his support for the efforts of Ms. Margaret Sanger when he was running as a candidate for president. So everyone knew exactly where he stood on the founder of Eugenics, the party following him into the swamp.




Didn't find the word Democrat in the above mailer sent out in late October, two weeks before the election. Look again! It's there.


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