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"If your job hunting is not a full time are doing something wrong."

. . . Bob Richards, former consultant, Drake Beam Morin, Inc.


Job Hunting while being unemployed is up there in the stress level with divorce, death in the family or moving your family cross-country--but it doesn't have to be. If you prepare yourself by assessing your strengths and financial options and making this effort a full time job, you may find that you don't have time to worry about not finding employment.

Outplacement services may call this period chaos, a cycle in your life when everything seems to come apart. If you are over 50, it can even be more difficult. Being laid off or downsized can make you numb and cause you to question your ability as a productive worker and even an asset to yourself or your family. Focusing on your strengths, networking with friends and former associates and looking at your options for a new career can give you renewed energy.

There are many places you can turn to for assistance in finding other career options or pursuing other jobs. Review the list provided below and decide which is best for you.

Outplacement Agencies:

Outplacement agencies can be provided by your previous employer if you have many years of service, are laid-off, run into politics in the company's culture or are just plain being downsized. They provide active job database searches, recruiter lists by state and career search, secretarial services, mailing services, private networking areas with long distance phone capabilities and support groups. One of the largest outplacement services is DBM (Drake Beam Morin, Inc.) and is available only through your former employer. If you are outplaced to an agency such as DBM, thank your HR Department and start off running from day one when you get there. Consider it a compliment from your company if you are provided the services of an outplacement agency and be proud of using the name. It speaks highly of how your company thought about you. Business is business and downsizing is a part of the American landscape. Now the question is, what are you going to do about it?

Career Consultants:

Look for career consultants in employment publications, on the web and in newspaper ads. Their intent is similar to that of an outplacement agency except that you pay. You may not want to go to them for senior management positions paying over $60,000 per year.


Recruiters are like the analogy in the new testament that describes the holy spirit; "The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going." And how true this also is with recruiters. One day they breeze into your life and the next day it is as if you never existed. But don't take it personally. Their incoming resumes probably outnumber their available openings by a factor of 1/1,000. If they need you, they will find you. If they don't need you, you won't hear from them.

A Retained Recruiter is also called an Executive Recruiter, and seeks employment for candidates whose salary is $80,000 and up. If you hear from a retained recruiter it is because a position exists for the company that has retained his services.

A Contingency Recruiter is one that recruits an individual for a specific job opening but is paid only if the candidate is hired. In general, one can probably say that the contingency recruiter works the lower end of the management salary scale.

One of the most helpful recruiter Web sites we have seen for a while is a site called While it says it is the most unique and innovative resume consulting service available on the web, it is not the reason we are highlighting it for you. We rarely say much about a Web site, only providing links to help in your research for a job, saving you valuable time.

What we found interesting about this online service is that it not only provides several lists of what you need to do to "spruce-up" your resume so it pops-out to a hiring manager, but it also provides value-added information by allowing you to click on any item in the list to discover more details about what they're talking about. That's just plain wonderful.

While we can't provide a personal reference and don't belong to any good-old boy's club, we are sure they will be delighted to provide references for you. says they have been featured by CNNfn, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The Toronto Globe, CFO Magazine, Fortune Magazine, and other media outlet. They are also getting ink from Career Builder and where we found them. says it is a service provided by Personnel Department Inc. ( PDI), Vermont’s largest independently owned staffing agency. They report that have been locally owned and operated for over 14 years.

Whether you work with this recruiter or not, any one looking for a job should check out their help list. Gems like these don't come around every day. While we would wish you good luck, that will rarely ever get you into an interview.

Temporary Placement Agencies:

Mostly for secretarial and temporary positions, a temporary placement agency finds a candidate a non-permanent position. However, temporary placement agencies such as Manpower also hire senior executives to fill 3-6 month positions in a various locations through the country.

Job Banks:

You can find job banks on the Internet by using the search engines provided by your Internet provider. Services range from free to paid--from general jobs to specific job markets--from corporate sites offering open positions to sites with recruiter posted job openings. Many sites allow you to post your resume and update it when your skills increase or your address changes. Some sites can charge for posting your resume, but the database may be one of the hot 25 sites on the web--and may publish to over 100 databases as an value-added service.

But be careful. Some sites will charge your credit card for several months, one month at a time. If you want to Opt-out before the term is up, forget it! So if you see that your card will be charged monthly over a selected period of time and that it is then automatically renewed, consider it the kiss of death. "You want to be in control, not be controlled."

The list that we provide below will help your research for your next landing. But allow us one final note. Hoover's Online (the first link below) charges annually for their service. However, if you want to nail down a specific company that you would like to work for, we believe their charge is well worth the investment. Hoover's Online is one of the very best sites in the world for investigating corporations, their history, and their competitors while providing you with a "Who's Who" of their list of major executives.


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Professional resume writing tips, resume samples and resume resources to help you get that dream job! Professional Resume Writing provides resumes written by experts who know what information is relevant and the best format to present it. Another benefit is to boost your confidence. Many people who have had resume help and had their resume prepared by a professional have reported that they enter the job interview with a new-found confidence and even go for jobs they would not have considered before.


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By using your Internet services search engine, you can also find jobs offered by state unemployment offices such as And search engines can offer you assistance with sites that categorize jobs searches for you.



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