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Basic Concept

While professionals can assist you in writing your resume, you may want to develop your own format using already achieved writing skills. Visiting your local library or near-by book store can provide you with an excellent list of books on resume writing. However, in doing your research we recommend that you approach this effort with extreme seriousness. In addition, there are several software programs that can assist you in developing and writing your resume.

A resume is not only a reflection of your career but an immediate reflection of your professional skills in the writing of a summary document. Allow me to provide you an example. After turning in a semester exam in art history, a concerned college student complained to the professor that the test had listed many more questions than was physically possible to answer in the 60 minutes allotted for the exam. "Of course," the professor replied, "How you handled this dilemma will be in itself part of your grade!"

This story makes a good analogy for resume writing: while you may have experienced the job skills necessary to meet the requirements of an open position, you must have the skills necessary to prepare the written document that will communicate this to a hiring manager in 30 - 60 seconds OR LESS.

Therefore, be sure you properly investigate how to correctly prepare a resume that will reflect your experience, character and ability. Again, if you need assistance, seek out a qualified professional who you can be comfortable with in putting together your career document. To this end, we would like to provide you with some hints in developing your resume--or at least start you thinking in the right direction.

- Decide on a resume format. Investigate which format is right for your situation. Avoid "ME" orientated statements If you are an upper-level candidate, use the one minute rule and condense key accomplishments to paper. These accomplishments should always be results orientated. Use action verbs. Many resume books can supply you with a list. Work/business experience should show a common thread.

- Use vocabulary and trade names associated with your industry. Mention professional memberships or affiliations only if they add to your credibility. Include continuing education courses and professional seminars.

- Never include any reference information on your resume. Use appropriate headings. Include military experience if it either adds to your credibility or fills in a gap in your work history. Do not use gimmicks or wild resume styles unless the situation demands it. Balance the overall look of the resume. Never add hand corrections or notes to the resume.

-Avoid creating several versions of your resume. If a targeted resume is required, be sure you keep track of what hiring manag er received it.


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Note: Special thanks to Rachel for the above tip via a school project in Ms. Ward's 10th Grade Class in Delaware, USA


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