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March 22, 2017



A Sign Of The Coming Times In A Real Rise Of The Machines.

But in the end to do what?

"WARNING: Humans cannot exist without work, achievement and a respect for each other's lives. When societies around the world, within a few coming decades, turn over their basic survival skills to machines whose only responsibility will be to serve through programming, a question will have to be answered that asks, "to serve what and through whose programming?" And you know it will be controlled by a system driven by a single worldwide online network where machines will be taught to also write their own code of conduct." - Webmaster






There Will Be No Escaping This Emerging Robot

Boston Dynamics introduces an innocent robotic concept that could be programmed to do skills that any human would have serious problems escaping from once its objectives have been perfected. - Webmaster

Meet Handle!

"Handle is a research robot that stands 6.5 ft tall, travels at 9 mph and jumps 4​ ​feet vertically. ​It uses electric power to operate both electric and hydraulic actuators, with a range of about 15 miles on one battery charge. ​​​

Handle uses many of the same dynamics, balance and mobile manipulation principles​ found in the quadruped and biped robots we build, but with only about 10 actuated joints, it is significantly less complex. Wheels are efficient on flat surfaces while legs can go almost anywhere: by combining wheels and legs Handle can have the best of both worlds." - NewAtlas

Video source: NewAtlas

Now Watch More Robots From Boston Dynamics.




"There's No Escaping Boston Dynamics' Wheeled Jumping Robot."


Article by Rich Haridy, February 27, 2017, NewAtlas

"Boston Dynamics has officially unveiled its latest robot after footage leaked earlier in February showing the new design. Known as 'Handle' the new research robot incorporates elements from the company's previous Altas robot, but achieves more efficient mobility by adding wheels and a significantly less complex joint system.

Described in February by company founder Marc Raibert as 'nightmare inducing,' Handle looks to be extraordinarily mobile, speeding down stairs, through snow and leaping up to four feet (1.2 m) vertically.

According to the company, Handle can reach speeds up to 9 mph (14.5 km/h) and has a range of 15 miles (24 km) on a single battery charge. It appears this is one robot that could chase you just about anywhere.

Despite still being labeled a research robot, Handle is also shown to be able to pick up and transport boxes weighing up to 100 lb (45 kg), hinting at potential future commercial uses [with heavier weights].

The company claims that the combination of wheels and legs offer the robot ' the best of both worlds' in the mobility stakes. The wheels also enable a significant reduction in complexity compared to the company's previous bipedal and quadruped robots, with Handle sporting around just 10 actuated joints.

Rumors circulated for much of 2016 that Boston Dynamics, currently owned by Alphabet, Google's parent company, was in the process of being acquired by Toyota's Research Institute.

It's not hard to imagine the numerous ways Handle could be commercially exploited, especially after Toyota announced $1 billion dollars to fund its new robotic research institute in early 2016 and will likely be on the lookout for innovative robotic developments [like Handle]." - NewAtlas


Above article by Rich Haridy, February 27, 2017, NewAtlas



Rogue Factory Robot Blamed For Crushing Death Of Human Colleague - TheTelegraph



Terminator Genisys & Skynet

It is 2017 and SkyNet is ready to be launched, as most of the world's sophisticated societies are already being tracked by their tablets and Smartphones, citizens accepting that their right of privacy has been compromised by a technology they can no longer exist without.


Terminator Genisys - ParamountPictures

Video Source: YouTube

Google = Genisys SkyNet Potential

Current SkyNet / NASA - Wired







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