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April 16, 2017




America recovering from eight years of rule by the Party Of Death. But is Trump now moving to the left?



Church In Tiny Hayesville, Western North Carolina, Sparks Revival To Others Through Social Media

Revival Hits Western North Carolina In Small Town Of 350 residents: 'The Power Of God Was So Strong.' - CBN News

Video Source: CBN

Free Will Baptist Church Of Hayesville, WNC - Facebook Page

Live stream online church service



Jerusalem Dateline:

What's behind history’s oldest land dispute?

"Jewish people and Palestinian Arabs both claim ownership of the land of Israel, but whose land is it? We take a look at the Jewish claims to the land of Israel -- the real story behind history’s oldest land dispute." - CBN

Video Source: CBN

Dublin City Hall To Fly Palestinian Flag For An Entire Month To Protest Israel - FederalistPapers



Prophecy Fulfilled: City Of David 'Shakes Off The Dust.' - CBN

"When people visit Jerusalem's Old City, they may believe it's the same place King David set up as his capital more than 3,000 years ago. But that's not exactly the case. Archaeologists are uncovering the original city and telling others its amazing story." - CBN

Video Source: CBN



The Shack Uncovered

Pastor warns his church about the movie the Shack, saying half a truth is more dangerous than a lie because the half-truth can be made to look like the whole truth. - Webmaster


In The Shack . . .

"God the Father appears as a black woman named 'Papa', (whaa…??) perfectly fitting right in with the current gender confusion being promoted by the LGBTQP and the Far Left Liberals. The Shack reduces Almighty God to a kind of Mormon 'god-man' who isn’t really much different or better than his creation. This is NOT the God of the Bible.

Jesus is presented as a kick-back Middle Easterner with rolled up sleeves who is your buddy, and the Holy Spirit is presented as an Asian woman. So instead of showing us the Trinity as the Bible teaches it, we are presented with rainbow-flavored unholy mess. God at no point represents any aspect of Himself as being female, does not identify with being female at any time.

In order to push all your buttons and get you emotionally addicted, The Shack tells the story of a sweet young girl who is kidnapped, brutalized and then killed. A horrific story line to say the least, just ask any parent. And it is while you are in this emotionally-driven state that you are then presented with a false gospel about a mythical god who judges no one and only offers 'love, peace and hope'. But it’s a false hope from the start." - NTEB

Video Source: NTEB




Irish Pro-Abortion Group Forced To Return Illegal Grant From Billionaire Activist George Soros - LifeNews
Abortion Clinic Security Guard Convicted Of Battery In Assault On Pro-Life Woman - LifeNews
Texas Secured A Victory In The Battle Against the Bureau of Land Management (BLM.) - Breitbart
The Party Of Death's Faux Joan Of Arc Speaks Out: Cecile Richards Comes Unglued After Gorsuch Confirmation: “SCOTUS Will Be Hostile To Abortion.” - LifeNews
[Political Correctness And The Death Of Fair Competition?]: "Female Track Team Welcomes A Boy As Their Newest Teammate." - DailyCaller
Target CEO, Brian Cornell, Regrets Policy Announcement That Encouraged Men To Use Women’s Restrooms And Dressing Rooms. - TheBlackSphere
"Chinese Christians Hospitalized After Clashing With Police Over Church Surveillance." - GospelHerald
"Bolling: It Took Obama 2,920 Days To 'Diminish America's Standing' — And Trump 77 Days To Fix It." - IJR
March Border Apprehensions Hit 17-Year Low: 71% Decline Since 2016. - NumbersUSA
"The Northwestern University Rape Outbreak That Wasn’t." - Michelle Malkin
"First Marines Associated With 'Marines United' Scandal Have Been Disciplined." - PopularMilitary
Stockholm Jihad Attack: Uzbek Man Held On Suspicion Of Terrorism - TheMuslimIssue

Religious Liberty Group Hits Back At Atheists Who Demanded Prayers Cease At Military Base - GospelHerald

[Just Like In Progressive London] "Study: Only 4 Percent Of Millennials Hold A Biblical Worldview." - Zionica
Tom Daschle: Dems More To Blame For ‘Erosion Of Institutional Pillars Of Senate’ - DailyCaller
Montana Democrat Governor Vetoed Legislation To Ban Sharia Law From State Courts. - GatewayPundit
Surprise, Surprise: [Anti-American] Colleges Not Asking Trump For Commencement Speeches, In Stark Contrast To [Socialist] Obama - TruthRevolt
ISIS Murders Christians In Twin Coptic Egyptian Church Bombings, 43 Dead. They Went To Church And Never Came Home, Compliments Of Islamic Fundamentals - Breitbart
Last Year Liberal Media Tried To Protect These Refugees. Now They Finally Plead Guilty To Assaulting That Five-Year-Old Girl In Idaho - DailyCaller
[Head Of Progressive Movement], New York Times, Alters Headline For 2nd Time This Week To Now Attack Trump - WND
[Must Really Irritate The New York Times.] Rabbi Shmuley: In Syria, Trump Restores America’s Human Rights Leadership - Breitbart
Christian Nurse In Multicultural / Diverse Britain Fired For Talking About Faith With Cancer Patients - TheBlaze


Compliments of Suckers on Parade Web site.

[Again, It's Islam]: Good Friday Parade Interrupted By Rampaging Muslims Shouting ‘Allahu Akbar!’ – 17 People Injured - GatewayPundit

[Be Glad You Live In America, As Least For Now.] Deaf Asian Muslim Girl Severely Beaten By Her Family For Converting To Christianity." - TheMuslimIssue

In Australia, Ayaan Hirsi Ali Is The Baddie And Yusuf Islam [Cat Stevens] Is The Hero - WindsOfJihad

Australian Wearing Cross Beaten By Muslim Gang, Shouting ‘F*** Jesus,’ Now Says To Christians, If You Don't Want Trouble Hide Your Cross - Breitbart

Is Trump’s State Department Going Back To Normal Refugee Admission Numbers? [ . . . As Report Comes Out He Will Not Seek To Register Muslim Brotherhood As Terrorist Organization?] - RefugeeResettlementWatch

Syrian ‘Chemical Attack’ Doctor Was A UK Jihadist - TheMuslimIssue




Top Video Of The Week


Climate Change Explained by Geologist Ian Plimer To The UK Government

"Ian Rutherford Plimer is an Australian geologist, professor emeritus of earth sciences at the University of Melbourne, professor of mining geology at the University of Adelaide. Explains climate change very simply, and also very scientifically by looking into the earth's past." - ClovisStar

Video Source: ClovisStar

TKS for the heads up to Ellen of Tennessee

Al Gore Busted For Knowing His Abraham Lincoln Quote Was Fake - TheFederalistPapers



Other News Videos Of The Week

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This Is Why We Outlawed . . .
"It’s bad. People are dying. Infants stripped down to a diaper being hosed down to save them from the chemicals. Convulsions. Foaming at the mouth." - ClashDaily
" . . . gas attacks in the first place. - ClashDaily
It Didn’t Go As CNN Expected . . .
"Baldwin tried to goad him into talking about the ‘Travel Ban’ and played a clip of Hillary Clinton saying that the US not taking in more Syrian refugees is hypocritical." - Clash Daily
". . . Maybe that’s why Brooke Baldwin looks like she’s about to throw up." - ClashDaily
Leftie Progressive Media Hack . . .
"O’Donnell discussed his crazy conspiracy with Rachel Maddow.  It looks like she bought it." - Gateway Pundit
". . . Lawrence O’Donnell tossed out the theory that Putin was actually the mastermind behind Trump’s Syrian missile attack." - GatewayPundit
New Wikileaks DNC Murder Bombshell
Rich was throught to be en route to the FBI the morning of his murder, apparently intending to speak to special agents about an “ongoing court case” possibly involving the Clinton family. - Gateway Pundit
" . . . Guccifer 2.0 admits Seth Rich was DNC leaker." - GatewayPundit (watch 2016 news video on murder.)
Judge Jeanine . . .
It's time for Republicans in Congress to learn how to fight like our leader. - JudgeJeanine / FOXNews
" . . . a reawakening of America the great." - FOXNews
Liberal Bigwig Tries To . . .
"The know-nothing president of a radical left-wing environmental group humiliated himself on social media Thursday, and learned firsthand why he ought to stick to what he knows best — spreading fake talking points about the alleged threat of climate change." - Next News Network
" . . . insult Trump Administration in Tweet, ends up utterly humiliated." - NextNewsNetwork
MSNBC's Halperin . . .
". . . on a recent episode of Showtime's The Circus, MSNBC senior political analyst Mark Halperin visited a Washington D.C. elementary school to get fifth graders’ opinions on President Trump. Fifth-graders have no political insights worth sharing with adults, but Halperin wasn't there for insight -- he was there mining for TV-worthy, anti-Trump sentiment out of the mouths of babes." - Truth Revolt
" . . . exploits kids for anti-Trump messaging." - TruthRevolt
The Friendly "Police State" Of United Airlines
"United is facing growing anger after they selected the 69-year-old man – who claimed to be a doctor – to be bumped from the overbooked flight to Louisville to make room for its staff on Sunday night.  The airline’s CEO apologized today even as new video emerged of the man bleeding heavily from the mouth and mumbling about suicide in the aftermath of his brutal treatment." - Clash Daily
A Chicago O'Hare Airport Cop Who body-slammed a United passenger and dragged him off put on leave. Passenger's injuries serious. - ClashDaily
I Was Right About Sweden!
"Not So Funny Now! - Paul Joseph Watson
"Remember when the media and all those leftie luvvie celebrities laughed at me for warning about mass immigration and Sweden?" - PaulJosephWatson

Conservative Subscribers May Want To Wake Up To Their Payments For Progressive Showtime Content Helping To Fund A Planned Hit-Job On FOX News. - MRCTV

Nutty Mother Jones Editor Claims ‘TOMAHAWK MISSILE’ Is Offensive To Injuns! - ClashDaily



The Case For Christ

"Lee Strobel was an atheist -- and sworn enemy of religion -- when his wife became a Christian. Her faith put him on a two-year investigation to prove that her faith was a work of fiction. He never could have predicted how that journey would end and the real life tale is now a major motion picture. 'There were so many reasons why I did not want there to be a God, because I did not want to be held accountable,' Strobel said. Millions read Lee Strobel's The Case for Christ, and now the best-selling book is a movie." - CBN

Video Source: CBN








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