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PBS "Access Islam"

Big Bird's PBS, Under The Friendly Title Of "Learning Media," Is Actively Pushing American Children In Grades 5 - 12 To Study Allah And The Prayers To The Islamic God. PBS even provides an extensive lesson plan funded by the U.S. Department Of Education.


Warning! The Democrat Party and its partner in religious crime, the ACLU, would scream if The Lord's Prayer would ever come close to the Department Of Education.

Yet converting American school children from grades 5 - 12 to the Pillars Of Islam using the same Department of Education, (which will desensitize them to Sharia Law that mocks the American Constitution), is welcomed by progressives and applauded with PBS used as the national medium of choice for the massive indoctrination of America's future leaders promoted by CAIR and The Muslim Brotherhood since Obama's election in 2008.

Trump's White House was reported to be going soft on identifying the Muslim Brotherhood as a terrorist group, even knowing how the Islamic group almost destroyed Egypt's election system pushed by Obama and Hillary. - Webmaster



April 26, 2017



“Access Islam,” From The PBS Web Site, Funded By The U.S. Department Of Education

"The taxpayer-supported Department of Education (DOE) is funding an Islamic indoctrination program in America’s public schools in grades 5 through 12, Christian Action Network has learned. Students are taught to learn Islamic scripture, give the meaning of that Islamic verse, and explain how they can use it in their daily lives." - DrRichSwier

Video Source: DrRichSwier

TKS for the heads-up to Ellen of Tennessee


Note: The Progressive PBS Editors Identify This As An American "Learning Media."

"'As I scanned through the information online, it became obvious to me that the material is much more like a Sunday School lesson plan than a proper educational lesson on Islam,' said Mawyer. 'These lessons are teaching our children and grandchildren how to be, act and live like Muslims. It’s outrageous! And every Christian and Jewish parent in America should be appalled at how our children are being indoctrinated into the Islamic belief system and lifestyle.'” - Dr. Rich Swier

And The Progressive Democrat Party Of Death Says The Lord's Prayer Is Offensive In American Schools?! Read.


"The U.S. Department of Education’s funding of an Islamic indoctrination curricula is the topic of a new video produced by Christian Action Network.

Salat: Prayer in Muslim Life, in which students in grades 5 through 12 learn 'the importance of the Quran in daily worship.' The students are asked, 'What do you see and hear when Muslims pray? How do the words sound? What is the purpose of praying five times a day?'

Quran: Sacred Scripture of Islam, in which students in grades four to six are taught that the Quran 'is considered the word of Allah.' Students must review quotes from the Quran and Hadith. They must then present one of the Islamic quotes to the teacher and 'describe the passages practical application…'

'Can anyone imagine The Lord’s Prayer recited in a classroom?' asked Mawyer. 'Or students taught that the Bible is the inspired, infallible final Word of God? Or displaying the Christian cross in the school classroom? Or lesson plans that encourage students to pray to Jesus Christ? It’s out of the question! Christ, the Bible, the cross and Christian prayer were thrown out our public schools decades ago.'

In one DOE funded video, students are introduced to a man who has converted from Christianity to Islam. The Muslim man tells students that Islam 'is the true worship of God.' The man then instructs children to 'submit yourself' to Allah.



Here Is What UNC Network Television Is Promoting To Teachers And Students With Lesson Plans Aimed To Bow To Allah

Note: The UNC cable channel's Web page below was captured April 10, 2017

Web Page Source: UNCTV

"Chatham Middle School Students Are Taught that Islam Is The True Faith; Two Mothers Pilloried For Making It Public." - ThomasMore



Are You Still Subscribed To Showtime For "Homeland?" Why?

"Homeland," family entertainment from Showtime, 'proudly announced' it has gone soft on Islam and hard on white men in government, and just in time for Trump's election, too. Watch! What's next for Showtime, dancing in circles hand in hand with North Korea Communist Military Officials? - Webmaster

"Actor Mandy Patinkin discussed the change in Homeland's storyline in its sixth season after the show was criticized for its portrayal of Muslims. Patinkin, who plays Saul Berenson, told NBC News that Muslims are the new 'Cowboys & Indians' or 'Nazis' that Hollywood has begun to focus on as antagonists. He said he wanted to soften attitudes toward the Muslim community. Patinkin said that 'white men in government and the military establishment' are likely the problem with society's view of the religion." - FOXNews / NBC

Video Source: FOXNews / NBC





Encore: A Quick Moment In History


What The Elite Obama Media Tried To Hide From You About The Muslim Brotherhood

Egyptians riot, protesting Obama AND Secretary of State Hillary Clinton trying to push Muslim Brotherhood into control of Egypt


If Hillary could do this against the Egyptian people, what could she do to America as president with her continued relationship with the Muslim Brotherhood? - Webmaster


"The failure of Westerners to understand why Egyptians revolted against an elected regime is stemming from the fact that they, the Westerners, are secured in their inclusive constitutions, bills of rights and rule of law. We have nothing of these. We only had one facet of democracy – election – which brought a cultic organization with a fascist twist that decided to cancel the other facets. So. what about the Obama administration? It’s man has gone.

Obama had been supporting Egyptian President Morsi. Obama’s Egypt Policy is confused. He [and Hillary] missed the chance to make the USA the good guys. Now he scrambles for irrelevance, at best." - Anorak, July 2013

Embedded Video Source:



Photo Sources: Anorak


As Obama And Hillary Push Mosques Onto Towns Across America, Egypt Closed 27,000 In 2015 As Meeting Places For Terrorists

"An Egyptian administrative court on Feb. 18 upheld the Ministry of Religious Endowments’ decision issued in September 2013 to close down neighborhood places of worship of less than 80 square meters (861 square feet), a move intended to protect young people from the militancy and extremism that can prevail in such places, which lack the legal standing to hold Friday prayers." al-monitor, March 2015


"Egypt Sentences 106 Members Of Obama’s Muslim Brotherhood To Death Including Ex-Puppet President Morsi." - PoliticalVelcraft, May 2015

Photos can show relationships the media doesn'ts want to report. - Webmaster
Hillary Clinton with President Morsi of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt.

Photo Source: PoliticalVelcraft



"Egypt Files Suit Against Barack Obama And Hillary Clinton For Conspiring With Muslim Brotherhood." - NowTheEndBegins, April 2015

Video Source: YouTube



4 Star Admiral Slams Obama Administration For Allowing Muslim Brotherhood Infiltration Of All Of Our National Security Agencies - ReformedMediadotNet

Video Source: YouTube

ISIS In The Middle East And Now Here: Admiral “Ace” Lyons USN (ret.) - StandUpAmericaus



Dr. Juhdi Jasser, President Of The Largest Moderate Muslim Group In America And A Retired U.S. Navy Commander, Has NEVER BEEN Invited To Meet With Obama.

After seven years that was NO ACCIDENT and why if Hillary is elected the Brotherhood will have free reign to bring Sharia to American towns. - RURdy4It

Video Source: YouTube


Brotherhood Pushes Trump To Not Label The Group A Terrorist Organization - CNSNews





What You Can Do!

After reading all the above evidence, consider contacting The White House using their online form to write to Trump that the Muslim Brotherhood must be labeled a terrorist organization after what it tried to do to Egypt, protecting America from Sharia Law. If needed, you can add the URL for this e-mail with its content to prove your point. - Webmaster


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