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Who Was Doctor Joseph Warren of 1775?

May 3, 2017



Levin TV From The CRTV Network Explains Dr. Warren In Detail

Mark Levin also talks about the left pushing O'Reilly out at FOX News while this same media circled its wagons around Bill Clinton. Click on the photo below where you can WATCH this very special April 20, 2017, segment now!

Mark Levin's special April 20th segment on America's freedom. - Webmaster


You'll also find out about three very politically correct international corporations, names you know well, that bowed to reported phone calls from the corrupted left media to boycott advertisers on The O'Reilly Factor over media claimed sexual harassments. But these same corporations were reported to THEN go over . . . wait for it . . . to the Clinton Foundation run by a former president who lost his law license for five years for lying to the court about an actual sexual encounter.

"The whole idea of having Trump/free speech rallies in Berkeley is of historic nature. In 1968 the free speech movement happened in Berkeley to support communism. Now it is happening again in 2017 to support anti-communism / pro American ideals, in hostile territory.  Though most of Alinsky's keyboard warriors on the left continue to claim to eschew violence and laud, as he did, the passive resistance techniques of Mahatma Gandhi and the Civil Rights movement. His writings are not necessarily inconsistent with the antifa's embrace of recent street battles. 'The future does not argue for making a special religion of nonviolence," he wrote. "It will be remembered for what it was, the best tactic for its time and place.'" - SuckersOnParade

Graphic Source: Suckers On Parade

Yet that proven event didn't seem to bother these huge world-wide companies, one reported to be supporting a 2017 PGA national golf championship.

And what about the socialist Venezuela government that took over after the death of Chavez, not forgetting the seven famous American supporters of that former fascist government when Chavez was in power?

Levin shows you what's happening in that country now, but more importantly what could happen in this country as America's left face-covered brown shirts shut down freedom of speech at Berkeley and other universities across the nation. The action of these goons is magnified by what the University of North Carolina tried to do to a professor who had become a Christian while on campus, the administration wanting to punish him for the conversion by not granting him tenure.

It is a sad day when the UNC Wilmington campus administration has a similar objective as the administrators of ISIS. - Webmaster



Mark Steyn Responds To His Firing By CRTV



The Lies Obama Used To Win The 2008 Election Could Be Fodder To One Of The Candidates In The 2017 French Election

Tips for the rookie from the master - Suckers On Parade

Graphic Source: SuckersOnParade








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