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"Dear British Leaders: ‘We Saw Something And Said Something’ But You Did Nothing!"

June 7, 2017



Suspect In June 2017 London Bridge Attack Clearly Seen In Regent’s Park With Other Jihadis And An ISIS Flag A Year Earlier

"London Bridge terrorist filmed praying to ISIS flag in Channel 4 documentary.  The ringleader of the London Bridge terror attack appeared in a Channel 4 documentary about jihadis in the UK last year.  The 27-year-old from Barking, East London, is believed to have led the trio who ploughed into pedestrians before stabbing revellers in pubs and bars on Saturday night.  He is currently only being identified by his nickname "Abz" at the request of the Metropolitan Police.  In 2016, he appeared in the documentary alongside a notorious preacher as they prayed to an Islamic State flag in a London park.  Police continue to investigate the atrocity that left seven dead and 48 injured." - Channel 4 /
Video / Photo Source: YouTube


Article by Clash Daily, June 5, 2017


"The British National Broadcaster isn’t reporting ‘suspicious activity.’  The ‘largely self-funded’ but still owned by the government channel produced and aired a documentary last year about Jihadis in Britain. And one of the future terrorist [of the recent London Bridge Carnage] was featured in it.

Was that not a tip off?  Yet, the average Brit seems to have been diligent in reporting the suspicious activities of their neighbor.

The Manchester bomber was reported multiple times as suspicious.  [And] It looks like the same can be said about at least one of the London attackers.  One of the unidentified men was reported, by his friend, to the terror hotline for increased ‘radicalized behavior.’’

The London Bridge killer wearing an Arsenal shirt slipped through the net despite being reported to the police twice for extremism including trying to twist the minds of children he bribed with sweets and cash, it was revealed today.

The security services face difficult questions because the 27-year-old Muslim ringleader, known to friends as ‘Abz’, even appeared in a Channel 4 Documentary last year about British jihadists and unfurled an ISIS-style flag in Regent’s Park.

He was also caught on camera alongside two notorious preachers who were well known to police and intelligence officials because of their extremist views.

A friend of the suspect called the anti-terror hotline because he became obsessed with watching hate preacher videos on YouTube and police were later warned he was trying to radicalize children in a local park and giving them treats to listen to him.

[Click here to] Read more: Daily Mail

[June 5, 2017, Daily Mail Post Titled, "Killer who was filmed in Regent's Park with an ISIS flag and tried to radicalize children with sweets was shopped to police TWICE as it emerges one of his fellow terrorists lived in DUBLIN."]

The Channel 4 Documentary [scroll down] shows the suspect in Regent’s Park with a bunch of other jihadis and an ISIS flag. Yes, really.

Despite the tips to police, the man still managed to carry out a brutal attack on British citizens.

The friend said, ‘I did my bit, I know other people did their bit but the authorities did not do their bit’. Here is the full Channel 4 Documentary chillingly titled, ‘The Jihadist Next Door.

The Jihadist Next Door

"The film followed a group of Britain's most dangerous extremists for two years, giving unprecedented access into the bubbling undercurrent of home-grown terrorism. Documentary maker Jamie Roberts even spent time with Siddhartha Dhar (aka Abu Rumaysah), the former bouncy castle salesman who is now suspected to be the second 'Jihadi John.'”. - uzomad, January 20, 2016

Video Source: uzomad


Wow. How would you feel if you were a British citizen and knew that THAT was out there?

- And it was made by a government agency.

- And that people were reporting this jihadi as ‘suspicious.’

- And then he attacks your fellow citizens.

The London Mayor says that these kinds of attacks are ‘normal’ for large cities and Brits just need to ‘get used to it.’

Nope. I couldn’t get used to it. Nor should we." - ClashDaily



Above article by Clash Daily, June 5, 2017




London? The one we visited in the 1990's seems gone. It should be renamed "Brussels West" because that's what it is. And don't blame the Muslims. Blame the dismal leadership coming from 10 Downing Street. - Webmaster



Now Watch This CBN 2012 Interview No Progressive American TV Network Had Any Interest In Showing You.

"Why? Because you are not being educated by the progressive socialist media. You are being exploited." - Webmaster

"The graffiti on a building in Belgium says it all: 'Welcome to 'Belgistan.' Muslims are still a minority in Belgium, but in the capital of Brussels, they're already the largest religious group, comprising one-quarter of the city's population. In less than 20 years they're expected to be the majority.

The most confrontational Muslim group here is Sharia4Belgium. Many don't take the small group seriously. But Sharia4Belgium head Fouad Belkacem, alias Abu Imran, sounded very serious when he told CBN News he expects Muslims to dominate Belgium and the world. 'The Sharia will dominate,' Imran said. 'We believe Sharia will be implemented worldwide.'" - CBN

Note: I think Abu Imran understands perfectly what is going on. The west has lost its purpose, killed by a progressive media that worships the collective and sees the heritage / traditions of individual countries as disgusting nationalism. - Webmaster

Video Source - CBN









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