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July 4, 2017



Our Ancestors Fought When It Was Necessary To Protect Our God-Given Freedoms Under Our Founder's Original Documents.


But it may be time to protect them again, as progressives who worship a secular, multicultural globalist government try to finish fundamentally transforming this nation under Obama's directive in 2008, which started in the Clinton years and continued through the Obama presidency. That difference is why so many aloof progressives see everyday patriotic Americans as a Basket of Deplorables, a created attack on groups of people only Marxists know how to do well.

To that end please check out the following 6 Parts, which are warnings proving progressives are continuing to transform this country's heritage and traditions through a corrupted media and now a bully social media that says it knows what's best for Americans.

Where have you heard that before?

If these progressives want change, they need to start with their own country and stop messing with this one, one already established by Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg as "The Lone Ranger!"


Progressives Call Patriotic Americans Racists And So Many Other Names. But When The Rubber Meets The Road, What Does A "Real" Muslim Look Like Who Loves America? And Will Progressives Call Her A Racist, Too?

Well actually not at all like the Obama-supported Muslim terrorist organization of CAIR or its violent counterpart, the Brotherhood, or their collective protector, the new Democrat Party

"President of Council for Muslims Facing Tomorrow on why she backs his travel ban. Plus, she sounds off on the Muslim hate crime in Milwaukee that wasn't and CAIR's love for 'victim card." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source - TuckerCarlson


Note in the above video the American Muslim woman understands more what this country is about than a corrupted liberal managing editor from a midwest newspaper who suspended one of our vets for daring to challenge a liberal professor who believes the NRA is more dangerous to America than ISIS.

Not surprisingly, that radical progressive "journalist" professor is paid for his services at Missouri State University, better known to students as Mizzou.

Need a hint of the university's recent background. showing a progressive cancer that was not only allowed to spread across the campus but encouraged? Click here to watch the truth of what these radicals have done to our campuses.






Part 1: Stacy On The Outs


When conservative columnist Stacy Washington questioned an editorial comparing the NRA to ISIS, the progressive editorial page editor of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, who is a former editor of . . . wait for it . . . the Washington Post, suspended her.


Photo Source: Lynx Media


So Who Is Stacy Washington? She's a decorated Air Force veteran, Emmy-nominated TV personality and host of nationally syndicated radio program “Stacy on the Right” based in St. Louis. She formerly freelanced for the St. Louis Post Dispatch. She loves God, guns and is an active member of the NRA.


The following appeared in the July 17, 2017 issue of the NRA America’s 1st Freedom, one of the official journals of the National Rifle Association. - Webmaster


By Stacy Washington, June 26, 2017, America's 1st. Freedom


"Leftists and so-called progressives don’t hide their hatred of guns and people who own them. This 'NRA Derangement Syndrome'—a type of hysteria—appears to affect newsroom personnel at media outlets across the country. The result is a pervasively leftist slant in newspaper and media coverage of anything having to do with the National Rifle Association, its members and gun owners. Sadly, this has become the standard unless you’re consuming news via an outlet that is openly conservative. 

Nowhere is this slant so obvious as on the pages of print news outlets. The largest newspapers have great sports reporting and good coverage of local stories, but if you peruse the opinion pages there can be no doubt: The editorial board is on the left.

This has been my experience as a local freelance opinion editorial columnist for the St. Louis Post-Dispatch. For the past six months, I’ve written on many local topics and a few national ones. In researching news for that column, I’m rarely outraged.

Enter Missouri State University Journalism School professor (emeritus) George Kennedy. A regular guest opinion columnist for the Columbia Missourian, Kennedy made national news by comparing—in quite a stupendously ridiculous fashion—the NRA to the Islamic State.

Upon reading his assertion that 'we love our guns more than we love our children,' I was compelled to write about this spurious comparison and the obvious editorial malpractice that permitted the approval of such copy without so much as a rebuttal. My relationship with the Post-Dispatch was an 'at will,' independent-contract freelance arrangement.

As such, I had no company email address or access to its website, The editorial process arranged by opinion editor Tod Robberson had an easy sequence: Submit the column via email, answer any questions from him with links to support the assertions, then final edited copy would be emailed back to me. That copy would then be moved to the print edition as well as an early morning posting to the website.

(George Kennedy) will never be held to account or asked to prove that NRA members dismember, set on fire or otherwise terrorize politicians—or anyone else, for that matter. It occurred to me that the topic of that week’s column, which was renamed ' Guns and the media' by Robberson, might be my first rejected column.

The Post-Dispatch had the option every week not to print my submission, and if they did so, they were not required to pay for the work. Robberson did point out that I should have included the fact that in addition to 7 percent of news staff claiming Republican affiliation in a 2013 Indiana University survey, another 28 percent claimed no affiliation at all. Interestingly, I had no quibble with what he said, other than that it audaciously made my point—93 percent of news staffs across the country assert they are not Republicans.


'And in his announcement of the end of my column, he slandered my ethics by claiming I was dismissed 'for failing to disclose [my] promotional work and professional affiliation with the NRA.'


That Thursday I traveled to the NRA Annual Meetings & Exhibits in Atlanta. I left my laptop at home as I was not planning to work at all: This was a treat for me, as I had last attended the Annual Meetings in 2011 when they were hosted in St. Louis. On Friday afternoon I was taking a breather from walking the 15 acres of guns and accessories on the floor of the Georgia World Congress Center when an email notice of suspension caught my eye.

Tod Robberson, Post Dispatch

Image / Video Source - YouTube

'Stacy, I’m afraid I have to suspend your column. You did not disclose in your column published today that you served multiple times as a co-host and commentator on ‘Cam & Company’ on NRATV. Today’s column was problematic in many ways, some of which I described in my email to you on Thursday. But advocating for the NRA while failing to disclose that you did media work on behalf of this lobbying organization and its official television station goes far beyond the bounds of any acceptable journalistic standard.' Robberson then went on to explain that it didn’t matter if I was 'paid or not.'

His assertions have a few problems of their own. On two separate occasions, once before the start of my column and again in January of this year, articles describing my participation in an NRA documentary appeared in the Post-Dispatch. My bio and online social media accounts all state that I am a fourth-generation veteran, gun owner, Second Amendment supporter and NRA member.

Besides, does my appearance as a guest host for 'Cam & Company' on a few occasions make the NRA-ISIS comparison valid? Is there any way that my work as a pundit can be used to prove what I wrote is untrue?

As an opinion writer, it doesn’t matter: My opening column for the Post-Dispatch outlined my right-leaning political viewpoint including my support of the Second Amendment: 'With my father on active duty, guns were always a part of my life, so I consider the Second Amendment second only in importance to the religious protections afforded to us in the Constitution.' I had certainly made Robberson and Post-Dispatch readers aware of my affiliations.

Interestingly, Robberson doesn’t apply the same standard to his own writing. In his March 27, 2017, column titled “Demonizing allies is no way to advance the progressive cause,” he writes of those who would label his paper as 'racist and defenders of the establishment': 'If they would stop and calmly read our editorials, they would recognize that we are fighting for exactly the same causes—racial equity, uplifting the poor, reducing crime and fixing the city’s most troubled neighborhoods. We also are fighting for full accountability by our elected officials.'


'As internet news becomes more dominant, newspapers will have to return to their original charter of excellent unbiased reporting in order to win and maintain a loyal paying readership. If conservative voices are cast out under unfair, unethical bias claims, that cannot happen.'


Robberson goes on a bit later to fully confirm his progressive credentials: 'Where we part ways with the progressives is the method of achieving progress.' So the only Americans that are working to uplift the poor and reduce crime are progressives? Got it. At least he is being honest about the entire paper’s commitment to the tenets of progressivism.

But why didn’t Robberson admit that the progressives have been in charge of the city of St. Louis for 68 years of uninterrupted rule? This is an inconvenient truth in light of the troubled neighborhoods, racial inequality, downtrodden poor and crime infested streets directly at their own doorstep.

As an editorial writer for the Dallas Morning News writing of the Susan G. Komen decision to stop donating to Planned Parenthood, he gave a similar type of siren call to abortion supporters:

'Komen caved to political pressure,' he said, adding, 'The next time Komen for the Cure comes asking us for an editorial supporting one of their local events, I’m going to think twice.'

So during his time as an editorial writer, Robberson openly supported abortion rights by threatening to refuse to cover Komen Race for the Cure events based on their decision not to donate to his pet cause—Planned Parenthood. Apparently the standards are different depending upon which side of the political aisle one occupies.

Week after week, year after year, the subscriber base of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has declined. Robberson attempted to balance the paper by adding my obviously conservative voice. But I’m as out and open with my beliefs as one can possibly be, which may account for the need to get rid of my column.

Unfortunately, however, the nastiness was not to end there. After being informed that I was at no time compensated for my appearances on NRA radio and TV, Robberson still permitted publishing of a letter to the editor accusing me of being a paid shill of the NRA.


'No matter what happens to newspapers, our discussions surrounding the Second Amendment and gun ownership by citizens should never be intertwined with incendiary rhetoric that has no purpose other than to slander law-abiding Americans.'


And in his announcement of the end of my column, he slandered my ethics by claiming I was dismissed 'for failing to disclose [my] promotional work and professional affiliation with the NRA.'

George Kennedy, U of M

Photo Source: U of M

My column was factual: It called out media bias and asked for introspection in media outlets for the sake of preserving printed newspapers.In the media furor surrounding this story, my original call has been almost lost—that Kennedy was permitted to malign the NRA and its membership, and retains the opportunity to do so since he has received no reprimand for his awful and baseless comparison. He will never be held to account or asked to prove that NRA members dismember, set on fire or otherwise terrorize politicians—or anyone else, for that matter. However, his editor did add a disclaimer in a text box above his column. Thank goodness for that.

The final paragraph of my column called for introspection in newsrooms across this country, because the printed word is powerful. As internet news becomes more dominant, newspapers will have to return to their original charter of excellent unbiased reporting in order to win and maintain a loyal paying readership. If conservative voices are cast out under unfair, unethical bias claims, that cannot happen. 

My column was factual:

It called out media bias and asked for introspection in media outlets for the sake of preserving printed newspapers. The irony of having my column suspended—under the guise of my being a paid advocate for the NRA—for writing that is unjustifiable nonsense, which is what prompted me to terminate the contract with the Post-Dispatch. The distraction that has ensued over who pays me and why has served its purpose for those at the top of the food chain in the newspaper industry: No one is discussing their failure to remain neutral. Consequently, circulation numbers will continue to tumble. Bravo, Post-Dispatch.

I announced the suspension and my termination of the contract on Twitter using a meme of a black AR-15 with the caption, 'It’s because I’m black, isn’t it?' Most people got the irony, but a scant few thought I was actually asserting a racial bias claim against the Post-Dispatch. There is a bias there, but it isn’t against blacks—it’s against conservative thought and opinion that supports the Second Amendment.

Progressives must shut down conservative voices because when we speak, the truth of their failure to actualize real change for their victim groups becomes painfully evident. We can’t have inner-city blacks coming to realize that gun control means only the criminals have guns.

Yeah, it probably is better to keep those facts off the news pages, even if it means going out of business. American newsrooms are in a state of crisis, inadequate to the task of responding to internet-driven news’ increasing dominance. Print media must transform to meet the challenge, but can it do so blindfolded?

No matter what happens to newspapers, our discussions surrounding the Second Amendment and gun ownership by citizens should never be intertwined with incendiary rhetoric that has no purpose other than to slander law-abiding Americans.

In the meantime, a powerful blow to the credibility of the news media exists in the continued display of this blatant double standard: Even though Kennedy’s editor added a disclaimer in a text box over his awful column abusing the NRA, Kennedy still writes for the Columbia Missourian." - Stacy Washington

Stacy Washington is a decorated Air Force veteran, Emmy-nominated TV personality and host of nationally syndicated radio program “Stacy on the Right,” based in St. Louis. She loves God, guns, and is a member of the NRA . . . obviously.


Above article by Stacy Washington, June 26, 2017, America's 1st. Freedom

(Note: Underlines added by Webmaster for easier online reading.)






Webmaster's Note On Editor Robberson's Opinion That Hitler Allowed The German Population To Have Guns, So Guns Had Little Effect On Stopping His Rise To Power.

Robberson wrote in January of 2013 for his article titled, Let’s stick to the facts when discussing gun control for the Dallas Morning News Opinion Blog:

"But did Hitler disarm his own people? No. In fact, the supposed “disarmament” campaign in Germany was the Law on Firearms and Ammunition passed in 1928, specifically to stop the growth of private militias, such as the right-wing brownshirts, and to prevent coup attempts such as the one Hitler attempted in 1923. Hitler’s rise to power and subsequent dictatorial domination was not the result of gun control. It was in spite of it."

So it is not surprising that Robberson, the Editorial Page Editor for the St. Louis Post Dispatch and the one who suspended Stacy Washington, would not have a problem with a progressive journalist professor at Mizzou, George Kennedy, a contributor who was reported to mock conservatives in the campus newspaper. Kennedy's attitude in writing concepts, such as the NRA being more dangerous to America than ISIS, would have certainly aided in inflaming the recent violence at the university with reports that those kinds of activities reduced the university's enrollment by 1,400 students with later contributions providing a shortfall of $30 million dollars.

As Ms. Washington noted in her above article in the NRA's America's First Freedom, what got her suspended was writing a rebuttal against professor Kennedy's comment in April of 2017 for the Missourian, writing, Which organization is more dangerous to Americans - ISIS or the NRA?

However Robberson had left out a very important fact in his original January 2013 blog as mentioned above, which is noted in the October of 2015 post of Politifact that also provided the following about gun control under Hitler for OTHER German citizens:

"On Nov. 11, 1938, the German minister of the interior issued "Regulations Against Jews Possession of Weapons." Not only were Jews forbidden to own guns and ammunition, they couldn’t own 'truncheons or stabbing weapons.' In addition to the restrictions, Ellerbrock said the Nazis had already been raiding Jewish homes and seizing weapons. - Politifact, October 26, 2015

With Robberson biased toward liberal spin, he missed the fact that conservatives under the Obama regime felt also attacked by the Obama administration just as Jews were after Hitler's election, not forgetting Obama's Justice Department's Fast & Furious scheme to try to blame gun shops selling to straw men when it was his Justice Department doing exactly that. Or Obama's IRS Department's attack on new Tea Party organizations, holding up their contributions being deductible, something already given to the hateful and biased Southern Poverty Law Center, which had linked Christian groups with KKK and Nazi Skinhead groups in all 50 states using Google maps.

Somehow Robberson also forgot the VERY important claim made by Obama early on in his presidency that people in the midwest held on to their Bibles and guns, showing the dark spot on his heart for Christians not unlike the same one Hitler had for Jews. Robberson must have missed the comments of German Jews who survived the Holocaust reporting, "It happened so fast. Who would believe a government would arrest its own people?"

Seeing Obama's corrupted Fast & Furious, his control over the IRS along with an EPA that treated Americans like the Romans who had entered new towns, first crucifying a few to get the attention of the others "to obey," I could VERY easily understand how fast it could happen with men like Robberson and Kennedy on so-called freedom's watch.

Wisconsin Police Chief David Clarke Speaking At An NRA National Meeting in 2015. - LSUDVM

Video Source: NRA


In fact on June 1, 2017, Robberson wrote the following for the Post Dispatch titled, Thoughts on survival in the time of Trump, feeding into the frenzy of CNN and MSNBC where editors and others were writing threats that Trump needed to be assassinated because of what he would do to America.

Robberson warned in his article that because of Trump, Americans could be without water and electricity. It was as if Obama's ignoring North Korea had somehow made America safer when in fact Obama had emboldened the North Korean regime that saw America weak under Obama and not keeping its promises, such as in Syria when Obama refused to back his red line of no more gassing of the Syrian people.

Obama's failure to keep America's red line promise as its president caused millions of migrants to then flee, seeing the gassing wasn't going to stop. They wound up in almost all of Europe creating "May Day" like calls for help from a population under siege from rapes and attacks on its formerly peaceful communities. Even Sweden was telling its citizens that they had to immigrate back into their own society to join the Muslim migrants who wouldn't.

You couldn't make this up if you wanted to. But Robberson and Kennedy seem able to do that. And now with Stacy Washington gone, they will get away with even more. You would think the Missouri people would reject these dangerous pundits on their soil, with their motto being the "Show Me State."

But obviously "Show Me" isn't enough anymore . . . Ferguson isn't enough any more . . . the collapse of their University to thugs isn't enough any more. Maybe it will be Missourians who will need to worry about water and power, thanks to progressive radicals such as Robberson and Kennedy.

And maybe as a push back, citizens need the St. Louis Post Dispatch to rehire Stacy Washington . . . making their unhappiness known with tens of thousands of quarters suddenly not making it into those news stands or renewal payments.

Of course, that's just me having lived in America for 75 years. - Webmaster


Oh My, Look At The News From Newspapers Robberson Has Written For.

"Dallas Morning News Calls Out Itself And WaPo For Misleading Gun Violence Stat." - TruthRevolt







Part 2: Twitter Bans Pro-Life Ads

The photo of a baby in the womb on pro-life site has been added to Twitter's definition of hate speech

Twitter is banning Pro-Life ads | Tucker isn't surprised - The Liberty Hound

Video Source: TuckerCarson / FOXNews







Part 3: Corporations Are Globalists / They Don't Wave Flags

Google’s seven years of antitrust tribulation in Europe


Article by Aoife White and Gaspard Sebag, Bloomberg News, June 27, 2017


Video Source: Bloomberg


"Google was fined 2.42 billion euros ($2.7 billion) by the EU on Tuesday, wrapping up a seven-year probe into complaints that it abuses its power as the world’s biggest search engine to muscle out smaller shopping search rivals.

It’s one of three investigations targeting Alphabet Inc.’s Google in Europe with final results of a probe into the company’s Android mobile-phone software and online advertising service yet to come. Publishers are also seeking a probe into claims that Google unfairly uses their content, causing them to lose lucrative advertising revenue.

How did we get to this stage? Here’s a timeline of the cases since 2010:

- February 2010: Joaquin Almunia, who just began his term as EU antitrust chief, tells Google he’s got complaints from U.K. shopping website Foundem, Microsoft Corp.’s Ciao unit and French search service eJustice.

- Nov. 30, 2010: The European Commission announces an antitrust probe 'into allegations that Google has abused a dominant position in online search.' The EU says it suspected Google of lowering the ranking of competitors in vertical search results such as price-comparison services. It’s also concerned about restrictions in advertising contracts.

- Feb. 1, 2013: Almunia announces Google submitted a full offer to settle the antitrust probe.

- March 21, 2013: Eleven companies, including Foundem, Trip Advisor Inc.Expedia Inc. and the German newspaper publishers’ association, ask Almunia in an open letter to send Google formal objections.

- April 9, 2013: A group representing Microsoft, Expedia and Nokia Oyj files an antitrust complaint against Google over its Android operating system. The group says the EU should investigate Google’s “deceptive conduct to lockout competition” in the mobile market.

- May 20, 2014: German and French ministers write to Almunia to criticize his plan to settle the case.

- Sept. 10, 2014: Almunia says time has run out in his two-year long quest to clinch a settlement.

- Nov. 1, 2014: New EU Competition Commissioner, Margrethe Vestager, takes over. Within weeks, officials are again quizzing Google rivals.

- Nov. 27, 2014: European Parliament votes for Google to be broken up if the EU can’t resolve its antitrust investigation. The vote by lawmakers isn’t binding.

- March 19, 2015: Two years after the U.S. settled its antitrust investigation into Google search, the Wall Street Journal publishes details of a staff report showing investigators concluded that Google abused its monopoly power in ways that harmed Internet users and rivals.

- April 15, 2015: The EU ramps up its search case, sending Google a formal statement of objections 'for abusing its dominance in the search-engine market by systematically favoring its own comparison shopping product in its general search results pages.' Vestager also opens a new probe into the Android operating system for mobile phones and tablets.

- April 20, 2016: The EU escalates the Android probe, accusing Google of striking restrictive contracts that prevent makers of tablets and phones from adding competing apps and web browsers. The company also pays phone makers and telecoms operators to only install its search app on phones, the commission said.

- July 14, 2016: Google’s AdSense for Search becomes the third of the company’s services to get an EU statement of objections listing potential competition problems. At the same time, the EU bolsters its search case by sending a second set of objections on search.

- November 10, 2016: Google says the Android case threatens its strategy of providing free software to phone manufacturers. The company earlier blasted the EU’s search case that “just doesn’t fit the reality of how most people shop online.”

- April 20, 2017: Vestager says regulators will follow closely Google’s proposed new ad-blocking feature for its Chrome browser.


Above article by Aoife White and Gaspard Sebag, Bloomberg News, June 27, 2017




Look What Google Tried To Do To My Little Start Up Domain In 2006

Click here to read the full story of the arrogance of Google even back then.







Part 4: Charles Murray:

Protests are a 'repudiation of what the university is all about.'

Video Source: Tucker Carlson / FOXNews







Part 5: Victor Davis Hanson:

In detail: The great lie about Trump's connection with Russia

Victor Davis Hanson: Why the media lied about Trumps connection to Russia. - ToAlexSmall

Video Source: YouTube







Part 6: California At It Again, Progressives Seeing Everyone Else Wrong While Using Fascism To Force Their Agenda.

California issues ‘Travel Ban’ against some red states over their citizens' social issues.

"Single-Party Dominance Has Made California A Little Crazy."

"After a 'Calexit' secession effort failed when its leader decided to move back to Russia, the deep-blue state has now turned to other methods to resist the change in political fortunes. On Friday, the California Assembly narrowly failed to pass a plan to bring single-payer health care to the state, which would have cost more than double the entire current California budget.

But in the age of Trump, the Golden State hasn’t been content to focus on its own issues. It has now turned its agenda outward by crafting its own 'travel ban,' aimed at punishing sister states for not going along with its views. Americans need an alternative to the mainstream media. But this can't be done alone. California’s Attorney General Xavier Becerra announced on Friday that the state would no longer fund travel to states deemed 'discriminatory' toward LGBT people.

'While the California [Department of Justice] works to protect the rights of all our people, discriminatory laws in any part of our country send all of us several steps back,' Becerra said in a statement.

'That’s why when California said we would not tolerate discrimination against LGBTQ members of our community, we meant it.'

There are now eight states on California’s travel ban list: Alabama, Kentucky, South Dakota, Texas, Mississippi, Tennessee, Kansas, and North Carolina. What were the policies California found so odious?

The Tennessee law California targeted as unacceptable was one that said therapists who work with parents don’t have to counsel same-sex couples on how to have a better marriage. The problematic Texas law was one that allowed adoption agencies to work with parents, but not same-sex parents without penalty. The other state laws California found unacceptable were in a similar vein.

The ban could have wide-ranging consequences, in particular for college sports. For instance, college coaches of University of California schools may not be able to receive funding for travel when their teams play in Texas. California’s travel ban has already caused confusion and chaos for college football schedulers.

Tennessee lawmakers then wrote a blistering response to California. (See above document.)" - DailySignal

Document Source: DailySignal







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