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July 4, 2017



"Men Like These"

"Another Right Angle video from Bill Whittle." - GatesOfVienna

"I hope you are fortunate to know such men – I often see them in our comment section but they will go nameless should I inadvertently leave one out…but you guys don’t need my acknowledgment: you know who you are, even if you’ve never had to do something like this. Or don’t have to do it anymore. Think of it as an early Fourth of July video, in honor of honorable men." - , July 2, 2017, GatesOfVienna

Video Source - GatesOfVienna / BillWhittle




Here Is Another One . . .

. . . that newspapers refused to publish. Maybe it's time to hold them accountable and ask, "Why are these American heroes ignored by the new Marxist of the mainstream media?"

On Wednesday, July 16, 2008, the Asheville Citizen Times (AC-T) ran an Associated Press (AP) article on page A2 titled, Guantanamo Video Offers Glimpse Of Interrogations.

"Khadr is accused of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. Special Forces soldier during a 2002 firefight that left another soldier blinded in one eye." - AP
Source: AP

The AP story reported that Omar Khadr, a sixteen-year old captured in Afghanistan in 2002, had been recently video taped sobbing for his "mommy."

AP obviously felt it had discovered military abuse, seeming to use this teenage terrorist as some kind of poster child with willing assistance from Khadr's own opportunistic American lawyers and the AC-T's "news" editors.

Omar's lawyers had focused on alleged torture, releasing the tape to the media of their client's complaints, the AP article in the AC-T reporting as a side item, "Khadr is accused of throwing a grenade that killed a U.S. Special Forces soldier during a 2002 firefight that left another soldier blinded in one eye."

We left a message with the AC-T publisher's secretary to advise him of the new information we had discovered, saying his AP story had left out the name of the U.S. soldier killed and that he was one of our own living in North Carolina.

The soldier's bro's had also reported the week before Speer's death that he had been a hero, saving the lives of several wounded Iraqi children while walking into a minefield.

The AC-T publisher, as usual, did not respond to my call that his Gannett-owned newspaper would be glad to advise its WNC readers of who Khadr had killed.

Therefore, the AP article printed by the AC-T continues to stand that the man murdered was simply just another soldier. - Webmaster

American Military Hero's Death Ignored By Local Newspaper While Terrorist Who Killed Him Is Highlighted!

A published Associated Press (AP) article recently whined about a Canadian teenage terrorist, Omar Khadr, who was being held in Guantanamo Bay and now being used by opportunist lawyers who are running a media blitz.

It had been picked up by the Asheville Citizens Times (AC-T, July 16, 2008) along with probably other newspapers across America that had decided to run this story as the AC-T had printed it.*

Funeral for Sergeant Christopher Speer, who never came home again to his famly, wife Tabitha, and his two small children, Taryn and Tanner.


U.S. Army Special Forces Groups (Airborne)

The AP story as published by the Asheville Citizen Times, located in Asheville, North Carolina, left out facts to remind us what this teenager had done, writing that in 2002 Khadr had simply killed a U.S. special forces soldier. 

However, the soldier had a name the ACT refused to print. He was medic Sergeant Christopher Speer, who never came home again to his family; wife Tabitha, or his two small children, Taryn and Tanner.  

The terrorist, Omar Khadr, was alleged to have also at the same time wounded another medic, blinding him in one eye. Yet this medic, who was still standing, went on to save Khadr's own life, who is now USED SIX YEARS LATER by the Associated Press (AP) for a continued agenda against the military at Guantanamo, the AP an outfit Rush Limbaugh had identified as part of the drive-by media.

Army Sgt. 1st Class Christopher J. Speer, died in August 2002 in Afghanistan.
Army Web Site

An honor page created for Sergeant Speer had more information the AP had totally left out, thereby MISSING FROM NEWSPAPER ACROSS THE NATION that had simply chosen to cut-and-paste (spoon-feeding) without fact checking:

"Six days before he received the wounds that killed him, Sgt. 1st Class Christopher J. Speer had walked into a minefield to rescue two wounded Afghan children."

Speer was reported to had lived in Village Chapel, Pinehurst, North Carolina, originally listed as from Albuquerque, New Mexico. I was able to easily Google this and called the AC-T's publisher to advise him of the AP story they had chosen to run, and that the Asheville Citizen Times should be on the forefront to set the record straight for at least one of our own living in North Carolina. 

But my phone call was never returned, not unusual for my experience with this far-left progressive media outlet. 

In this corrosive media environment of 2008, it's sad that so many in the media care to not remember those who have given their lives for this nation along with the details of their heroism. such as Sergeant Speer had honorably accomplished in life while serving in the military overseas.

I mean, isn't that the purpose of a free press and why they're free speech is protected?

We hope someone will read this and contact their local American Veteran's Association or the Speer family to report the lack of interest of the AC-T, even when advised they might want to honor a soldier living in North Carolina who had given his life for this country.

The details of Speer's heroism has been also stepped on by the AP story as run by the AC-T, a national news outlet that seems to advance a continued agenda against our military.

You should know it was also the AC-T that ran a huge story in the fall of 2007 on the cover of its Sunday Forum Section, demanding that all U.S. cable providers should carry the Al Jazeera Network for their viewers to watch, the headline reading, " . . . and let's not quash it."

I had written a guest letter for the managing opinion editor, reminding her it was this same Arab television network that had run a video on the charred body of Air Force pilot, Troy Gilbert, that included his found ID on the screen with his body 10 months before the AC-T's article had run.

The letter again was never acknowledged, originally sent to the publisher certified mail so it would be noticed. It wasn't.

American citizens need to ask a simple question and then demand an answer from the mainstream media and newspapers like the AC-T: "What happened to our basic right to know?"

* NOTE: Welt Online did acknowledge Sergeant Christopher Speer as the one alleged to have been killed in the grenade attack by Omar Khadr while the sixteen-year old was fighting with Al Qaeda. Welt Online is a German news organization.

In addition we also found other versions of AP that had at least mentioned Speer's name, the AC-T for whatever reason choosing to leave that information out when we had checked two AP stories side-by-side. The AC-T story, as printed on July 16, is available for a price via a search of the newspaper's archive.

This is at the heart of complaints by too many American citizens that the national media, and proven here also of the local media, refuses to run stories easily available about the individual successes of those that serve us in the military.

Too often they seem to follow CNN's news guidelines as reported by a military family last year after losing a loved one, "If it bleeds, it leads!" - Webmaster




After reading the above nine-year old post, one can understand why so many everyday Americans probably relate to the video below.

"After President Donald Trump shared a meme of him tackling and thrashing a CNN corporate logo - the mainstream media have absolutely lost their minds. Given the excuses made by the fake news media for the political violence directed towards Trump and his supporters - the pearl clutching is as hypocritical as it is precious." - StevenMolyneux

Video Source - StevenMolyneux








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