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The Patience Of Waiting On Christ

July 12, 2017



After 2,000 Years, The Stars Match Up With The Book Of Revelation

The Faithful Ask: Will This One Be The Date?

The amazing sign of "the Dragon" from Revelation 12 v 3, 4, aligned in the heavens for September 23, 2017 - TheHumbleHorse

Video Source: TheHumbleHorse



If Needed, The Symbols of Revelation Is Explained In More Detail

How rare is the Revelation 12 'Heavenly Sign' for September 23, 2017? How about once in 7000 Years? - Chisza7

Video Source: Chisza7



From Around 2008 to 2015, Shofar-Like Sounds Came Out Of The Sky From Around The World And Without Explanation.

For instance, this was heard live on a televised baseball game . . .

This strange sound back in 2011 was a very convincing one. - daddy69plus4

Video Source: daddy69plus4



. . . and then also these sounds from all around the world, again as if from a Shofar not a trumpet.

Note: Society has had the ability to record images and sounds since the invention of the 8mm camera. Yet none appeared from around the world until circa 2008.

Trumpets were sounding around the world coming from out of the sky. - BillyBlack

Video Source: BillyBlack



Don't Believe The Accuracy Of The Bible?

Watch and listen now to the recent testimony from Josh McDowell, who was so angry as a child with the teachings of the Bible he dedicated his life to proving the book was a lie . . . only to discover it was without fault. From that he created the amazing book, Evidence That Demands A Verdict.

The Bible: Fact, Fiction or Fable? - Josh McDowell

Video Source: Theology, Philosophy and Science






I graduated from the "High School On The Hill" in 1960, one year behind Burt Reynolds. The 50's had gotten me to that graduation in West Palm Beach. They were good years, a time when there was no left or right . . . just us.

Every patriot, (most Americans at that time), understood their responsibility to protect the sovereignty of a nation that represented values passed on by their founders . . . founders who had put their lives in danger for even signing the Declaration of Independence let along fighting for it. Americans had already given life and blood through the decades to protect freedom's call, continuing to help win WWII for the western world.

The 50's were a time when decades before everyone had paid cash for most items except for the purchase of homes and cars. Decades later families would then celebrate mortgage burning parties, the kids having left the nest years earlier. Few bread winners in those times had a credit card or wanted one, proud to be independent and not needing assistance from a government that was only there to protect freedoms and the Constitution that guaranteed them. They believed a government that could give you everything you wanted could one day take it all away.

Comedy at that time "meant funny," not Marxist tactics to push one person against another or one group against another, as we see today. There were three networks on the VHF frequencies with a few independent channels on UHF. The reporting was based on the known facts; "who, what, where, when, why and how." Network news hosts were not involved in indoctrinating viewers through "coloring the news," considered patriots themselves like the rest of America. They also did not challenge freedoms or mock religious values as we see in 2017 from one alphabet media outlet to another.

We were one nation under God, the one Trump ran on in the 2016 election. He had hoped there were enough American voters left to remember how it was before the progressives took over the media and the universities in the name of globalism / multiculturalism. Those groups would instead see the Constitution as a danger to THEIR world, hissing at it as dirty "nationalism."

The dream of JFK telling Americans to ask "what you could do for your country" was dead. The age of excess with freedom, now defined as "do whatever you want," created a new mission statement introduced to the country with the election of Bill Clinton.

Clinton had been a draft dodger who mocked the United States while on foreign soil and the country was at war. If President "rubber bullets" Jimmy Carter hadn't forgiven Clinton as a traitor to the nation, Clinton would have never been able to run for president.

But sweeping in with Clinton would be radical liberalism that included the corruption of Planned Parenthood, the abortion group using STDs as cover to override the strength of America, its families, indoctrinating kids trapped in public school classrooms like shooting fish in a barrel. Not only did Planned Parenthood not solve the STD problem, their ideology actually increase it so that in 2004 the CDC would report that 50% of teenagers would have an STD by the time they turned 25.

There was also the American Society of Newspaper Editors, (ASNE), which recommended in the late 1990's that Christians should never be hired by newspapers as journalist, religious groups therefore relegated by the ASNE to the useless category of "other."

So today these same Christians continue to be attacked by progressive fascists simply because they hold onto basic fundamental values passed onto them by family patriarchs. They were also personally attacked in 2008 by Obama as needing their guns and Bibles. This was while radical Islamists were beheading Christian children and raping their mothers in northern Iraq, a group Obama allowed to cross the desert under the eyes of our satellites, his stopping our military from attaching the scourge coming out of Syrian.

Why? Ask a media that refused to report Obama had been born into a Muslim home, studied the Koran overseas for four years as a student and when running for the 2008 presidential election was able to sing the Muslim Call "perfectly" to the New York Times, of course, saying it was the most beautiful sound in the world.

Obama also said as president, when in Cairo in 2009, that Muslims should be able to practice their religion in the western world "as they see fit," meaning Sharia, while later forcing the Muslim Brotherhood onto the Egyptian people as its new leader, resulting in chaos and the death of many pushing the Brotherhood back out. Obama also ignored the Emirates warning that CAIR was a terrorist organization. But don't look to the media to remind you of that. They're now too worried about Trump and Russia.

Moderate Muslims in America aren't much different, as they try in 2017 to convince everyday Americans that the Sharia Law of cutting off hands for theft and beating wives with a stick is not that bad because America is "somehow already Sharia compliant."

This is while reports continue to surface that more than 50% of American Muslims prefer to instead live under Sharia Law than America's Constitutional government. Many of them obviously hadn't come here for freedom, as other citizens start to wake up to the lie of their motivation.

There is even a small town north of Dearborn, Michigan, known as Hamtramck that is now 90% Muslim. At one time the town was filled with Catholics and Poles. Now their former courthouse is used to play the Islamic call to prayer five time a day from a government building that must have celebrated America's win on VJ day. The site is dedicated to a religion that wants to replace the founder's message with Mohammad's commands.

To that end Christians, of course, really more than ever need to hold on to their guns and Bibles. It's all that is left between them and having to look for a new land to practice their faith as the Pilgrims had attempted 400 years earlier in another intolerant nation.

If you haven't seen the amazing monument of the structure of the Pilgrims' faith that is hidden in a suburb in the northeast, you can click here to take a look at what each section around it meant to those early pilgrims. Many died in their first year on North American soil, looking for a place they could express their faith without persecution. To that end it is why Christians continue to look to their Bibles for the truth of their journey.

If you take time to watch the above seminar from Josh McDowell on the trust we can have in the Bible's ancient writings, maybe you will better understand Christian's call to Christ's message and their faith in a book that still provides wonders in its prediction of the end times of a Mark and the amazing technology that would allow it.

Those times are shown in the above videos with reports of star alignments mentioned in the Book Of Revelation, not seen for thousands of years and coming up in September of 2017.








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