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Where's The Beef?

July 19, 2017



Graphic from CNN Money article by Oliver Darcy, July 14, 2017.
Graphic Source: CNN/Money


"John from Arizona, a retired CIA government official of three decades of service, forwarded a list of questions to this domain that were passed to him concerning the recent meeting of Trump Jr. and the Russian attorney, Natalia Veselnitskaya, questions I believe that are needed to get to the bottom of this controversy. They are obviously being avoided by the deep state media and too many refrigerator leftovers from the 2009 administration czar appointments entrenched in our federal government.

Here are the 13 basic and simple questions the American people need to know. Why haven't their obvious answers been published?


1. Who processed this Russian lawyer through the U.S. State Department? What are their names and who ordered this action?

2. What was the justification for allowing her into the country?

3. Why was a Visa not approved?

4. What does Susan Rice (the national security advisor at the time) know about this?

5. If not Susan Rice, who approved this from the NSC staff?

6. Was John Brennan in on this? If not, who at the CIA approved this? (Note: Any case like this must be checked for parallel covert activity.)

7. Why wasn't the duration of her visit in the original documentation?

8. Was the FBI notified and did they provide counter intelligence coverage while she was here?

9. What else did she do, where did she go, whom did she visit or meet with etc., while she was here?

10. Where did she stay?

11. Did she visit the Russian embassy while she was here? Was she directed to report in by our State Department?

12 . There used to be a 25-mile limit on foreigners, (Iron Country visitors), traveling in the U.S. Did she have any such restrictions?

13. What was she doing in New York City for Obama's DOJ? Did she check in with the U.N.?


The American people have a right to know the entire truth. They are all tired of hearing only Trump did this, Trump did that, Trump etc, etc., etc. Their Constitution demands it.

If you agree, pass this e-mail URL to those you know who would be concerned with this story that demands more information. Also consider forwarding it to your U.S. House and Senate representatives as well as your local and national media outlets. Ask them why the answers to these basic concerns have not been provided to the American people.

In other words, 'Why this RUSE by an embedded deep state that forwards personal agendas to a willing fake media, which seems to sneer at investigated news stories from other sources whenever it can?'

The FBI and our national media have no idea how much anger there is out here of betrayal, many believing the government and our free media have been STOLEN from 'We the People.' Unfortunately, it is a phrase that probably reads like a joke to many elites today.

It is why Trump was elected; to clear the swamp of those entrenched in our government and, as I write this, are still sucking off its tit for daily financial nourishment from taxpayer dollars that they believe have no end, at least for them.

And to the Republican Senate in Congress that made so many promises to get elected:

It is now obvious most of you couldn't agree to lead a one-car funeral. But you may want to learn for your own fate in the November 2018 elections if this lack of confidence to get anything done continues. At least the Democrats know how to join hands with something they believe in no matter how evil.

Where's the beef, GOP?








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