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Look Who Is Now Attacking Julian Bond's Southern Poverty Law Center And Its Online Hate Map

August 31, 2017



Southern Poverty Law Center

Yesterday, freedom is knowledge sent out an e-mail about the Southern Poverty Law Center's self-assigned hate list that targets anyone it disagrees with.

You need to know that today a new video has been added to that document. If you didn't read yesterday's e-mail on how the Southern Poverty Law Center's hate of Christians and conservatives is being used by Google, Facebook and PayPal to attack others who are patriots to this country, you need to.

You can view this new video along with yesterday's HTML e-mail at the bottom of this message.

As mentioned yesterday, social networks are using the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) hate map to attack Americans blacklisted on it as if they are some kind of enemy of the United States. Its attack on our Constitutional right of free speech is stunning!

Read how these social networks are turning to the SPLC as an authority on whose speech is to be attacked. You should know, however, it has a name. It's called social engineering, not something that praises the individual but instead the collective, a word not used in our Constitution but an essential part of Marxism and the progressive agenda since the election of Obama in 2008.

Google Involved In Machines To Learn To Discriminate Out Of The "Box." - Webmaster

"Google revealed in a blog post that it is now using machine learning to document "hate crimes and events" in America. They've partnered with liberal groups like ProPublica, BuzzFeed News, and the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to make information about [SPLC Defined] "hate events" easily accessible to journalists. And now, there are troubling signs that this tool could be used to ferret out writers and websites that run afoul of the progressive orthodoxy." - PJMedia


Google Uses Southern Poverty Law Center For Reputation Research

David Codrea had a post where he linked the new Google guidelines for identifying “offensive” search results. Right there on page 44, we read this.

"Reputation research is important for identifying websites which promote hate and violence. The Pew Research Center, the Anti-Defamation League, and the Southern Poverty Law Center are some reputable sources that can be used for reputation research."

“Reputable.” I needn't waste my time debunking this crap. My readers know better. - CaptainsJournal


Apple Joins Google And Facebook To Embrace Soros-Funded Southern Poverty Law Center To Censor "Hate-Speech."

"As part of that list, the SPLC separately identified 623 'active patriot groups in the United States in 2016,' that the SPLC Intelligence Project identified as 'extreme anti-government groups' – a list that included many Tea Party organizations.

Included in the SPLC list of extreme antigovernment groups was conservative heroine Phyllis Schlafly’s Eagle Forum, identified 25 separate times on the list, for 25 different states in which the group is active.

On Feb. 18, 2016, in an article entitled 'Does the Southern Poverty Law Center target conservatives,' the Christian Science Monitor noted that in 2014, the SPLC targeted GOP presidential candidate Doctor Ben Carson in their 'Extremist Files.' - InfoWars


Google and the Liberal Thought Police

"Even worse, the Southern Poverty Law Center has been known to label groups advocating for things like traditional marriage or pro-life causes as hate groups. In fact, they once added Ben Carson to their 'Extremist Watch List.' A record of outlandish action like this begs the question: Are these really the people we want regulating our internet and flagging 'hate speech?'

Any decent, First Amendment-loving American understands that no company with a political agenda should be able to impose their way on the rest of the country. Conservatives must stand up against Silicon Valley liberals like Google who seek to censor us online and cement their power through support of so-called 'Net Neutrality' laws." - Newsmax


PayPal cancels its payment service to Pamela Geller writing, "Due to the nature of your activities, with Geller's organization, the AFDI, listed on SPLC Web site as a hate group.

Pamela Geller, who has labored tirelessly to expose the Muslim terror groups like CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, has been branded as a hate group leader and announced on her site that she was permanently banned today from using PayPal. She writes:



Read the letter below that Geller reports was sent to her by PayPal. - GellerReport

Geller's organization, AFDI, "is a human rights organization dedicated to freedom of speech, freedom of expression and equality for all before the law." - PamelaGeller

Document source: PamelaGeller



This enemy of free speech attacks anyone that doesn't agree with its agenda and then blacklists them as a target, not unlike Saul Alinsky and his power points.

Tells Japanese protestor:  We will send our Antifa against you if you dare to meet.

To that end, Nancy Pelosi even raised her fist in San Francisco last week, frontpage reporting "Democrat politicians like Nancy Pelosi have given their ultra-violent “antifa” allies permission to use physical violence against the Patriot Prayer group rallying in a San Francisco park on Saturday by smearing them as 'Nazi sympathizers.'

Here is what the leader of Patriot Prayer said about Nancy Pelosi forcing his group out of San Francisco.

Pelosi labels planned prayer rally a "white supremacist" event where all speakers are minority, encourage AntiFa to attack them if they don't go away. - JamesHoft

Video Source: JamesHoft

However just a few days later, the Patriot Prayer group came to Berkeley and had their hands in the air. Yet they were directly attacked by Pelosi's AntiFa group, formerly a group she had said was blessed by God in 2011 when it had caused violence across America, identifying itself then as the Occupy Wall Street (OWS), which of course was blessed by Obama, too.

Suddenly Nancy Pelosi realized she was being associated with a very violent communist-like group and was shamelessly forced to back away. Just never forget the Democrat Party had a chance to also walk away from this dangerous San Francisco House member, who has been leading their party.

Yet they chose to allow her rage to continue to represent them. So the party is on notice that Americans know its heart and its heart is evil, not forgetting Pelosi will smile and say to groups she prays . . . when she really means she preys.

"Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer said he and several "moderate liberals" preaching "love, unity and peace" had to cancel a rally in Berkeley after Antifa "stormed" the public park. Gibson was seen being assaulted several times as he backed away from the area. He said police stood by, but did not blame the rank-and-file, saying that higher-ranking officials' politics effectively got in the way of the officers' duties." - Insider/FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / InsiderFOXNews

Birds Of A Feather Democrats: Gov. Terry McAuliffe Refuses to Condemn Antifa in the Wake of Berkeley Violence - PJMedia


Now that you are up to speed on the Southern Poverty Law Center, below is the video of a British Muslim reformer who is now suing the Southern Poverty Law Center for its attack on him, asking for donations to go against this huge fascist organization that the Democrat Party supports and has done so for decades.


British Muslim Reformer Is Suing The Southern Poverty Law Center For Attacking Him As An Extremist

Earlier this year, Mr. Nawaz announced that he would be seeking damages from the SPLC along with several Christian groups after being put on a “hate list”. The list, referred to as a “Field Guide to Anti-Muslim Extremists” by the SPLC, put Nawaz and several conservative Christian groups along side extremists like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) and members of actual neo-Nazi organizations.

In a video statement put out on YouTube in July. Nawaz said: “The Southern Poverty Law Center, or SPLC, who made their money suing the KKK, was set up to defend people like me but now have become the monster they have claimed they wanted to defeat.” - Breitbart

Video Source: Breitbart


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