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On 9/11, We Still Need A Media That Respects "US!"

September 11, 2017



Why did AOL news editors push a news story today as a bi-racial crime?  That’s the real meaning of “racist,” stirring anger on purpose with AOL news using a photo to divide us, as if most Americans were responsible for this crime.

However unlike AOL News, here is how a responsible "local" TV outlet handled a more vicious crime on race without "getting racist" in its report to the public, where a young white adult male visiting Oklahoma from Australia was shot in the back by bored minority teens, one of them a 16-year old who was tried in court as an adult.

"Sarah Harper, the girlfriend of the Australian baseball player shot and killed by teenagers while jogging near her family’s home in Oklahoma.  She speaks of the moment she was told of her boyfriend, Christopher Lane’s death.  NBC’s Randy McIlwain reports." - Oklahoma / Local NBCNews
Video Source: local Oklahoma TV station

The liberal progressives's attack media in America has become very dangerous to our right to know, coloring it with its own progressive agenda since 2008.  This anti-freedom message is called the “social engineering” . . . Of US

How dangerous is it? This same national media had recently gone after Trump in rank step, calling Trump a racist for his comments on the Charlottesville riot.  Yet Trump was right, as President KNOWING homeland security HAD LISTED Antifa as a “domestic terrorist group.” Antifa, not unlike the Democrat Party's OWS, had been supported by the Democrat Party to attack conservatives it had labeled as fascists, still fuming at its loss in the 2016 election blaming others. Hillary even disgustingly called Trump voters a basket of deplorables.

This is also while THE MEDIA PURPOSELY FAILED to mention that the Patriot Prayer group’s leader it had called a white supremacist was actually part Japanese, living in Canada, a former public school football coach.  Ouch!

Watch the truth the media buried from you in its support for the Democrat Party's Antifa when in Charlottesville.

Video Source: Tucker Carlson / FOXNews

Two weeks ago Pelosi SHAMESLESSLY was finally forced to call Antifa a violent group in its recent attack in Berkeley against the very same Patriot Prayer group it had attacked in Charlottesville. 

Stop believing the mainstream media.  DO YOUR OWN CHECKING USING MANY SOURCES, which is expected of citizens who live in a Republic fought for by so many.



Remembering The Falling Man On 9/11







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