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America's True Grit Vs. Liberal Progressive Socialism

November 29, 2017



"Two female law professors argue that colleges should promote a culture of 'true grit' to help fight against 'thin-skulled' students who demand safe spaces and trigger warnings." - Campus Reform
Graphic Source: CampusReform


Article by Toni Airaksinen, November 22, 2017, Campus Reform


"Two female law professors argue that colleges should promote a culture of 'true grit' to help fight against “thin-skulled” students who demand safe spaces and trigger warnings.

Terry Day, a law professor at Barry University, and Danielle Weatherby, who teaches at the University of Arkansas, recently published an article in the Florida Law Review titled Speech Narcissism in which they contend that the spirit of the First Amendment is falling out of vogue on many college campuses.

'The new normal in speech rights has abandoned the central meaning of the First Amendment,' Day and Weatherby argue, adding that the 'my way or the highway' approach favored by politically correct students conflicts with 'liberty and democracy.'

Although some legislators have passed statutes to protect free speech at public universities, Day and Weatherby argue that this isn’t a complete solution, especially since these statutes don’t apply to private universities.

'As students more frequently demand trigger warnings and safe spaces in response to speech that they deem personally offensive, the use of political correctness measures on college campuses has had the unintended consequence of chilling speech,' they point out. 'Contrary to longstanding First Amendment principles, college campuses are becoming environments in which the most vulnerable among the student population can exercise a ‘heckler’s veto,’ silencing speech that is subjectively offensive to the most sensitive students.'

Asserting that 'speech offensiveness is a matter of ethics and education that cannot be remedied solely by law,' they propose that emphasizing traits like grit and compassion is one possible way to improve campus discourse without imposing restrictions on speech.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Day explained that students should be taught to be 'tolerant listeners' and learn to 'respect [opposing] views without vilifying the person.' Grit, in her view, isn’t just about academic struggle, but ideological struggle as well.

'This notion of teaching ‘true grit’ is about teaching students to be a little tougher and search for answers…focusing on what they don’t know, struggling with materials and listening to other people’s views,' Day told Campus Reform by phone.

Grit, she suggests, could students grapple with difficult ideological battles much in the same way that it helps propel many towards academic perseverance.

Grit is especially important in the age of social media, since many students only read news that reaffirms their viewpoints, according to Day, who noted that 'students are saying ‘This is right, because I believe it,'' rather than finding out the truth by grappling with alternative perspectives.

In their article, Day and Weatherby also point out that the lack of grit in handling ideological conflict is a growing trend among millennials.

'Current research suggests that the millennial generation is less hearty [sic] than previous generations,' they say, adding that 'the feebler the listener, the more likely it is that she will demand the implementation of political correctness measures.'

Day and Weatherby conclude by stressing the importance of returning to core American values. 'By teaching students to first listen with an open mind and then to practice perseverance and grit in withstanding offense, they will become heartier, more tolerant listeners,' they write.

'Their tolerance, in turn, will lessen the demand for trigger warnings, safe spaces, and disinvitations and rekindle the bedrock principles of the First Amendment on college campuses.'"


Article by Toni Airaksinen, November 22, 2017, Campus Reform




Lazy Students Don't Create Republics. They Dismantle Them.

Click on graphic to watch Beck video

According to the author of “Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook,” Mark Bray, antifa groups are, “self-described revolutionaries. They’re anarchists and communists who are way outside the traditional conservative-liberal spectrum.”  Like communists, antifa stands against values like individual liberty and freedom of speech. - The Blaze / Beck

Fascism / Communism. The same thing. - TheBlaze / Beck

Graphic Source: TheBlaze / Beck

‘Antifa is openly proud to be communist, anarchist and anti-capitalist.’ - The Blaze / Beck




The American Society Of Newspaper Editors (ASNE)

Fascist organization that rules America's progressive media:

Coloring the news has been its business since the 1980's


A Warning From Freedom Is Knowledge

Why the progressive media hates Trump.

Trump speaks directly to the citizens, ignoring Obama's progressive socialist media that "colors the news" under the leadership of the ASNE, the elite "American Society of Newspaper Editors."

The ASNE was reported to push its socialist ideas onto America's already free newspapers in the 1980's by bringing in members to editorial meetings, instructing local journalists through political correctness on how to report local and national news to readers that involved subjects such as immigration, gender identity and social justice. Their growth in the control of newspaper reporting was later given the derogatory term of "coloring the news," creating the national media's outrageous bias that continues to this day.


Bernard Goldberg: Liberal Elite Media Bias: Philosophy Insights

Video Source: YouTube

Then in the late 1990's the ASNE took segments of the society, advising newspaper hiring managers on which segments to employ as reporters and which to ignore, or not hire as reporters. It is why today's media is so corrupt. Later the ASNE pushed this same agenda onto electronic news reporting. 

But these fascists never dreamed a president of the United States would tell the members of the ASNE to go to hell, reasoning, "You know, I can do this on my own. I don't need you telling me what I can say and what I can't say."

It's why our founders wrote an amendment on free speech, then putting it first among all the others and why liberal progressives hate it. "THEIR" so-called diversity is a hammer to remove ideas they want taken out of the mainstream to be replaced by the political correct ones of the collective, turning the word "diversity" into an "oxymoron." (Note: oxymoron is taken from the new Latin / Greek, "oxumōron" (oxus sharp + mōros stupid.)

While the ASNE laughably claims it has no hiring authority with America's newspapers, the organization's leadership fully understands that political correctness is a MUCH BETTER SLEDGE to force individuals in the society to obey . . . to do what you want them to do.

The ASNE knows socialism has overtaken other societies, such as taught by the late Karl Marx, creating a collective that would suffocate individual freedom along with the annoying religious views that protected it.

Click here to view a single subtle way progressives and their national media work together to disrupt freedom today to create a collective that will weaken family units within only a decade or two. Destroy the family unit and you rip out the glue that holds a nation together.

Even the leader of the Third Reich 80 years ago understood the importance of the family, turning children against their own parents to eventually use them as spies to find out what was being said in the home.

In America that is already happening, not through children but with devices using innocent sounding names such as "Alexa" and "Echo," created by corporations with equally innocent logos such as Google, Twitter and Amazon. - Webmaster




- True Grit For Adults -


The Acceptance Of Trump As President By The Elites Lasted Seven Seconds - David Horowitz

The Democrat Party is now the Communist Party - David Horowitz, 2017

Video Source: YouTube



How Critical Theory Ruined A Generation

The [progressive] news media is the most corrupt group in the United States - Bill Whittle

In this 2017 segment, Bill Whittle talks about the "Critical Theory of the Frankfurt School" and how they created a form of neo-marxism.- Philosophy Insights

Video Source: YouTube

"5 Steps To Take The Country Back From The Left" - Bill Whittle









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