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January 22, 2018



The Queen Of San Francisco, Nancy Pelosi, Likened DACA Children To Those Of The Holocaust!

"Nancy Pelosi cast an analogy on Monday that effectively likened illegal immigrant so-called “Dreamers” with children killed during the Holocaust.

Speaking to reporters after the Democrats caved and ended their federal government shutdown, the House Minority Leader said America is not a “Sophie’s Choice" nationa reference to a novel about a mother who had to decide which of her children the Nazis would kill in a concentration camp." - TheAmericanMirror

Video Source: TheAmericanMirror


Wow, Nancy doesn't know the average age of DACA "children" is . . . wait for it . . . around 26 years old? Of course she does. But she hopes you don't, having maybe chosen to only watch her spoon-fed progressive media outlets over at ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC and CNN, the world network better known as the American Snuff Network. - Webmaster


Pelosi, who seems to have been in the U.S. House since the dinosaurs left the earth, is the same bitter old woman who said Trump's Tax Cuts benefits were "crumbs" to the middle class.

"House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the bonuses being handed out to workers by businesses across the country following the Republican tax act are mere 'crumbs.'" - FOX News Insider

Video Source: FOX News Insider

To someone like Pelosi who is reported to be worth well over $150,000,000 dollars, I guess a thousand-dollar bonus for an everyday American she sees as a "basket of the deplorable" would be crumbs.

Looking at Pelosi being the Queen of San Francisco and its infamous annual street fair, Lech Walesa, Poland's Freedom Fighter and winner of the Nobel Peach Prize, believed in 2010 that America could no longer claim to be the moral authority of the world.

And in New York City, concerning its King, Chuck Schumer, what happened to the demand to "kick the bums out?" - Webmaster








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