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Snowflakes: Dangerous To A Republic

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January 29, 2018


Snowflakes are flying again. - Webmaster

Interviewed students hated Trump’s State Of The Union speech . . . wow, even before it happened! - CampusReform

Photo Source: CampusRefom


Tomorrow, President Donald Trump will give his first State Of The Union address to the nation and the world.

Campus Reform reports, however, there are already critics of Trump's speech who have begun to express displeasure with his actions in the days leading up to the annual event.

So Campus Reform wondered whether this opposition by liberals was real or instead rooted in the usual distaste of Trump because he is a conservative, not forgetting these students are the representatives of the "left's tolerance" . . . the very holders of the virtue of America's "diversity."

To that end, Campus Reform went to New York University over a week ago to ask students their opinions about President Trump’s State of the Union address.

Of course the only problem with the question was that the speech was not to take place for a week. So would this little annoying fact that Trump had yet to give his State Of The Union address stop these students of "higher education" from giving strong condemnatory opinions about its content?

Many of these students are without a doubt swayed to the liberal side of politics. So any lack of knowledge is exactly what the leaders of the Democrat Party, Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer, WOULD HOPE FOR, (the antithesis of Prager U.)

It is why Pelosi, who I sometimes refer to as the witch of San Francisco, would dare to make such an outrageous racist statement that Trump's immigration plan would lead America "to be White again."

Or that American citizens getting $1,000 bonuses and raises across America from Trump's Tax Cuts, (before even seeing any increases in their paychecks), Pelosi would reply that the money was "crumbs," when in fact she had bragged a few years earlier how a $40 increase in paychecks from Democrats was so wonderful for the American workers.

So listen for yourself to the interviews below and decide if Nancy and Chuck are sad or delighted with the knowledge of those interviewed, while never forgetting that it was Communist Karl Marx who called those he had spoken with as his "useful idiots."

Why? Because they were! - Webmaster


Campus Reform interviews students at NYU to hear their reaction to President Trump's State Of The Union Address. The only problem was the speech was still a week away! - CampusReform

Video Source: CampusRefom







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