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Multiculturalism: Will Europe Survive?

Or has it already fallen?

February 7, 2018



"New arrivals are not homogenous and can bring ethnic and religious strife with them... If parallel societies, radicalization and extremist environments emerge in the long run, we will have challenges as a security service." - Head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), Benedicte Bjørnland / Gatestone Institute

Europe is its own worst enemy, giving up over one thousand  years of unique history and traditions that identify their culture in the name of the lie of multiculturalism promoted by the Bilderberg Group, lookiing to control the world's governments and in turn evaporating their borders. - Webmaster

"When the integration department of the city of Graz, Austria interviewed a sample of 288 of the approximately 4,000 predominantly Afghan asylum seekers in the city, the migrants expressed deep intolerance towards Christians, Jews and homosexuals. Pictured: City Hall, Graz, Austria. (Image source: Tamirhassan/Wikimedia Commons.)" - GatestoneInstitute

Photo Source: GatestoneInstitute


Article by by Judith Bergman, February 3, 2018, Europe: Making Islam Great Again, Gatestone Institute


  1. In Germany, 47% of Muslims believe Sharia is more important than German law. In Sweden, 52% of Muslims believe that Sharia is more important than Swedish law.
  2. The studies are supported by European intelligence reports. In Germany, intelligence agencies warned in the early fall of 2015 that, 'We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law.'
  3. A recent Belgian study, in which 4,734 Belgians were polled, showed that two-thirds of Belgians feel that their nation is being 'increasingly invaded'.

"'We cannot and will never be able to stop migration', wrote the EU's Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship, Dimitris Avramopoulos recently. 'At the end of the day, we all need to be ready to accept migration, mobility and diversity as the new norm and tailor our policies accordingly'.

Given that such people would have us believe that migration has become such a categorical and seemingly incontestable policy of the EU -- 'Migration is deeply intertwined with our policies on economics, trade, education and employment', Avramapolous also wrote -- it is crucial to analyze what kind of "diversity" the EU is inviting to make its home on the European continent.

Professor Ednan Aslan, Professor of Islamic Religious Education at the University of Vienna, recently interviewed a sample of 288 of the approximately 4,000 predominantly Afghan asylum seekers in the Austrian city of Graz, on behalf of the city's integration department. Members of the department understandably wanted to know the views of the Muslim newcomers there. The results were published in a study'Religiöse und Ethische Orientierungen von Muslimischen Flüchtlingen in Graz' ('Religious and ethical orientations of Muslim refugees in Graz').

According to the study, two-thirds of the asylum seekers are men, mostly under 30 years old. They are all in favor of preserving their traditional, conservative, Islamic values. The migrants are extremely religious; 70% go to the mosque every Friday for prayers.

The women are just as religious, if not more: 62.6% pray five times a day, notably more than the men (39.7%). In addition, 66.3% of the women wear a headscarf in public, and 44.3% refuse to shake hands with a man.

Half of the migrants (49.8%), report that religion now plays a larger role in their daily lives in Europe, than it did in their native country. 47.2% are convinced that Jews and Christians have strayed from the "right path", and 47.8% think that the future of Islam would be in danger if Islam were to be interpreted in a modern and contemporary fashion. For 51.6% of the interviewees, the supremacy of Islam over other religions is undisputed. 55% believe in hell for unbelievers.

Anti-Semitism is deeply ingrained: 46% believe that Jews have 'too much influence in world affairs', and 44% believe that Judaism is harmful. 43% opine that Jews themselves are at fault for being persecuted, while 54.5% think that Jews only care about themselves.

The migrants are not only intolerant of other religions: 50% find that homosexuality is a punishable sin. 44% of respondents said they would endorse violence against a woman if she cheated on her husband. 43% also said that fathers have a right to use violence on children if necessary.

The Austrian study is not the first of its kind to show that Muslim migrants to Europe hold supremacist, anti-Semitic, and misogynistic views.

In 2016, a study of nearly 800 migrants from Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan and Eritrea in the German state of Bavaria was conducted by a German think tank, the Hanns Seidel Foundation. This study showed that patriarchal beliefs were widespread among the migrants interviewed, especially among migrants from Afghanistan and the mainly non-Muslim migrants from Eritrea, over 60% of whom believed that women should stay at home.

Anti-Semitism was another major finding of the study, which showed that regardless of age and educational background, a majority of the migrants held anti-Semitic beliefs. Well over 50% of Syrians, Iraqis and Afghans said that the 'Jews in the world have too much influence'.

Anti-Semitism in Germany has indeed become so widespread that Germany recently decided to appoint a special commissioner to fight it. Germany is reportedly preparing legislation that could see migrants who express anti-Semitic views deported from the country. 'You Jew!' has apparently become a common insult among Muslim pupils in Berlin schools.

Other studies and polls also reveal the large degree to which Muslims in Europe value Sharia Law over national law:

A 2016 UK poll showed that 43% of British Muslims 'believed that parts of the Islamic legal system should replace British law while only 22 per cent opposed the idea'. A different poll, also from 2016, found that nearly a quarter (23%) of all Muslims supported the introduction of Sharia Law in some areas of Britain, and 39% agreed that 'wives should always obey their husbands'. Nearly a third (31%) thought it was acceptable for a British Muslim man to have more than one wife. According to the same poll, 52% of all British Muslims believe that homosexuality should be illegal.

According to a 2014 study of Moroccan and Turkish Muslims in Germany, France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Sweden:

. . . An average of almost 60% of the Muslims polled agreed that Muslims should return to the roots of Islam; 75% thought there is only one interpretation of the Koran possible and 65% said that Sharia is more important to them than the laws of the country in which they live. The specific numbers for Germany were that 47% of Muslims believe Sharia is more important than German law. In Sweden, 52% of Muslims believe that Sharia is more important than Swedish law.

The studies are supported by European intelligence reports.

In Germany, intelligence agencies warned in the early fall of 2015 that, 'We are importing Islamic extremism, Arab anti-Semitism, national and ethnic conflicts of other peoples, as well as a different understanding of society and law.' Four major German security agencies made it clear that 'German security agencies... will not be in the position to solve these imported security problems and thereby the arising reactions from Germany's population.'

In Norway, the head of the Norwegian Police Security Service (PST), Benedicte Bjørnland, said, in January 2016, that one cannot, 'assume that new arrivals will automatically adapt to the norms and rules of Norwegian society.' 'Furthermore, new arrivals are not homogenous and can bring ethnic and religious strife with them ... If parallel societies, radicalization and extremist environments emerge in the long run, we will have challenges as a security service.'

It is hardly surprising, then, that Europeans have begun to report that they no longer feel at home in their own countries:

A recent Belgian study, in which 4,734 Belgians were polled, showed that two-thirds of Belgians feel that their nation is being 'increasingly invaded'. Two thirds of the people said that there are 'too many immigrants in Belgium', while 77% agreed with the statement, 'Today we no longer feel at home as we did before [mass migration]'. According to 74% of people surveyed, Islam is 'not a tolerant religion', while 60% said the presence of so many Muslims in their nation presents a threat to its identity. Only 12% said they believe the religion is 'a source of enrichment' for Belgium.

The study also surveyed 400 Belgian Muslims:

33% said they 'don't like Western culture', 29% said they believe the laws of Islam to be superior to Belgian law, and 34% said they 'would definitely prefer a political system inspired by the Quran'. The study also found that 59% of Muslims in Belgium would "condemn" the marriage if their son chose a non-Muslim partner, and 54% would condemn the marriage if their daughter chose a non-Muslim partner.

Tellingly, the response of the researchers behind the study -- public broadcaster RTBF, liberal newspaper Le Soir, sociology research institute Survey and Action and a foundation called This is Not a Crisis -- was to claim that they 'observed the development of a true anti-Muslim paranoia [among Belgians], which has taken on a pathological dimension'.

None of these studies, polls, and intelligence reports appear to be making the least impression on European leaders. In the starry-eyed words of Avramapolous, it is not enough that the mainly Muslim migrants who have come to Europe, 'have found safety in Europe'. According to him, 'We also need to make sure they find a home'.

The question that remains unanswered -- as European leaders seek to make Islam great again on the continent -- is where Europeans are supposed to make their homes."



Article by by Judith Bergman, February 3, 2018, Europe: Making Islam Great Again, Gatestone Institute

Judith Bergman is a columnist, lawyer and political analyst.






The Islamization of Europe: The Evidence

Article by Baron Bodisey, February 4, 2018, Gates Of Vienna

(See important three color code to the left in the map below.)

Graphic Source: GatesOfVienna


"In this paper, the European geography and demographics is placed in the context of the Islamic view of the Ummah. Empirical data prove that the Islamization has taken place.

It is important in this context to understand the 'Ummah' from the view of Islam and which meaning this has in a Europe where internal borders have been removed.

Europe no longer belongs to the Europeans. The Islamic power grab has taken place, silently, without democratic legitimacy and without debate.


  • Islam understands itself as a homogeneous, mobile mass.
  • The country of origin means nothing to Islam.
  • The Islamic community is called the 'Ummah'.
  • Islam does not tolerate national or geographical borders.
  • The Ummah must therefore be seen as a nation within Schengen.
  • In 2017, the Ummah grew in Europe to 20 million.
  • The rate of growth is extreme. In Great Britain, it is 47 times bigger than 60 years ago.
  • The EU consists of 28 member states.
  • The Ummah is now the 7th largest population in Europe.
  • Western Europe consists of 31 countries. (EU [28] plus Iceland, Switzerland and Norway)
  • Only six of these 31 countries have a population larger than the Ummah.
  • 23 of the 31 countries are only half the size of the Ummah.
  • 81% of all European countries have populations smaller than the Ummah.
  • The Ummah thrives through the open borders of the Schengen area in Europe.
  • The Ummah thrives through the generosity of the European social systems.
  • The Ummah takes over territories place by place; they become no-go zones.
  • Street gangs and organised criminality secure the no-go zones.
  • High birth rates ensure the longevity and expandability of these areas.
  • In several European countries, Mohammed is the most popular name amongst newborns.
  • Europe has been Islamized.
  • Many European peoples have become minorities within their part of Europe

The European View

The Europeans understand themselves as people who have historically inherited territories from their forefathers, traditionally clans and tribes. Each of these territories has a common language, identity and border. Those territories are to be found on the European continent.

Many of these European countries have joined an economic union, which has grown to include political aspects. There are currently 28 states within the European Union.

The European union is attractive to the many small countries in Europe. Together they perceive they can be represented better as a multicultural block on the world economic stage where America and China play a leading role. Neither Norway nor Iceland, Ukraine and Switzerland belong to the European Union.

The Ukraine and Russia are not considered part of this area.

The Europeans, under the leadership of the European Union, project a common understanding as a community open to the world. 'Welcome Refugees', the Willkommenskultur, is imposed with judicial measures.

Such an open EU without internal and external borders offers the population of any nation, any religion and any gender of the world the opportunity to resettle in European territory. Against the will of the indigenous folk and with the help of military forces (Frontex, NATO, airlifts from Africa, etc.)

The Islamic View

Islamic ideology foresees a strict discrimination not only between man and woman but also between (the good) Muslims and the Kafir (the bad unbelievers), in particular Christians and the hated Jews, but also including all other religions such as Hindus and Buddhists.

Muslims represent the mono-cultural Islam, which lives together in the Ummah. The Ummah is a homogeneous Islamic community that lives in an area without defined borders. The area is dynamic. Where country borders do exist, such as in Afghanistan and Pakistan, the borders are often porous and do not really represent borders as the Europeans understand this term.

The space where the Ummah lives represents a universal world order, which is ruled by the Caliph using Islamic Sharia law, to which all inhabitants of the Ummah must be subservient.

As the Ummah expands, Christian and Jewish places of worship are either destroyed or reformed as mosques. The latter method is far quicker to implement than building. The public space is captured and consumed.

The Impact of Schengen

The construction of the borderless area within the European Union, known as the Schengen Area, is an unconventional step, which compares more easily to the Ummah than to the traditional view of a bordered landmass, which would describe a European state. Schengen, like the Ummah, is borderless and as such is better aligned with Islamic ideology.

This tension, this conflict between the borderless Ummah, which neither tolerates nor respects borders, nor will it be held back by them, is obvious when the Ummah confronts the bordered nation states of Europe. The borders were there for a reason.

Since the collapse of the borders, the Ummah has been able to 'peacefully' conquer territories without hindrance. Once absorbed into the Ummah, street gangs and organised criminals secure these new no-go-areas. Areas that are evident in almost all European countries. High birth rates are used to expand not only these areas but also others so that the Ummah can grow.

This was more than evident when Yugoslavia collapsed during the civil war. The Ummah surged forward from the traditional territories of Turkey into the new European ones, forming a beachhead in Albania and Kosovo, which NATO helped construct.

Note: Turkey and Albania are candidates for EU membership.

The EU’s hope for Schengen, which was that there would be hordes of transnational migratory workers, like those found in China, was partly successful.

In summer, waves of workers without rights can be seen spreading across the agricultural landscape of Europe and building sites of European cities in Germany, the Netherlands and Italy. Spain prefers to pick from the many illegal African migrants. They’re obviously cheaper.

But these 'benefits' of Schengen are all too often overshadowed by cross-border organized criminality, tribes of beggars and international terrorists. All of which contribute to a loss of control and domestic security.

The ever-deepening divide between the wealthy north and the poor south, the industrial west and the agricultural east is evident. Highly skilled worked from the south refuse to migrate to the north for work. The unemployment levels in some countries are comparable to those of South America.

In view of these developments one may be forgiven for believing that Schengen has passed its sell-by date. Does it still even have a right to exist today?


In its place, the Ummah has spread and expanded. Strengthened by thousand-year-old hatreds and conflicts in the Middle East, and the inability of Africa to produce a world in which their citizens want to live peacefully and in prosperity. Africa, which has an abundance of fruitful land, rare metals and free solar energy.

The astronomical birth rates in both these regions, the youth bulge, further exacerbates the pressure on Muslim communities — the Ummah — to migrate.

The European Union and European countries deny the Islamization of the continent. They often refuse to regularly collect reliable statistics describing the size and growth rates of the Ummah in Europe.

Yet cast a glance at any street in a European city; this expansion is evident. Very evident. Europe is not being Islamized. Islamization has already taken place. What we observe is simply the expansion of the Ummah on a daily basis.

Comparing the populations of the 28 European Union member states — the national states — with the size of the Ummah — the young, mobile Islamic population without borders — then it is evident that Islam, the Ummah in 2017 has more mass than 82% of all the other European states."

    Country   Population   Muslims   Percent
01   Belgium   11,258,434   630,000   5.60%
02   Bulgaria   7,202,198   630,000   8.75%
03   Denmark   5,659,715   230,000   4.06%
04   Germany   82,301,678   4,760,000   5.78%
05   Estonia   1,315,944     0.00%
06   Finland   5,471,753   40,000   0.73%
07   France   66,991,000   4,710,000   7.03%
08   Greece   10,812,467   610,000   5.64%
09   United Kingdom   63,179,000   2,960,000   4.69%
  England   53,010,000    
  Wales   3,063,000    
  Scotland   5,295,000    
  Northern Ireland   1,811,000    
10   Ireland   4,625,885   50,000   1.08%
11   Italy   60,795,612   2,220,000   3.65%
12   Croatia   4,225,316   60,000   1.42%
13   Latvia   1,986,096     0.00%
14   Lithuania   2,921,262     0.00%
15   Luxembourg   562,958   10,000   1.78%
16   Malta   429,344     0.00%
17   Netherlands   17,100,475   1,000,000   5.85%
18   Austria   8,584,926   450,000   5.24%
19   Poland   38,567,614     0.00%
20   Portugal   10,374,822   30,000   0.29%
21   Romania   19,861,408   70,000   0.35%
22   Sweden   10,005,673   430,000   4.30%
23   Slovakia   5,421,349     0.00%
24   Slovenia   2,062,874   70,000   3.39%
25   Spain   46,468,102   980,000   2.11%
26   Czech Republic   10,538,275     0.00%
27   Hungary   9,849,000     0.00%
28   Cyprus   847,008   280,000   33.06%
    Total   572,599,188   20,220,000   3.53%

[National Populations less than the size of the Ummah.]


Above article by Baron Bodisey, February 4, 2018, Gates Of Vienna







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