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February 28, 2018



Obama's Liberal Media At Charlottesville Defended Antifa Violence As Acceptable Collateral Damage

Click on the Van Jones graphic below from CNN to watch a very short video on the progressive media's own words of support for Antifa, provided by the Crowder Antifa presentation.

Proof liberal media gave Antifa violence a pass, while buying into the lie that the Patriot Prayer group was a white supremacist group, Nancy Pelosi having to eat her own words after what happened later at Berkeley. - Webmaster

The above short video embedded in the graphic was taken from a presentation by Louder With Crowder's documentary on his infiltration of Antifa. Crowder offered the raw footage to mainstream media. But it wanted nothing to do with any research that Antifa was a fascist organization. You can read further down how America reached this day or click on the video source link just below to be taken directly to Louder With Crowder's documentary on Antifa's mission. - Webmaster

Video Source: LouderWithCrowder

NOTE: Van Jones is now a guest host for CNN, the global news outlet that allows him to represent his communist opinion for the world to see when presented. He is also the founder of "Color of Change," a group that reflects his Marxist values. Nine years ago it went after Glenn Beck's ad sponsors for Beck exposing Van Jones as a communist, Obama's Green Czar. Today with Van Jones, "Color of Change" supports CNN's world socialist broadcasting, the group now one million members strong.

Also note Whoppi from The View says in the above that Antifa was just an invention against violence in America. But that's not correct, Antifa not only part of the Democrat Party's Brown Shirts but the name itself goes back to Nazi Germany.



Antifa: Infiltrated And Documented

You can watch the full 11 minute Antifa video that follows this introduction on how we got to this day or you can go there now.


When Obama was running for the Illinois Senate, he had the support of a political party on the Southside of Chicago known as "The New Communist Democrat Party." It's membership would help to chase away other candidates that were running against Obama for the seat. Later after Obama won the election, they would openly congratulate him on his win.

And why shouldn't they?

"'The Hawaii church where President Obama attended Sunday school as a boy has 'always' been involved in political activism,' the church’s pastor told WND in an interview.  'The Sunday school has always been and to this day still is involved in political activism,' said Rev. Mike Young, pastor of First Unitarian Church of Honolulu." - WND
First Unitarian Church of Honolulu - WND

When a young man, Obama reported that his communist grandfather had brought him to a Unitarian church in Hawaii that was reported to hide SDS members from the FBI. The grandfather also introduced his grandson to Frank Marshall Davis, a communist watched by the FBI. who lived on the island.

It would be ironic that Obama in 2009 would become president of the United States, today accused of personally weaponizing the same FBI through establishment leaders at the top and within this federal law enforcement bureau. As of February 28, 2018, you already know many of their names, Frank Marshall Davis getting his revenge.

These FBI members are top leaders of Obama's deep state today, establishment elites from both parties never expecting Donald Trump to win over the Democrat machine candidate, Hillary Clinton. They're the ones Obama and his Czars left behind to protect the promise to "fundamentally transform" the United States Of America.

Obama's personal directive, after winning the presidency through support of liberal progressives and its national liberal mainstream media, was to embrace the "collective of Marxism" and rid America of the "annoying individual freedom" that had kept the country's Christian foundation in place, established and sealed by its founders in 1776. In signing the declaration, those men knew their names on that parchment could be a death sentence by hanging from the British, who at the time were ruling over the new colonies.

It is that concept of patriotism that Obama would later sneer at as dirty "nationalism," what he referred to as "old romanticism" getting in the way of the UN's attempt to erase borders in the name of a one-world government that would save the planet from global warming.

"'There is a park in Mosul,' Mark Arabo told 'where they actually beheaded children and put their heads on a stick and have them in the park.' According to Arabo, women are being raped, and then murdered, and men are being hanged." -

In her party dress. "IS Militants Beheaded Children, Raped Women And Hanged Men Of Christian Community Of Mosul." - ChristianPakistan

"Obama Has Failed, America no Longer Leads the World." - Lech Walesa, Newsmax, Jan. 2014

Terrorism was always pushed to the back burner by Obama as president.

To that end millions of innocent people would die under his watch, ISIS murdering an estimated 1.5 million Christians after ISIS had been given a free pass by Obama to cross the desert into Iraq, his holding back our military to not attack them. The massacre became so severe that church services held where Christ's disciples had once walked 2,000 years ago were suddenly silenced through Obama's intended inaction.

That would happen again as millions of Muslims would be affected, too, this time in Syria, Obama promising to protect them with "a red line" against being gassed by Syria's Russian-supported dictatorship.

But they were gassed anyway, Obama, as with Iraq, did nothing. Those Syrians being bombed out of their homes realized Obama was an empty shell and not unlike the American people who had elected him. Ironically this decision would finally justify the Nobel Peace Prize awarded to Obama for what "he might do," compliments of the socialist progressives living in Norway.

Millions of Syrians left their country for safety, an exodus that would disrupt a thousand year-old European society, migrants streaming south to bring an incompatible Muslim religion under an intolerant Allah to a West that had finally guaranteed freedom for the individual. Thousands of Western women would be raped and murdered by young Muslim male migrants who came into their countries. Suddenly European women feared going out alone at night.

None of this should have been a surprise, as the American mainstream media's managing editors worked daily in rank step to bury facts about Obama from the American people, such as his being raised in a Muslim home or studying the Koran overseas for four years when a boy. Later it was reported Obama would be financially assisted by an Islamic prince when Obama entered Harvard. His acceptance would be approved at Harvard through a letter that was reported to have come from a member of Saul Alinsky's organization in Chicago.

Then years later in 2008 when Obama was candidate for president, he would sing the Islamic Call To Prayer in front of a New York Times columnist, who would declare with joy that Obama's rendition had been "perfect."

Obama in his first year as president would show his Muslim background, which he NEVER mentioned as a candidate, some referring to it as Obama's "Apology Tour," his apologizing for the existence of the United States and its Christian heritage.

Obama proclaimed this in the summer of 2009 while on Egyptian soil, reporting to his world Muslim audience that it was his job as the new President of the United States to help Muslims practice their religion "as they see fit" in ALL western countries, which of course included Sharia Law.

Obama would also declare it was now his job as President of the United States to eliminate Islamophobia wherever it appeared in the world. And the America's new fascist media? It just yawned.

It had the leader in office it wanted through its main organization, the American Society of Newspaper Editors, the ASNE. This fascist organization had been created by progressives in the late 1970's to begin to "color the news" across the nation for "the correct spin" that would indoctrinate the American people on issues of race, immigration, gender, sex, abortion and the 2nd Amendment.

The ASNE followed the lead of the ACLU with its former executive, Ruth Bader Ginsburg, voted onto the Supreme Court by the full Senate in 1993, which included a "Yea" vote from John McCain. She had been recommended by President Bill Clinton, Barack Obama reporting in a campaign stop that Ginsburg was his favorite supreme court judge, Judge Scalia his least.

Ginsburg later openly called America's Constitution, that she had taken an oath to protect, a "Lone Ranger" while she sat on the bench. It delighted the ears of the progressive world governments in Europe. Ginsburg had no intention of only using the Constitution for decisions on law as dictated by the Constitution, but would intermix those decisions with settled European court cases.

Frank Marshall Davis Obama's mentor. - YouTube

The ASNE's membership buried much of this from the public, as if "move along, nothing to see here." It would be about seven years after Obama had been elected president of the United States that a video from the early 1990's would pop up on YouTube.

It would show Obama reading from his new book, Dreams of My Father, while giving testimony of his "gramps" having introduced him to a man that would become his personal mentor, (Obama's words), communist Frank Marshall Davis. And so the truth would finally come around full circle.

The media hid a lot of other stuff from the public about Obama, from his refusing to honor the tradition of the playing of the National Anthem as a candidate for president of the United States in 2007 to his refusing to wear "that flag pin," as he called it on another video, that flag pin a memorial to the people on 911 who were murdered by Islamic terrorists.

Now that you have a little background on how we got here in 2018 with the Democrat Party's Antifa becoming its "Brown Shirts," please watch the video below that documents the activities and mission statement of the Antifa that had been instrumental in the violence at Charlottesville, Virginia, and then later at Berkeley, California.

That is where Antifa tried to injure / murder the leader of the "Patriot's Prayer Group," a Japanese-American the Democrats hated and accused of creating the riots in Virginia. It was later discovered the man who ran into the crowd with his car was backing away from an Antifa professor holding a shotgun aimed at him.

It is therefore hard to forget the image of Nancy Pelosi a few months later, holding up her little white fist waving in the air at the Patriot's Prayer Group when she was in San Francisco, falsely calling it a white supremacy organization.

That should be no surprise to us for this 70-year old progressive socialist, not unlike the Cloward and Piven of old, Pelosi representing San Francisco in the U.S. House of Representatives for years. In February of 2018, she would say that mowing the grass on the border should relieve any need for a wall to be built by Trump, the short mowed grass instead catching any illegal aliens from trying to enter, slithering on their bellies from Mexico.




Undercover In Antifa's World Of Marxist Fascists

Their tactics and proven support by the Obama mainstream media is finally exposed.

What happens when two guys infiltrate Antifa, live amongst them for weeks and take part in their deeply rooted tactics of disruption and violence? Watch! - LouderWithCrowder

Video Source: LouderWithCrowder



Joe Rogan

Discussion on Crowder's infiltration of Antifa

Joe talks to Steven Crowder about how Jared went undercover in Antifa. - JoeRogan

Video Source: JoeRogan



Documented offline raw footage for the Antifa final online video.

Undercover in ANTIFA: The documented unedited raw footage - LouderWithCrowder

Video Source: LouderWithCrowder

If You Have A Mental Illness, This Antifa Student Group Wants You - DailyCaller







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