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Obama's Radicals: On The Move!

America's Youth Walkout

March 14, 2018


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Radical Groups Promote / Organize America's Youth In Walkout!

This is while leaders within their organizations, such as Oprah, Obama's close friend, can't wait for Americans to die. Watch!

"Oprah says old, prejudiced white people 'just have to die.' to end racism." - PoliticsAndMud

Video Source: - PoliticsAndMud

From Australia: [White] Racist Michael Moore Wants Whites To Die Out. - HeraldSun

[White] Progressive Columnists: Can’t Wait For Entire Generation To Die. - TheBridgeHead

[White] Progressive Cathy Areu: Let's Deport All White Men Out Of America. - Hannity

[White] Progressive Nancy Pelosi: Trump Is Trying To Make America White Again [I didn't know America had a color. - Webmaster] - YouTube

[White] Progressive Chuck Schumer Opposing Trump Nominee Because He's White - TuckerCarlson


Shades Of The Third Reich? The progressive's next logical step would be to control the lives of children over the authority of their parents, while pushing indoctrinated administrators into running socialist programs in local schools. - Webmaster


Planned Parenthood was allowed for decades into public schools under the banner of sex education. It was promoted by progressive liberals and established RINOs to teach safe sex and reduce life-changing STDs. But for Planned Parenthood it was never about sex education. In fact under Planned Parenthood instructions, STDs have increased.

Ironically Planned Parenthood would change the society through the indoctrination of America's youth over those many decades, trapped in classrooms. It has become more brazen now using porn to communicate with teens while making money off of sex toys. It actively has also moved up the ladder, introducing 'Sex Weeks' at universities across America that continue to grow,purposely challenging the traditional values of American families, further demeaning the glue that has held the country together since its birth, a Republic, not a democracy. .

Planned Parenthood's XXX Rating - Your tax dollars at work six years ago continues today. - AmericanLifeLeague

Video Source: AmericanLifeLeague


What is concerning is that liberals enjoy shoving their Marxist ideology into the faces of tens of millions of Americans, not caring while believing there will never be any consequences. That is shown in late night television, the same progressive audiences that laugh today at the hate jokes are the same ones that laughed when Dave Letterman was forced to admit he was having an affair with a CBS employee, their thinking it was funny.

Some cable show hosts are caught using their shows to promote Planned Parenthood's intolerance of other views, using diversity as a hammer to force others to bow down to their agenda, one that the late Chuck Colson reported has eliminated 1/2 of the African American race in America through abortions. You may not have been told this, but it was Chuck Colson, who while serving in jail over Watergate, which looks like nothing with today's Democrat scandals, formed the largest prison ministry in America.

Below is a perfect example, judges on a popular cable cooking show wearing Planned Parenthood buttons, not caring that Planned Parenthood has also made money off of baby parts. One abortionist was caught talking about eyeballs falling into her lap when a baby's brain had been removed.

She did this while speaking to other abortionists at a convention whose attendees thought her description was hilarious. It makes one wonder with the 100% insensitivity and open sale of baby parts, if some of these abortionists may have already used fetus parts for appetizers at a few of their parties. I mean seriously, what else is left after all lines have been crossed?

Graphic Source: - LifeNews


"Perhaps 'Top Chef' judges Tom Colicchio, Gail Simmons, Graham Elliot and Jonathan Waxman understood that when they proudly wore Planned Parenthood pins on the cooking show for 3.02 million viewers to see. Each of the judges is a high profile, celebrity chef with restaurants in major cities, best-selling cookbooks or regular appearances on TV.

'I’ve been supporting @PPFA for a long, long time and want to thank @BravoTopChef for letting me showcase them tonight. #PlannedParenthood #TopChef” show host Padma Lakshmi tweeted on March 8.

The abortion giant supported the chefs wholeheartedly on its Twitter account. Planned Parenthood CEO Cecile Richards tweeted, 'Your support is always appreciated.'” - LifeNews



The goal of a dictatorship in modern times, since the days of the Third Reich, has always been the destruction of the authority of the individual family unit.

Then there is Hollywood, a huge supporter of Planned Parenthood. At its 2018 Oscar awards, Jimmy Kimmel proudly announced, "We make films like 'Call Me By Your Name' not to make money but to upset Mike Pence."

Actually, that's not true. They make films like 'Call Me By Your Name' to back up the agenda of the progressive Democrat Party, which is not to mock Vice President Pence but to purposely mock anyone around the world who is a Christian. In fact the Democrat Party stopped welcoming people of faith after Obama became president.

That's why the Democrats, running a pro-lifer in the Pittsburgh area, is a joke. It is only the return of Nancy Pelosi's Blue Dogs. Pelosi knew that Christians really weren't Christians, but a mish-mash of people who didn't know what to believe and therefore easily deceived with her blue bow-wows.

And Kimmel's comment at the Oscars? It's because the Sony movie, 'Call Me By Your Name' was about a sexual relationship of a 17-year old boy with a 24-year old man, obviously not a money maker since most of the population is turned off by the subject matter. If interested, here is the movie's trailer.

In this film listed from Sony Pictures Classics, "One day, Oliver (Armie Hammer), a charming American scholar working on his doctorate, arrives as the annual summer intern tasked with helping Elio’s father. Amid the sun-drenched splendor of the setting, Elio and Oliver discover the heady beauty of awakening desire over the course of a summer that will alter their lives forever." - Sony

Video Source: Sony


The value centers in local public schools had come under attack through the hiring of graduate educators programmed by the socialists that run the "Teachers' College" at Columbia University. In fact their graduation is not dependent on teaching ability. It is dependent on their willingness to push social justice in the cities and towns that hire them.

They then, (and we're talking about a program that is at least more than a decade old), spread the message across the nation one year at a time . . . one school at a time . . . one university at a time, as seen below in letters of complaint sent by FIRE to the Teachers' College.

These small armies of trained educators and administrators graduating each year have a simple message; to tear down the America spirit of self-reliance. They teach that self-achievement is destructive to America, that it offends those less advantaged . . . less motivated for personal success.

It's why today they hate Trump and his "making America great again" with a passion, the antithesis to their decades of lies that have come to a head through these youth marches in 2018. reported on this story of socialism / communism, warning of it taking over our universities way back into 2006! Here is what was reported back then:

"You've probably never heard of Teachers College, but it has profoundly affected your life and is now affecting your children's lives. TC is the graduate school of education at Columbia University and laboratory of most of the 'reforms' that have corroded K-12 education over the past 50 years. New math, whole language, open classrooms, outcome-based education -- you name the fad and it probably originated in Morningside Heights in New York.

Teachers College is the most influential graduate education program in the country, and like so many leading schools, it is probably irredeemably PC. Still, Columbia University professes to uphold free inquiry and open-mindedness, so it was heartening to see a watchdog group zing the school for its ideological rigidity.

The Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE) got hold of TC's new 'Conceptual Framework' for its students. You might ask: Why does a graduate school need a 'conceptual framework'? Isn't the point to train teachers to teach? (Actually, some skeptics think teachers colleges themselves are unnecessary, but let that pass.) Well, perhaps someone in the publicity department is being paid by the word at TC, because the Conceptual Framework is the length of a novella." - Read More. - Townhall [Again, reported in 2006.]

For instance color tassels on mortar boards, showing the achievement of graduating students, have come under attack for several years now, these socialists / Marxists saying the traditions of recognizing the high achievement of students is "offensive" to less motivated students and should be removed at graduations. It's what Marxists do.

In 2007, a year later, FIRE wrote a letter to the President of Columbia University along with the President of its Teachers' College. Here is partly what FIRE requested, which was ignored:

"Education demands that students analyze, critique, reason, argue, and research on their own; what Teachers College encourages here is instead rote recital, a kind of conceptual spoon-feeding.

The solution, however, is simple. As we stated in our last letter, we ask only that a personal 'commitment to social justice' no longer be required of Teachers College students, not that the school as a whole abandon its attachment to a certain understanding of 'social justice.' Again, all we ask is that you eliminate the use of impossibly vague and politically charged evaluative criteria. Allow your students to learn for themselves." - Read More - FIRE

This objective was brought to a head when Obama as president, (mentored by Communist Frank Marshall Davis and later trained by Saul Alinsky on the southside of Chicago), created his "PROMISE" program, not unlike his original lie of Hope and Change.

Ingraham: 'PROMISE Program' Hailed By Obama Admin Led to Florida Schools Ignoring Violent Students. - RealClearPolitics

Video Source: Ingraham / FOXNews


Marxists just love these slogans that create a false sense of protection. It was Obama's PROMISE program that was agreed to by the Parkland School System. It allowed a formerly banned student to get into the school to murder students, much like shooting fish in a barrel. a report shows that 50 other, what one might call foolish, school districts across America had agreed to this dangerous but not surprising Obama program, knowing his background in support of the collective.

Dailywire reports:

"Documents reviewed by RealClearInvestigations and interviews show that his school district in Florida’s Broward County was in the vanguard of a strategy, adopted by more than 50 other major school districts nationwide, allowing thousands of troubled, often violent, students to commit crimes without legal consequence. The aim was to slow the 'school-to-prison pipeline.'" - Dailywire

Glenn Beck has been warning about this for over a decade. He saw it first hand when he started his famous blackboards to help educate Americans on who was running fascist groups to take control of America, pointing out Obama's Marxist goals upon entering the presidency in 2009.

Obama immediately created Czars, a communist term, to run the federal government. Beck, at the time on FOX News, warned that Obama was assigning a communist to be his green Czar, a person most Americans had never heard of known as Van Jones. But to push the socialism of global warming, designed to destroy the nationalism of western countries and pride of traditions, Obama would need a communist like Van Jones to run it.

"There is a media blackout from the willing accomplices in the Liberal propaganda Press. Only one news organization remains true to their Constitutional obligation as America's watchdog. Thank God for Fox News and their "fair, balanced, and unafraid" devotion to inform Americans of the lies, deceit, corruption, and TREASON of our compromised government!" - YouTube

Video Source: - YouTube


Van Jones founded the Color of Change in 2009, 400,000 members strong who agreed with his ideology. That membership would drive away Beck's advertisers at FOX News, threatening them with boycotts if they continued to put advertising dollars to Beck's show.

So can you guess where Van Jones is today?

He and his communist ideology are welcomed at CNN, CNN better known to a few as the SNUFF network with some also referring to it as the Communist News Network. CNN is a world-wide news agency, the one that convinced Saddam to allow only CNN to provide the news from Iraq. Other news agencies had discovered that CNN, to get the deal, would not report atrocities by Saddam against his own people.

Today CNN continues reporting to countries around the world while mocking American leadership, again what Marxists do. We hope President Trump will look into CNN's control over news being transmitted to people entering America's Airports, boarding passengers forced to watch news that comes from only one network. And as mentioned, few of them probably know CNN is the SNUFF network, a news agency that had mocked the American military to other countries around the world in its reporting through a SNUFF video.

Here are Beck's new warnings. And they are very troubling.

"Our constitutional rights are under attack, ‘there’s going to be nothing left.’" - GlennBeck

Video Source: GlennBeck

Glenn breaks down the Constitution for you. - GlennBeck



Marxist Follow Obama's Lead: "Never Let A Good Crisis Go To Waste."

The organizations that are leading the youth march this month, seem delighted to attack American values on the graves of 17 students. Their deaths came, not from a gun, but from authorities through political correctness that allowed the killer into the building. There were so many red flags warning of this preventable atrocity, one could say it could look like a 50-car pile up on an interstate.

Those authorities included a local sheriff who embraced Islam, and not surprisingly considered one of the top Democrats in South Florida.


On Diversity? Sheriff Scott Israel's . . .

. . . deputy a leader of Hamas-linked CAIR. - RebelMedia

Video Source: RebelMedia



On Politics? Sheriff Scott Israel . . .

. . . is recognized as "Democrat of the Year." [What, no politics in the department?] - Speakmymind02

Video Source: Speakmymind02



The FBI Has Its Official "Apology" For Failing To Protect Those Kids, Political Correctness Allowed To Run Its Course By An Agency Weaponized By Obama.

FBI special agent in charge of the Miami Division, Robert Lasky, apologizes for student's deaths. - Miami Herald, February 16, 2018

Photo Source: Miami Herald

Note: The FBI failed to react to the many red flags that could have saved those innocent kids, who never came home that day. Sheriff Israel is seen in the above photo standing next to Lasky, ironically the other authority who also failed to see the red flags that kept waving in front of them.

Yet there is no march on them by the Marxist who are forming the Youth March this month. That's because the march is not about justice but about the continued effort to take away guns from law abiding Americans who had nothing to do with the shooting. - Webmaster





So Who Are The Sponsors For These Anti-Second Amendment Rallies Using Our American Kids under the banner of, "Never Allow A Good Crisis Go To Waste?"


Look, here they are!


The Marxists of the progressive Demcrat Party are trying to use the murder of 17 teenagers to promoting their ideology "at any cost." - Webmaster
Graphic source: TruthRevolt / GatewayPundit / FIK




Why The Clinched Fist For A Nation School Walkout?!

Graphic Source: Women's Action Network


Just Ask The Late Chicago Radical Socialist, Saul Alinsky. Here Is HIS Logo!

Saul Alinsky's Facebook Page - Facebook

Graphic Source: SaulAlinsky



A List Of The National School Walkout Sponsors

Parents need to ask why their kids may be involved with an organization, the National Walkout, that uses a fist for its logo. And why are administrators allowing their schools to be tied to these progressives socialists, allowing kids to be involved during a school day? See the sponsor list below and then ask why public schools are even involved.

Graphic Source: Women's Action Network


Sponsors: In Their Own Words



"We acknowledge that the United States was founded on the genocide of native people and the labor of Black people forcibly brought to this continent through chattel enslavement. These truths underlie many of the large social dynamics we work to combat, and we acknowledge that we must fight our own complicity in anti-Black racism and settler colonialism. As communities of color in solidarity with other communities of color, we are committed to ending white supremacy.

We acknowledge the pervasive role capitalism has played in ripping our communities apart through mass incarceration, gentrification, deportation, climate change, and consumerism. We know that capitalism extracts value from all people and resources in its path, and we must adapt to dismantle, supplant, and replace it with sustainable alternatives." - About 18MR


Daily KOS

"This is a site [only] for Democrats." - DailyKOS


Get Equal

"Even in the current political moment - with the Trump Administration pursuing anti-immigrant, anti-trans, anti-LGBQ2S, anti-women, anti-Black, anti-Muslim, anti-poor, and pro-white supremacist policies - Capital Pride insists on continuing business as usual (with Wells Fargo, Lockheed Martin, Federal Bureau of Prisons, and more), ignoring the most marginalized members of our community. We MUST fight back and bring pride back to it's roots." - Get Equal



Teaching Strategies:

Safe Schools for Everyone: Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgender Students. - NEA


United We Dream

"When you’re undocumented, you face a lot of discrimination, and that creates a lot of fear. At United We Dream, we transform that fear into finding your voice. We empower people to develop their leadership, their organizing skills, and to develop our own campaigns to fight for justice and dignity for immigrants and all people. This is achieved through immigrant youth-led campaigns at the local, state, and federal level." - United We Dream


Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation

"Leonardo’s website and social media platforms are also dedicated to inspiring the public to take action on key environmental issues. Growing in reach from just 500,000 followers in 2007 to over 50 million today, Leonardo’s fans have engaged on an array of issues protecting key species — sharks in California, tigers in Asia, elephants in Africa — and calling on world leaders to address the global climate crisis." - Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation



"Defending Illegals Against Ice. (Watch video)" - AFL-CIO


Women's March

"The mission of Women’s March is to harness the political power of diverse women and their communities to create transformative social change. Women’s March is a women-led movement providing intersectional education on a diverse range of issues and creating entry points for new grassroots activists & organizers to engage in their local communities through training, outreach programs and events. Women’s March is committed to dismantling systems of oppression through nonviolent resistance and building inclusive structures guided by self-determination, dignity and respect." - Women's March


New Economy Coalition

What do we mean by "New Economy?"

"This movement is not ideologically rigid or one-size-fits-all. Under unjust systems, exploited communities have long experimented with different ways of building community economies as a means of survival. These groups have deep and valuable experience imagining and creating alternatives. We celebrate and learn from the work that came before us, striving to listen and follow leadership from frontline communities in building this new economy for all." - New Economy Coalition







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