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March 28, 2018



Guess Who Was Caught Throwing Our President Under The Omnibus!

Note: "McConnell went against the majority of his own party and actually had more Democrat votes for his spending bill. In fact, 60% of all Democrats voted WITH McConnell." - Grassfire, March 26, 2018

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They Could Have Gone Home. And Maybe They Should Have.

"The elite progressive media, from the arrogant Huffingpost News owned by AOL to CNN, (America’s 'Snuff' network), know all too well that many of today's citizens, who read and listen to their daily diarrhea of propaganda, must be some of the dumbest people on earth . . . and best of all for them, voters, too. It's why they now attack Trump for having an alleged consensual affair BEFORE he ran for office, any office, never having represented anyone in an elected position or thought he would.

So let's take a trip down good ol' memory lane, back in the liberal's early years when Clinton had a young child and his wife was first lady of Arkansas.

Clinton didn't have just one affair!  He went to the amusement park many times, from the LIBERAL MEDIA IGNORING the claim of rape by Juanita Broaddwick when Clinton was governor to the SAME LYING MEDIA that attacked Linda Tripp. And there were more.

But why did the progressive media literally attack Ms. TRIPP? Because she was the one who dared to advise Monica to KEEP THE BLUE DRESS after her visit to the White House, coming home with Clinton’s semen on the cloth.  (Note: for the liberal progressives that may be reading this, we'll just call it a "stain" so you don't have to run to a safe space.)

Then later when Clinton was NOT impeached, virtually all the Washington D.C. Democrats on that historic day, (the same thug party decades earlier that had supported the KKK and beat up blacks in Selma), boarded a bus in their expensive black suits to drive over to meet Clinton for a photo op, their party’s trophy!

Uppity, white liberal feminist Democrat women had also snubbed their noses at Paula Jones, seeing her as trailer trash, probably wondering why Clinton hadn’t at least chosen one of them when he decided to drop his pants. 

And finally there was, named for 'moving on' away from Clinton’s affairs because, if you remember, "IT WAS ONLY ABOUT SEX" and we needed instead to focus on the country.  So where is that faux idealism of MoveOn today?  Of course you know. They're the same ones that wished they'd owned that pretty blue dress with the little stain.  

I sometimes wonder if citizens in 1776 could have seen “We the people" over two-hundred years later, maybe for an instant in time, grabbing a scene from one of America's elite progressive universities. In those few enlightened seconds they might have seen whining victim-hood students, holding funny-looking rectangular objects with scrolling photos on them.

Or maybe students sitting in safe spaces with puppy dogs to pet, crayons for coloring books and hot chocolate served at just the right temperature, the little babies confused what sex pronoun should be used to call them by name, maybe fee, fi, fo or fum.

If those brave soldiers could have seen America in 2018 from the perspective of their poor struggling lives to build a new nation, many living as farmers in dangerous times fighting for freedom, they might have chosen to instead run back home to be with their children and hard working wives, two married people yoked together pulling a wagon or plow for survival, better known as those real Americans."




Long Island, New York, Hofstra Students And BLM Activists Want Thomas Jefferson Statue Taken Down They Call A White Supremacist.

"'Not to bring problems, but I'd like to point out that as you are making the protest about your right to freedom of speech, don't forget that people like Jefferson gave you that right. The Sondra and David S. Mack Student Center is one of the central points for on-campus life and student activities,' the petition reads. 'It is unfortunate then that a bronze sculpture of a 71-year-old Thomas Jefferson, gifted to the university by Hofstra Trustee David Mack, is right in front of the Student Center.'" - Campus Reform

"A statue of Thomas Jefferson has raised the ire of student activists at Hofstra University, who are demanding that administrators remove his visage from campus. JaLoni Amor, a Hofstra student and Black Lives Matter activist, released a petition calling for the statue’s removal on March 17, proclaiming that Jefferson has been embraced as an 'icon' by 'white supremacist and neo-nazi organizations' like the Ku Klux Klan."

"Shortly after, Amor created a Facebook event for an upcoming protest titled, 'Jefferson Has Gotta Go!' slated for March 30. More than ten organizations are listed on the event’s flyer, including the Democrats of Hofstra University, Queer and Trans People of Color Coalition, The Gender Identity Federation, and Young Democratic Socialists of Hofstra." - CampusReform

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