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Useful Idiots: Born In America

April 25, 2018



This Is What CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS, NBC And Other Progressive Socialist Media Outlets, Under The Watchful Eye Of The ASNE, Call News Today

Steele Dossier . . . Wolff book . . . Russia Russia Russia . . . small hands . . . tanning eyes . . . prostitutes peeing . . . liar Clapper-Brenner-McCabe-Comey comments . . . Hillary values over Trump . . . Trump should be shot . . . beheaded . . . punch him out . . . white supremacist . . . impeach . . . more to come from the ASNE vault.

CBS Drama ‘The Good Fight’: ‘We Need To Assassinate The President.’ - Breitbart

  ShowTime's Homeland Series: Cabinet Ousts 'Despised' President from Office. - NewsBusters

The above list contains some of the most important news items today that progressive socialists in the media want to spoon-feed to America's useful idiots in hopes of impeaching Trump. These newer useful idiots were brought to life during the election of Bill Clinton, (aka Slick Willie), in the early 1990's. They have continued to grow over the last 25 years into disturbing numbers of very naive young people growing around safe spaces. A recent news report acknowledged that in California 26% of young teens were actually comfortable not being recognized as male or female.

Topics such as major defeats of ISIS, North Korea at the table, China making solar panels in America, smallest jobless rate for blacks and Hispanics in decades, are not found in this list because it doesn't fulfill the objective of Marxists . . . renamed by Obama as simply community organizers.

A friend of mine, a retired officer in the military, whom I met electronically over the past decade, had e-mailed me in November of 2008 on the day of the election of Barack Obama as president. He wrote the following:

Everything I believed in and fought for has been destroyed in a single day without a shot being fired.

Socialism has also been pushed by university centers across America, such as at Columbia University's Teachers College. The college has been promoting to its graduates for over a decade, ones who are being hired in public schools across America, that individual self-achievement is offensive to others who are less fortunate. It is a perfect example of communism in action, renamed social justice to give it a warm fuzzy feeling.

Obama and Ayers were pushing the social justice hammer against individual freedoms in the late 1990's when they were working with the CAC in Chicago. If you remember, it was candidate Obama who outright lied that he had never met Bill Ayers, when he had actually worked with him in trying to push socialist curriculums onto innocent students in the Chicago public school system.

The term "Useful Idiots," was first used by Lenin, and then later by Karl Marx, to describe the people, (the voters), who could be easily swayed by promises that these Communists knew couldn't be kept after an election.

But once elected, those voters can get in the way of the real agendas of the newly elected Communists, such as in the Soviet Union in the 1930's when millions were starved into early graves through the help of indoctrinated students serving "the state." That's why today's American communists teaching in our universities hate Trump with such passion. It's because he's trying to undo all the damage they have been allowed to create for years . . . decades!

So when you watch the sea of heads in rallies wearing pussy hats, hating those who want to make America first, you are seeing communists not afraid to come out into the open. That is how far the Obama revolution has grown against our Constitution, hard to control due to organized emotions designed to "shout down" the facts if they dare to get in the way.

The news stories of those deaths from famine under communist leaders back in the early 1930's were denied to the world by "the poster boy for useful idiots," Walter Duranty, Moscow Bureau Chief of The New York Times. While the NYT was reported to later walk back the publishing of his lies to protect communism, these things seem to rarely bother the elites at the Times.

That's because the mission "is the lie, the propaganda king," easily winding up on the cover of the NYT and just above the fold. However any retraction of the lie will usually find itself buried deep into the newspaper's bowels where it is hard to find, let alone even remember. It is a case of true Marxism from the long time media leader located on Manhattan Island.

It is probably why it was reported that a New York Times editor, when asked about the truth on Sarah Palin not being printed in the newspaper, had arrogantly replied to the question, "It ain't news until we say it is!"


Stunning Truth About Violent Students When Under the Control Of Communists


"The Ukraine is one of those countries where unimaginable tragedies seem to wash over it on a regular basis. One of those tragedies occurred in 1932-33 when millions perished in a famine induced by Joseph Stalin and the Soviet Union against the people of Ukraine. Holodomor is a Ukrainian word that literally means 'extermination by hunger.'” - Travel-Monkey

Ukraine's Famine Memorial

The history shown on the right of what happened in the Ukraine, when STUDENTS were sent out by the Soviets to starve millions, is a stark reminder of why Americans must NEVER back down on attacks against their Second Amendment being promoted by Communists of CNN and the New Democrat Party. It also comes from many universities that have turned to Obama's Marxism, from Frank Marshall Davis to Alinsky, never forgetting that Alinsky and Hillary were on a first-name basis.

Now we can better understand why Obama wrote the Tweet to the students via the Florida high school shooting in early 2018, writing, "We've got your back," along with changing America into "what it should be." - Webmaster


"The Famine Memorial in Kiev remembers victims of the man-made famine set loose to quell a growing Ukrainian nationalist movement in the early 1930s. In 1932 a law was put in place that made all food state property and unauthorized possession of food was a capital crime.

Gangs of young students trained under the Soviet system were sent into the countryside to enforce the law and ended up contributing to the abuse and torment of the peasants. A rationing system was put in place that deprived families in the country the minimum calories necessary to sustain life.

The food problems were complicated by implementation of the Soviet collectivization system which introduced new agriculture requirements and crops the Ukrainians were unfamiliar with.

The famine stopped at the border between Ukraine and Russia. Thousands of Ukrainians also died trying to escape to Romania where they were killed by border guards.

While precise numbers of of victims will never be known, estimates run between 3.5 and 7 million deaths by starvation. Some think the numbers could be twice these estimates.

The bronze statue of the starving girl at the memorial remembers all the children who perished during this time. In her hand she grasps five stalks of wheat. The Soviet law prohibited gathering leftovers from the harvest. If you collected more than 5 stalks you were sent to camps.

The main part of the memorial is the 32-meter high Candle of Memory. L would be killed. Without the cow the family would die of starvation. This was a real Hobson’s choice. Luckily, the cow remained undiscovered and the family survived. It is stories like these that make memorials real.

Behind the symbolism and architectural design are always real people and real events.arge crosses represent the souls of adults. Small crosses represent the souls of children. There are golden cranes in cages on the memorial. The caged birds represent the travails of Ukraine. One bird escapes the cages and rises to freedom. This free crane represents Ukraine today.

Kongo’s guide in Kiev told him a story about her grandmother who was a child during this period of terror. Her family found a cow loose in the forest near their farm. If they cow was discovered by the authorities the entire family." - Travel-Monkey

For the 2008 election, America's socialist media buried important facts about Obama to assure his victory; born in a Muslim home; studied the Koran in Indonesia for years; as a young man in Hawaii "mentored" by the Communist Frank Marshall Davis; His grandfather reported to be a communist taking a young Obama to a radical church where SDS students were reported to have been hiding.

Even the late Gaddafi had remarked about the American 2008 presidential election, proclaiming,

"We hope that this [the promises Obama made during the election] is merely an election 'clearance sale,' as they say in Egypt . . . where no one obviously expects promises to be kept. And then later Gaddafi referred to candidate Obama as one of them . . . a Muslim, "an African-Kenyan Brother."

A decade later the progressive media still prefers the lie that Obama is a Christian when it knows Obama had sung the Islamic Call To Prayer in front of a NYT editor in 2008, the editor calling it perfect.

The media always loves to push all this aside, you know the drill, "Move along, nothing to see here." And then when the facts come out they're quickly buried or ignored, like this video released a few years ago of Obama discussing his critical mentor relationship with his Communist friend, Frank Marshall Davis.


In The Marxist's Own Words

Barack Obama's Relationship With Communist Frank Marshall Davis - YouTube

Video Source: YouTube

CNN, what I call the Communist News Network for reporting to be working directly with the corrupted leaders in Turkey as of this writing, has helped to promote these socialist rallies in 2017 attended by millions of Margaret Sanger's eugenic supporters wearing "pussy hats," running around Washington D.C. as if aliens had landed on the Mall.

Then in March of 2018, the pussy hats turned into anti-gun rallies replaced by indoctrinated high school students. It was history trying to repeat itself all over again, reminding us of the techniques the Soviets used in the Ukraine. Watch.


Former President Obama Openly Contributed To TIME Magazine's 2018 Attack Against Our 2nd Amendment, Trying To Use Students As the Soviets Had In The Ukraine.

Former President Obama praises left leaning students in TIME Magazine. But what were they actually saying? - DailyCaller

Video Source: DailyCaller

Today the poster boy for CNN's communist movement against guns in America can be seen on all the networks, called "Little Adolph" by some. While the term might be funny, his objective pushed by Obama supporters in Washington DC and by our corrupted media, is not.


Lil' Goebbels 2.0

"'We are suddenly useful to the old people of America. Many of those my age have no idea they are being played as fools. They are literally tools for a movement they know almost nothing about.' - Cole Sherman" - Diogenes Middle Finger
Photo Source: DiogenesMiddleFinger

So how has our corrupt media interfered in elections, Russia obviously having little to do with the media's deceptive ways of pushing Americans around as if cattle on a ranch? It's actually very simple. Just look at what they got away with in 2008.

They first buried important facts about Obama's life, such as his being mentored by a communist as a young man, and in its place pushed the cost of the opposing candidate's clothes, in 2008 Sara Palin's dresses, when the former governor of Alaska had shopped at second hand stores in real life that was somehow left out of the stories.

Now watch these Democrat voters being interviewed in 2008. They had been fed corrupt media lies. Listening to their answers. You will see how a fascist media operates to change elections, in America the best ones money can buy from donations by George Soros and others!

It is a video probably shown in every progressive journalist class in colleges on how to promote the candidate YOU WANT TO LOSE.

Our Fourth Estate? That's gone.

It's been replaced by Obama's Deep State, a fourth section of government run by others unseen in the daily shadow of lies fed to managing editors. It completes the "coloring of the news" so each word is consistent from one progressive network to another.

So a pox upon the elitists who have allowed the sacrifices of our founders to be trashed as racists, monuments suddenly called offensive by those who have given little or nothing for their freedoms, their ugly character marked by the graffiti they've left behind.


The Promise To Fundamentally Transform The United States Of America Was Lead By Those Working In The Obama Media Against Citizens Of The United States.

How Obama Got Elected: Stunning interviews with Obama voters - John Ziegler

Video Source - John Ziegler



Back In 2009, As Obama Took Office, I Warned Americans, "If You Want To Know What Germany Looked Like In 1933, Just Step Outside Your Front Door." - Webmaster

To that end, this video will confirm what a country looks like when progressive fascism is ignored.

"Conservative commentator, Milo Yiannopoulos, was driven out by a crowd associated with the Democratic Socialists of America, who gathered to chant, 'Nazi scum, get out!'" - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

And It Goes On, Allowed By Progressive Far-Left Twitter

CNN Regular, Daily Beast Columnist and #NeverTrump Leader, Rick Wilson, On Melania Trump: “World-Class Resting B**** Face.” - GatewayPundit

"But these added pressures on the First Lady does not mean the Trump haters will give her any flack. The left and their #NeverTrump allies hate this president, his lovely family and the country’s First Lady.  Never Trump leader Rick Wilson trashed First Lady Melania Trump during Tuesday’s ceremonies.  Rick Wilson, a CNN regular and Daily Beast columnist, tweeted this out moments ago. 'Gotta give Melania credit for a world-class RBF.'” - Gateway Pundit

Graphic Source: GatewayPundit







And Finally, Dinesh D’Souza Asked Before The Election Of 2012 . . .

. . . Who is this mystery man, Obama? Why does he tell us we must be our brother's keeper when he wouldn't even give assistance to his own brother or aunt in poverty?

"August 18, 2012 - Dinesh D’Souza presents his thoughts on what a second term for the Obama administration would look like. The author contends that the president’s policies would greatly reduce America’s global influence.

Topics included the author’s understanding of Barack Obama’s life history, character, and political philosophy and his experiences producing his movie, 2016: Obama’s America. Dinesh D’Souza responded to questions from members of the audience at the Cooley Temple Conference Center in Lansing, Michigan. His speech was part of Americans for Prosperity’s Conservative Leadership Summit." - BookTV

Video Source: BookTV, August 18, 2012, (Actual speech is 27 minutes, questions added.)







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