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What If It Was Trump Who Was Mocked As Born Of Apes?

May 30, 2018



Well He Was! And The Media Didn't Give A Damn Back Then. Because It Was The Democrat's Pride And Joy On HBO Who Made The Claim That Trump's Dad Could Have Been A Monkey.

Click on photo below to watch.

Five years ago the media laughed at Trump's father being a monkey.  You've been had again, America!
Video Source: TMZ




And So What About Disney Who Owns ABC, That Dropped Barr's Show? Where Is Disney's Heart, With Obama Or Trump Or Neither? You Decide.

Click on graphic to watch.

2018 ad for Disney's One Magical Weekend.
Video Source: One Magical Weekend

Roseanne Barr Says Fans Inspiring Her To Fight Back Against Show’s Cancellation. - Breitbart

Roseanne’s Fired For Calling Jarrett An Ape – Olbermann Hired [By ESPN / Disney] After Calling Trump A ‘F-ing Nazi.’ - ClashDaily

ROSEANNE: They Replaced My Reruns With COSBY! - AmericanMirror







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