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Running Out Of TIME

June 27, 2018



TIME, A Well Established Publication Goes Rogue With Fake News


Progressive Democrats And TIME Magazine Got It Wrong!

TIME Magazine reports its photo is about the immigration issue in America. But it is not. The report on her journey to America is about the Democrat Party in Washington D.C. not willing to address the dangers of these kids being drawn to our border, this little girl's mother paying smugglers to bring her to this country without the father's knowledge! It proves Trump's point against the progressive Alinsky mob we see in the fake media that these kids can be put into the hands of criminals and then disappear . . . right Chuck and Nancy? - Webmaster

"The father of the 2-year-old Honduran girl that became the face of the media's recent attack on the Trump administration for its "zero tolerance" policy on illegal immigration says that she was never separated from her mother at the border and that the mother abandoned her three other children and paid a human smuggler thousands of dollars to illegally enter the United States, all against his wishes.

In an explosive interview with the Daily Mail, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez revealed that his wife, Sandra, had always wanted to move to the U.S. to have access to better economic opportunities, but that she left with their daughter without telling anyone." - READ MORE / DailyWire

Photo Source: DailyWire

SHOCKING MEDIA'S FAKE NEWS: Migrant Mother And ‘Crying Girl’ On TIME Cover Never Separated; Mom Deported In 2013, Left Husband With Good Job, 3 Other Kids, Paid Coyote $6K To Sneak Back In U.S. - GatewayPundit

Rasmussen Poll Finds Majority Of Americans Blame Illegal Immigrant Parents For The Child Border Crisis. - GatewayPundit

Border Patrol Agent Tells Truth Behind TIME Magazine's Lying Cover - DailyCaller

[Disgusting Progressives At] TIME Magazine Defend Lying Anti-Trump Cover. - DailyWire

Conditions For Homeless Children IN AMERICA Vs. Shelter For Migrant Children. - DailyCaller

[Hollywood Does It Again!] Jennifer Lopez Spreads Hoax Photos On Border Crisis. - DailyWire

Click To See The Caged Kid? Well, It’s Total Bovine Scatology.. - ClashDaily

Despite Whining By Liberal Media And DC Elites, 64% Of Americans Want Illegal Families Detained - GatewayPundit

TIME Magzine puts up photo about immigration issue but doesn't explain that the little girl was taken to America without the father's knowledge and had paid smugglers thousands of dollars, putting the girl's safety in the hands of criminals. - Webmaster on story from the Daily Wire



But There Are Rumors The TIME Cover Could Have Been More About . . . Ah, Real Life.











Graphic Cover Source: WND


Hmm, The Top Ten Liberal News Outlets - ThoughtForYourPenny







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