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June 28, 2018



"‘The Wire’ Creator David Simon After Annapolis Shooting: ‘It Is Trump’s Direct Language.’"

Actual it wasn't about Trump at all, David. The shooter felt the newspaper had attacked him on its pages over an issue he lost in court a few years ago. - Webmaster

[Here We Go Again!!] Police Warned Multiple Times About Annapolis Shooting Suspect; Gazette Employee Took Out Restraining Order. - ZeroHedge

"Veteran Hollywood writer David Simon took to Twitter Thursday and appeared to place blame for the deadly shooting at the Capital-Gazette newspaper in Annapolis, Maryland, on President Donald Trump. 'Blood today in an American newsroom. Aren’t you proud, you vile, fascist son of a bitch,' Simon tweeted, responding to a Trump tweet in which the president said the 'fake news media … is not my enemy, it is the enemy of the American People!” - Breitbart

Photo Source: Breitbart


OMG, David Simon seems to be, BY HIS OWN VIOLENT-SUPPORTING POTTY LANGUAGE, part of the progressive fascist media that is against the people who love their Republic and its Constitution AS WRITTEN.

What kind of media personality comes out and attacks Trump over a shooter, when police at the time had no idea of the killer's motivation, be it over a loss of a job or anger with a co-worker or the newspaper itself, personal stuff that has ZERO to do with President Trump. In fact the FIVE On FOX News reported that murders against the media are practically non-existent in America. But you wouldn't know that from interviews of hateful guests on the fake media today acting as if it could happen every day.

THE ONLY ATTACK ON THE MEDIA that I remember was by NORTH CAROLINA DEMOCRATS themselves, attacking blacks who had formed a sophisticated and successful society in the city of Wilmington, NC. Those Democrats chased over 2,000 blacks and business owners from the city, murdering over a dozen black businessmen WHILE BURNING DOWN THEIR NEWSPAPER.


Here You Can See Democrats Standing By Their Trophy In 1898, A Successful Black Run Newspaper They Burned To The Ground.

Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898.

The attack was called THE MASSACRE OF 1898. So few know about it today because the media suppresses the violence it is very capable of producing against others for access to absolute power.

It was Democrats who were crazy back then against the freedom of others and are crazy today. They have been called the party of death, a party filled with hate from the times of the KKK to modern days. It seems like a political organization that has been cursed from the spilled blood covering its hands from well over one hundred years of history in America. It is almost like a disease that is transferable from one liberal to another.

David Simon has sadly chosen to align himself with vile Hollywood actors that have sided with the Democrat Party. It has caused other citizens to suddenly show concern over a civil war that could be coming at them from over the horizon, such as Jane Fonda's brother, Peter, recent writings that Trump's son should be put into a cage with pedophiles!

But there was more:

Above Twitter Source: FOXNews

This Disrespect For America Seems To Run In The Fonda Family With Hanoi Jane, Shown Here.

Photo Source: PatriotPost


Simon is also not unlike the hateful progressive peers that his hateful comments can be associated with, such as the sheriff in Florida who worked with a school superintendent that supported Obama's "Promise Program." The program kept teenagers, who broke the law, from being reported to the authorities.  It resulted in over a dozen deaths at a Florida high school by one of those teens never taken to task for comments and threats.

What a sad state for freedom of expression from a party where some of its membership is already supporting socialism and communism. Other fascists like Simon can be found on the other side of the world, progressive journalists in Sweden going after any citizen who dares to question the lies on immigration from their progressive Swedish government. Those questions can cause them to be forced out of their jobs or even out of the country from attacks by the government's progressive media.


Watch From Sweden: A Unique Journalist Who Sees The Dangers

He reports, "Donald Trump is correct."

I live in an immigrant area in Sweden and it is not working well. - TundraTabloids

Video Source: TundraTabloids

It is the same with progressive multicultural journalists in Germany, where police had been told by the government to stop reporting on rapes, too many German journalists going along for the ride just like so many liberal journalists do in America today over rapes by illegal aliens of American women.

Simon is seen in the above photo sitting in an old buttoned down shirt, pretending to look like any ordinary American. But it was people like him that had attacked others in a 1933 society where "Jew" would be painted on the window of their business. It was an attempt by the progressive government of that time to turn the everyday German citizen against their own, not unlike what the progressives in the Democrat Party are doing in 2018 to conservative leaders as the country approaches a critical mid-term November election.


'Protect Yourselves, Don’t Buy from Jews.'” - German photo WWII - Webmaster

"A sign on a store owned by German Jews: 'Protect Yourselves, Don’t Buy from Jews.'” - Yadvashem

Photo Source: Yadvashem

It is the same Simon himself is doing today, siding with hate that was responsible for a Republican House member being shot while playing baseball. Later Nancy Pelosi would be seen trotting around with her famous crocodile smile, welcoming the Congressman's return.

Simon is also like the rogue woman owner of the Red Hen restaurant, made famous last week ordering family members of the president's staff to leave. But then she decided that wasn't enough, following them to another restaurant across the street.  She then, using her cell phone, gathered a mob to shout at them from the sidewalk. It was shades of the radicals of the OWS that Nancy Pelosi in 2011 fawned over, proclaiming, "God will bless them."

People overseas must be asking, "Is this what a successful democracy evolves to." They probably remember Plato's warning where even puppy dogs would stand on their hind legs to demand their freedom, too, while the society implodes from political correctness gone mad.

Obama, trained by Alinsky's organization, early on in his presidency had also openly attacked conservative groups in America, accusing them of "clinging to their guns and Bibles."

From the beginning of 2009, Obama ruled America with his Marxist Czars. One of them had included a man named Van Jones . . . that is until he was vetted as a communist by the conservative media host Glenn Beck.

You should know that communist Van Jones is now employed by CNN. CNN has been called the Snuff Network for its showing around the world a terrorist-provided video of one of our GI's being shot in Iraq. CNN also runs TURK CNN in Turkey, helping a dictator overrun citizens with reports protests were being buried by CNN, just like the progressive media does to the accomplishments of President Donald Trump.

Patriot Americans today understand too well what the progressive socialist of the Democrat Party are trying to do to the country, holding on to their guns and Bibles with even a tighter grip.

Liberals are dangerous because they’re usually driven by emotion and the lies that come with them. It’s why some have observed, “To make a conservative angry, lie.  To make progressive angry, tell the truth.” - Webmaster


Dinesh D'Souza's New Film, "Death Of A Nation."

Graphic Source: DeathOfANationMovie







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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster