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The Growth Of America's Fascist Left Since 9/11

Progressive propaganda 80 years later even Goebbels regime would have admired.

July 25, 2018



A.) From Progressives Attacking Our Heroes' Patriotism From 9/11 . . .

This sedition began in 2007 at a Democrat Party fund raiser

Video Source - MRCTV, September 11, 2017



B.) To Personal Attacks In 2018 In Restaurants, Movies And Local Uber Driver Warning, "Welcome To The Resistance."

What resistance? Whose resistance? Its leader(s)?!

"It ain’t easy being a conservative these days. New reports are popping up every week about conservatives being denied service at restaurants and now even from a ride-sharing company solely because of their political beliefs.

Six Republican campaign volunteers have a similar story. They say they were kicked out of an Uber on Saturday in Raleigh, North Carolina, as their driver told them 'Welcome to the resistance.' Mary Russell, a volunteer, and Chris Godbey, the Executive Director of the Young Republicans National Federation, sat down with the Daily Caller to share their horrifying experience. Their crime? Talking politics amongst themselves in front of their driver." - DailyCaller

Video Source: DailyCaller

‘F*** Trump’: Art Gallery Under Fire For ISIS-Style Trump Beheading. - TomFernandez28



C.) To The Fourth Estate. No Longer News, Only Views Seen Here In 2018 Supported By ABC Network's TV Executives.

"On Tuesday's [7/17/2018] episode of 'The View,' co-host Joy Behar pathetically attempted to bait rapper and actor Curtis '50 Cent' Jackson with an absurd racial question. But it didn't go as she planned. Behar bizarrely asked the rapper his 'thoughts' on white people calling the police on black people. 'It's an epidemic these days,' she said." - DailyWire

Video Source: DailyWire

Whoopi Goldberg Backstage At The View Tells Pirro To Get The "F" Out Of The Building.- PageSix



D.) To The Cable "Entertainment," Such As Showtime In 2017.

"Sacha Baron Cohen entered a Riverside, California, gun store wearing a disguise then fled the scene after the gun store’s owner called him out. Norris Sweidan owns Warrior One Guns & Ammo and he says Cohen entered his business disguised as a Hungarian immigrant last year." - Breitbart

Video Source: Breitbart



E.) To DNC's Alinsky Antifa Thugs In 2018, Formerly The OWS That Pelosi Said God Would Bless, Who Harassed ICE Agents. Watch!

Note that these DNC protestors also go after the black ICE agent, calling him a n*****.

"Hey SPLC censors! Don't flag this video, these are YOUR allies, and I am reporting on what they did, not using the language myself." - Mike Cernovich

Video Source: Mike Cernovich



F.) But The Most Revealing Corruption Of All, A Former Head Of The FBI, (Better Know As FIB), Openly Tells Citizens To Vote For Democrats In November 2018.

"Former FBI Director James Comey is urging “all who believe in this country’s values” to vote for Democrats in the upcoming midterm elections. Matt Yurus reports." - WLJ Local ABC News

Video Source: WLJ Local ABC News




So Why Do Progressive Socialist Democrats And Their National Media Echo Chamber Hate Trump So Much?

"I would use my mid-sized Twitter and Facebook platforms to signal my wokeness on topics such as LGBT rights, rape culture, and racial injustice. Many of the opinions I held then are still opinions that I hold today. But I now realize that my social-media hyperactivity was, in reality, doing more harm than good." - Zero Hedge

Graphic Source: ZeroHedge

Because with Trump making "America Great Again," their Marxist leaders and Antifa-filled "useful idiots" have become like the fresh warm human feces that cover too many streets of Nancy Pelosi's San Francisco, as the song says, "high on hill."

The nauseating smell reflects the obvious truth about Democrat-run American cities for the last six decades; many slowly becoming . . . wait for it . . . uninhabitable and more unsafe for local citizens.

Below are Trump's accomplishments in his first 500 days in office, an accomplishment for America's success that any Democrat Party Socialist or Marxist would obviously hate. They know you can't get votes from people who are free and happy with their lives.

Adolph Hitler found that out. No one was interested in his lies in 1928. That is until the 1929 crash hit the local German citizen because the world wanted its money from the carnage Germany had caused in WWI. Then without jobs, they suddenly loved him. Ten years later five-million Jews would be dead. Hitler blamed them for Germany's loss in WWI, and the public believed it.


To Commemorate President Trump’s First 500 days In Office, Below Is The List Of His Accomplishments.

Article from Clash Daily, June 4, 2018

The Economy:

  • The stock market has been booming since President Trump was elected
  • The Dow broke the records for the fastest 500, 1,000, 2,000, 3,000, 4,000, 5,000, 6,000 and 7,000 point increases between major milestones. The Dow today stands at 24,635.  It had more all-time closing highs in 2017 and the Dow increased more in 2017 than any year in history
  • Unemployment is way down. More people are working today than at any point in American history. 155 million people are working in the US today and only 6 million Americans are unemployed
  • Black unemployment is at a historic low, the same is true for women
  • 3 million jobs have been created since President Trump took office and more than 600,000 in manufacturing.
  • GDP growth rate is expected to be 4.8% in the 2nd Quarter this year according to the Atlanta Fed.
  • the national GDP reached nearly $20 trillion for the highest recorded GDP in US history at the end of the 1st Quarter of this year
  • The Trump tax plan passed benefiting American companies as well as individuals
  • Millions of Americans have received bonuses due to the tax cuts and major companies have announced plans to move capital and operations to the US due to these cuts.
  • Consumer confidence is at a 17-year high


Foreign Policy:

  • Both Syria and Iraq have declared victory over ISIS and due to President Trump’s resolve, less than 1,000 ISIS fighters are estimated remaining
  • The epic speech he gave to Muslim leaders to ‘drive out’ the ‘evil losers’ that are extremists
  • During his successful trip to Asia, he secured an estimated $300 billion in deals for the US.
  • He’s leading the charge to denuclearize the Korean Peninsula, and the on again/off again meeting with ‘Little Rocket Man’ is back on track
  • He kept his promise to move the U.S. Embassy in Israel thereby officially acknowledging Jerusalem as the capital
  • 17 Americans held overseas have been returned


Domestic Policy:

The appointment of conservative judges, including the excellent appointment of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Over 90 executive orders in the first 100 days alone include:

  • Dismantling Obama’s climate change initiatives and pulling out of the Paris Climate Accord
  • Travel bans for individuals from a select number of countries embroiled in terrorist atrocities.
  • Enforcing regulatory reform.
  • Protecting Law enforcement.
  • Mandating for every new regulation to eliminate two
  • Defeating ISIS.
  • Rebuilding the military.
  • Building a border wall.
  • Cutting funding for sanctuary cities.
  • Approving Keystone and Dakota pipelines.
  • Reducing regulations on manufacturers.
  • Placing a hiring freeze on federal employees.
  • Exiting the US from the TP


And The List Keeps Growing:

Click on graphic to buy your roll today. Limited supply.

Photo Source: ClashDaily

"It’s been a successful first year, but you wouldn’t know that if you watched the mainstream Media (D) or late night talk shows. It’s all anti-Trump all the time.

The worst of all is CNN that absolutely refuses to report on the tremendous success of the MAGA agenda. They claim to be unbiased, but that’s not how they behave.

CNN — all the news that’s fit to flush[?]

Are you tired of the fake news that spews forth from CNN and the lame-stream media? Well, you don’t have to put up with their crap any more!

Clash Daily is proud to release a very special brand of toilet paper! Send to your liberal friends so that they can wipe their minds clear of the waste produced by [what some now call] the Communist News Network [CNN / TURK CNN (see below) / The Snuff Network!]"


Article from Clash Daily, June 4, 2018



CNN Turk, A Partner With Turkey's Authoritarian Erdogan Regime

"Tucker Carlson Tonight. Tucker vs Zucker. CNN's Jeff Zucker accused Fox of being a 'State Run-TV' channel, a news propaganda station. Tucker Carlson reminded Zucker that branches of CNN International are literally propaganda networks bought and paid for by authoritarian governments. For instance, CNN Turk was recently bought by an unnamed business with deep ties to Turkish President Erdogan.

Tucker said 'Now we know, on some level, all criticism is self-criticism — you accuse others of being secretly what you know you are,' he continues 'As it happens, just today, just as Jeff Zucker was speaking, a controlling interest in CNN Turk . . . was sold to an arm of the regime there.'

'Jeff Zucker’s network is now in effect in business with the authoritarian, and highly anti-American Erdogan regime.'” - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews







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