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August 6, 2018




"Inspired by the turbulent events of post-2016 presidential election America, Dinesh D'Souza's Death of a Nation reveals an eerie similarity between the situations faced by President Trump now and the situations faced by President Lincoln in 1860. The film demonstrates how Trump can use the example of Lincoln to shut down the Democratic plantation once and for all." - Death Of A Nation

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Historic documentary shows on film the rise of fascism and how American progressives helped the mission of the Third Reich. That mission continues today with Antifa and other revolutionaries such as Obama's OWS, which in 2011 Nancy Pelosi said "God will bless." Bottom line? They're all against America's traditional values supported by a new Democrat Party that ups-the-ante with new attacks against ICE and law enforcement, one Democrat running for office wants ICE officers prosecuted if she wins.


In the movie, Richard Spenser, from his own mouth, denies the Trump agenda. Our far left corrupt media had labeled Spenser with a new word they created, the "alt-right." Yet Spenser in reality, and from his own words, is a far-left progressive like the Democrat Party. Trump was right. The Obama progressive media is the fake media.

But after watching Dinesh's movie, the corrupt media is more than fake. It's dangerous, too, with the New York Times having hired an "editorial" board member last week who recently attacked white men on Twitter and also . . . wait for it . . . writing, "I was equating Trump to Hitler before it was cool." - Webmaster



"Death Of A Nation"

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Video Source: Dinesh D'Souza

Disney Director James Gunn Exposed: Disturbing History Of Child Rape ‘Jokes.’ - Breitbart

Former Nation Of Islam Member, Muslim Keith Ellison, and U.S. House Of Representative, Demands Amazon Censor David Horowitz Center Books. - Frontpage

A Memorial To Navy SEAL And Medal Of Honor Recipient Lt. Michael P. Murphy, Who Was Killed During The Operation Made Famous By The Book And Movie “Lone Survivor,” Was Found Smashed To Pieces. - PopularMilitary

[Comedian] Michelle Wolf: "Abortion Should Be On The Dollar Menu At McDonald's" - PJMedia






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"Trump: ‘Enemy of the people’ media is ‘dangerous and sick,’ can ‘cause war’" - AOLNews


“My father served on Okinawa in 44, navigating a Navy Higgins filled with Marines onto its beaches. His landing craft shot up, he went with the Marines, MIA until the end of the conflict.

My grandmother's crying must have made an impression on me at four years old, her two other sons already lost to an accident and polio.

My grandfather had immigrated from Sweden, working on the railroad in the early 1920's in Minnesota to bring the rest of the family over here. Two years later the four came to Ellis Island in steerage, my grandfather fearing the socialism that the population in Sweden was beginning to embrace, now at our shores 90 YEARS LATER.

My other grandmother lived on the coast of Florida, where all lights had to be turned out at night so the German U boats couldn't see the shadows of our supply ships on the Atlantic.


In 2018 that's what's happening, North Korea and China watching America's reaction to the progressive messages VOMITED OUT from most of the mainstream media to stop America's resolve to be a leader in the world.

THEY ALSO SEE America's college students enjoying safe spaces and other weird s***, SUCKING OFF THE TIT of others like my dad who had brought enemies to their knees.

AND THAT'S WHAT TRUMP IS TALKING ABOUT, Turk CNN assisting a dictator in Turkey, aka the SNUFF Network, and also a home for Communist Van Jones and the million-member organization he co-founded, 'Color Of Change' ” - Webmaster







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Black newspaper burned down on November 10, 1898. The Democrat Party's machine showed its true colors in the murders of blacks in the Wilmington Massacre of 1898 and then NEVER LOOKED BACK. - Webmaster