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August 8, 2018



Let's Call Like It Is And Stop Dancing Around The Reality Of Our Times

You can read the following positioning statement first or click here to visit the recent documented acts of violence shown below.

The violent world some conservative Americans live in today was manufactured by progressives within the Democrat Party after being stunned at Trump's win in November of 2016. In response they now encourage and tolerate fascism by their silence against Trump voters, knowing full well who is creating the violence at the individual level.

Antifa, a fascist group identified by their own activity with hoods, masks and weapons, is not unlike the violence of the OWS in 2011 that Obama praised and Nancy Pelosi proclaimed 'would be blessed by God.' Again the Democrat Party stood by and allowed its violence against local police to run across the country by anarchists.

Even Francis Fox Piven, one of the infamous radical communist professors at Columbia University known as Cloward & Piven, attended the OWS protests. Cloward & Piven were well known in New York State in the 1980's, socialists who tried to overwhelm its welfare system through encouraging participants to take MORE FREE BENEFITS than they needed.

It was an attempt to shut down the system 'by overwhelming' it, the goal being to replace it with another Cloward & Piven ideology that their Marxist supporters would see as beneficial to their radical cause. When Barack Obama was elected in 2008, he then moved that message to the national level though weaponizing federal agencies in Washington D.C. with his appointment of what he called 'Czars.' One of those Czars was to be Van Jones, a Green Czar. But it was not long before Van Jones was vetted by Glenn Beck as a closet Communist, which Obama had hidden from the people.

Van Jones would then use the organization, Color of Change, which he had cofounded, to attack Beck's advertisers at FOX News in revenge. Beck later left FOX to start The Blaze while Van Jones went on to be a guest host on CNN, now referred to by some as the Communist News Network with its added function of 'CNN Turk,' assisting the Sharia Law dictator in Turkey. To that end one could say that CNN wasn't happy to be known only as the 'Snuff Network.'

But this all was started decades ago by liberal progressives such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg. As a former ACLU executive, Ginsburg wrote early on in her life about disrespecting male leadership in the family among other things. She also demanded the words "man and woman" be removed from marriage licenses and believed the Boy and Girl Scouts should be combined into one organization.

Understanding this, is it any surprise the world we live in today just happens to LOOK EXACTLY as Ruth Bater Ginsburg wanted it to be? The radio personality Michael Savage referring to her as "Gator."

After becoming a Supreme Court Justice in 1993, (with all but two Senate Republicans voting for her that including a 'Yea' from John McCain), she would openly accuse our Constitution of being a "Lone Ranger" in the world against the globalists. I wrote about that in one of these HTML e-mails back in July of 2016, which I titled, using a quote from the early British writer Geoffrey Chaucer, that read "If Gold Can Rust, What Shall The Iron Do?"

Ginsburg also promised to move to New Zealand if Donald Trump was elected. That should have been expected with Ginsburg backing up Planned Parenthood while New Zealand was making efforts to totally remove Down's Syndrome births from its population. New Zealand is also a place where conservatives are not welcomed. You will see an extremely troubling video below of what recently happened to conservative speakers in New Zealand, who had to walk away from a scheduled event when their lives were thought to be in danger.

Still question how dangerous it is today to be seen eating in a restaurant and known to be an active Trump supporter? Maybe the following news stories just from last week will change your mind. - Webmaster




A Critical Message From Stefan Molyneux Of Freedomain Radio

"Your support is essential to Freedomain Radio, which is 100% funded by viewers like you." - Stefan Molyneux

Video Source: Stefan Molyneux



"Leftist Mob, [Following Directive From U.S. House Representative, Maxine Waters], Screams At, Throws Drink On TPUSA's Charlie Kirk And Candace Owens At A Philadelphia Restaurant."

"'Turning Point' USA head Charlie Kirk and communications director Candace Owens were sitting at a restaurant in Philadelphia when members of a Leftist activist group spotted them through the window. Within minutes, Kirk told Daily Wire, 20-30 of these rabble-rousers mobilized, and proceeded to harass Kirk and Owens inside the restaurant before attacking them outside. Police were required to separate the mob from Kirk and Owens." - DailyWire

Video Source: DailyWire



[By Its Silence, DNC Supported] "Antifa Thugs Vandalize Berkeley USMC Recruiting Office."

“Antifa closed out the day in Berkeley with 20 arrests by smashing the windows out of a Marine Corps Recruiting Office and by threatening to beat up the livestreamer Ford Fischer.” - USSANews, August 6, 2018

Video Source: FordFischer



Portland Mayor Under Fire For EMBOLDENING Liberal Protestors Against ICE Headquarters

"Portland's Democratic mayor [of course] coming under fire after ICE agents say he violated the Constitution when he ordered police to stand down while they were harassed by 'Occupy ICE' protesters. - Shannon Bream / FOXNews

Video Source: ShannonBream / FOXNews

"Illegal Alien Pretends Girl Is His Daughter To Enter U.S., Rapes Her, Homeland Security Says." - DailyWire



Tucker Carlson Challenges Portland 'Occupy ICE' Group Leader

"During the protesters' month-long occupation of ICE facilities, Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler announced his support for them and refused to have police intervene. Now, the National ICE council has sent a cease-and-desist letter demanding that their right to police protection be preserved." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews



Guess What: Even New Zealand Is Now Hostile To Free Speech

"After completing five events in Australia, Stefan Molyneux and Lauren Southern went to New Zealand for an August 3rd event in Auckland - but due to circumstances beyond their control, things went terribly awry and the event was canceled." - StefanMolyneux

Video Source: StefanMolyneux

Please Pray For My Wife. - BenStein



The Hate Group, Southern Poverty Law Center, Is Now Embraced By Google To Decide What Is Hate, Causing Orgs like PragerU To Take Their Case Of Discrimination To The 9th U.S. District Court.

Tucker Carlson, Founder Of The Daily Caller, Slams Google For Partnering With Wholly Discredited Hate Group, Southern Poverty Law Center (APLC), To Censor YouTube Uploads. - Tucker Carlson / FOXNews

Video Source: Tucker Carlson / FOXNews

. . . While Leftists Cheer Apple iTunes Purging Alex Jones For 'Hate Speech,' Demanding Even MORE Censorship of others. - TomFernandez28

"Facebook Removes Conservative Site Infowars — But Terrorist Filth By Fatah, FARC, Al-Muwahideen And Al-Awlaki Still Litters The Platform." - GatewayPundit

"Apple Dumps Alex Jones But Still Supports Racist, Anti-Semitic Louis Farrakhan Podcasts." - EagleRising

Note: DANGEROUS billionaire globalists from corporations such as Apple iTunes and Facebook ignore America's unique justice system and it Supreme Court that protects all speech, especially hate speech as designed by our founders. They also see conservatives protecting their religious values as hate speech, trampling on the very people that founded this country they now abuse. - Webmaster






1776: If This Governor Had Been Alive Then, There Might Not Have Been A Revolution For Our Freedom.

Yet another Democrat fights against guns held by law abiding citizens, just like Democrats did to blacks during the rule of their KKK, an act watched by the upcoming leaders across the ocean of the Third Reich in how to deal with their "Jewish problem." - Webmaster

"Cuomo has been accused of targeting and actively opposing the NRA, and he freely admits that is the case.  The governor referred to the NRA’s Carry Guard as 'murder insurance' and said he is working with other states to eliminate the availability of the program nationwide." - The Blaze

"New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo doesn’t feel sorry for the National Rifle Association, despite the organization’s claims that Cuomo has hurt the company financially by targeting companies that do business with the gun rights group, CNN reported. The NRA is suing Cuomo and the state of New York because the state has moved to block the NRA from selling Carry Guard insurance. Carry Guard is liability insurance for people who are involved in shooting incidents." - TheBlaze

Photo Source: TheBlaze




"There is quite simply no one else like Rush. His insights, analysis, humor and optimism are completely off the charts - and the fact that the Left is utterly baffled by him only adds to our delight. Remember when Al Franken and Janeane Garofalo launched "Air America Radio" hoping to create a liberal version of the Limbaugh magic? Their efforts were nightmarishly uninformative and unfunny, and they stunk up the airwaves so badly that the entire network collapsed." - Stilton's Place

"Without exception, the people who say they hate Rush are people who have never seriously listened to his show objectively for a few days. They're afraid to, for the best of all possible reasons: he'll change their minds. And the average Leftist would rather go on being wrong forever rather than admit they've been duped." - Stilton'sPlace

Graphic Source: Stilton'sPlace







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