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Fake Media Headline:

Trump Doesn't Use The Correct Crayons

August 27, 2018



While Trump has brought back American prisoners from North Korea, some in the Karl Marx fake media were more interested in how he uses crayons.

Trump Mocked For Appearing To Incorrectly Color-In The U.S. Flag

"President Trump is being mocked on social media for appearing to incorrectly color the U.S. flag during a visit to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital in Ohio Thursday, reports Mashable. The controversy began when someone tweeted a close-up photo of the American flag Trump had colored in while sitting with kids who were also coloring. The president seems to have made one of the stripes blue." - GeoBeats, August 26, / AOL

Photo Source: Mashable


See Comment Below On This News Story, Which AOL News Editors Thought Important Enough To Pick Up Then Position FIRST On AOL's Rotating News Marquee.


Trump is visiting kids in a hospital, taking time to be with them, and the Marxist media mocks him. His wife visits young children, reading them a book, and the Marxist media mocks her accent, the woman able to speak several languages.

But when Obama's wife says after the November 2008 election she could finally be proud of America, the same woman who complained about the cost of her children's piano lessons and pushed poor patients out of a Chicago hospital for richer ones while paid over $300,000 as its VP, the Marxist media smiled and praised her courage.

And when Obama, a Harvard graduate, couldn't even pronounce Corpsman while READING from his teleprompter saying, "corpse man," as if they were dead, the Marxist media turned and said, "look how well he dresses and speaks."  That’s also what Democrat Harry Reid noted, a U.S. Senator from Nevada, when the first African-American was nominated for president.

Today the Marxist media would call that a racist statement. But back then, when Obama was running for office, the Marxist media thought Harry had nailed it.

Corrupt media? When RT News becomes more reliable than CNN Turk, America's Fourth Estate has turned into the Methodist church (see below) that has stood in ruin in downtown, Gary, Indiana, for at least the last 35 years. Today it's now referred to by the city as a "preserve," leaders hoping to create income off the body of the dead church as . . . wait for it . . . a tourist attraction.

In the end, there is nothing to brag about when being well adjusted to a very sick society. - Webmaster



Proposed Downtown Nature Preserve For Gary, Indiana, Positioned As A . . . Tourist Attraction

"A Unique Ruins Garden Park."

Click on the photo to watch a drone video.

Abandoned Places USA City Methodist Church, Gary, In Drone Footage.

"A casualty of the Indiana steel-industry crash, the massive gothic church took over a million dollars to build in 1926 (translating to roughly $13 million today), half of which was donated by the United States Steel Corporation.

By the mid-1970s, the congregation dropped from nearly 3,000 to the low hundreds with the town’s population dwindling significantly. Nine stories of ornate stonework, molded arches, towering pillars, and stained glass have attracted street artists, urban explorers, and filmmakers -- it was a backdrop for A Nightmare on Elm Street and Transformers: Dark of the Moon." - Justas Breive, June 29, 2016

Photo Source: AmazingPlacesFinder

Video Source: Justas Breive (Click on photo to watch drone video of fallen church.)


Chicago Tribune: The City Of Gary, Indiana, Considers Fallen Methodist Church As A Tourist Attraction

"Commission officials have said portions of the church, once home to a congregation of several thousand Methodists, are salvageable and that stabilization would enable the city to demolish the auditorium and administration block, which are on the verge of collapse if nothing is done. They say those portions are too costly to restore.

City officials, noting the overgrowth of ivy and other wild plant life on the structure, have suggested the idea of a 'Unique Ruins Garden Park' be encouraged. They have said they envision public gatherings there, including weddings, reunions and art performances.

Studies were paid with a grant last year of just over $160,000 from the Knight Cities Challenge, and city officials say they expect to apply for more grants from various groups to advance development of the project." - Chicago Tribune, March 2018


Film Makers Shoot Their Films In The Trashed Church Located in Gary, Indiana . - Watch Video

Video Source: Kely McClung, September 2016



Below Are Some Comments On AOL Posted By Obvious Snowflakes, Responding To Trump's Use Of Crayons.

Comment Source: AOL News







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