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Why America Is One Of The Most Genuinely Free Countries In The World!

August 28, 2018



Trump's Deplorables And Proud Of It . . . 50 Years Ago!

"Segment of the Jean Shepherd 1976 movie, 'Phantom Of the Open Hearth,' the Sears Roebuck Kit House." - 525Wireman

Video Source: YouTube


From audio of "Jean Shepherd's America," Season One, filmed while Shep is driving a large RV mobile home circa 1971. - SilentShepp

Click here to listen to the short story that was the background for the above video.

Audio / Photo Source: SilentShepp

Entire Illinois Neighborhood Built From Sears Homes In The 1960's. - KSDKNews


As the pariah of the deceptive deep state establishment with its dangerous national Marxist media filled to the brim with sadistic cable outlets, (such as rogue MSNBC and globalist CNN / CNN TURK against the rights of the Turkish people), morn with liberal tears the loss of maverick Senator John McCain *, the innocent video seen above is a testimony of what has made us unique as a people within a freedom-loving society . . . the original deplorables.

First Methodist Church Laid Waste By Gary, Indiana, Democrat government. Photo source: AmazingPlacesFinder

You saw a part of the loss of that innocence in my HTML midweek e-mail sent out yesterday on, Gary, Indiana, and the magnificent Methodist Church that was allowed to die into ruins, turned into an appropriate crack house for the area.

It is a sad and dramatic symbol of how progressive Democrats turned that early Jewel of an immigrant city, Gary, into what many could call today, and have done so for the last forty years, the drug capital of the Midwest.

America's spirit back in those times of Jean Shephard, and after winning WWII, had become the land of hope, inspiration and love of freedom filled with a genuine melting pot of immigrants who loved this country beyond words.

Why? Because they had already survived the bastards who lead other countries and ideologies around the world, then risking everything to come to America. It's what my grandfather had hoped for his wife and three young sons, coming to America in the early 1920's to escape the coming socialism to Sweden, filled today with Islamic No-Go zones.

To understand how America is close to losing its uniqueness in the world, please find and then sit down and talk with one of those early immigrants who came to America and are now in their 70's and 80's. You may find in almost all cases that what they see is what they had escaped decades ago now coming to haunt them again today, this time in America with no place else to run and hide.

Heil Hitler? No Heil for too many universities in America along with their fascist administrations that have pushed their students into the Communist lie . . . most all of them Karl Marx Democrats who see their American snowflake students as the next potential generation of "useful idiots" to serve the Obama generation of the collective, the Democrat leader who promised "we are five days away from fundamentally transforming the United States of America."

And accept for millions of stealth deplorable Trump voters during the election of November 2016, Obama and his Czars, with the help of a weaponized FBI and corrupt candidate Hillary Clinton, would have achieved their underhanded goal of sedition. - Webmaster

* Note: It was Senator John McCain who helped lead GOP Senators to vote for Ruth Bader Ginsburg to the Supreme Court in 1993, with ONLY two GOP Senators voting "Nay," Barack Obama's most trusted justice on the court."




Cuban-American Filmmaker Warns America Is Turning Into A Communist Country

"Filmmaker and American citizen Agustin Blazquez never thought his native Cuba would become a communist country, but now he sees the same radical shift happening in America.

In this exclusive video interview for The Daily Caller News Foundation, he says the left has been clever by using 'very non-threatening words,' like liberal, progressive and concerned citizens, for advancing government control of American lives. The truth about Cuban politics is hard to find because of media spin and propaganda dominating American discourse.

For Blazquez, watching American youth embrace avowed socialist Senator Bernie Sanders for president, strikes him as 'absurd.'

It is the end result, he says, of the cultural marxist education and media propaganda that has anesthetized too many Americans who do not defend the values that made America exceptional.

Watching President Barack Obama travel to Cuba, he says, made him 'want to throw up.' This was a 'betrayal to victims of communism,' the filmmaker of 'Covering Cuba' says.

Blazquez adds there are 'so many [Nelson] Mandelas' in Cuban prisons, who are tortured, denied medical attention and abused. Yet, prominent black elites from America, including most incredibly to him, the Congressional Black Caucus, are wined and dined by the political elites but are blind to their 'betrayal of blacks in Cuba.'

As the 'fundamental transformation of America' continued under Obama’s governance [until the 2016 election where Hillary lost], Blazquez warns that elites in America are in a precarious situation.

Their privileges, rights and property could evaporate fast with America’s trend towards erosion of liberties.

'Wake up, America!' the Cuban-American proclaims." - DailyCaller





Former Hitler Youth Whistleblower Warns Of America's Fascist Future

"In this shocking interview available for the first time to Prison subscribers, former Hitler Youth member and World War Two veteran Hilmar Von Campe warns that America's collective turn away from God is greasing the skids for the state to take over as the ultimate authority, threatening a repeat of the rise of National Socialism, as he warns that the Obama White House and the United States government in general now more closely embrace the political doctrines of the Nazis than they do those of the founding fathers." - PrisonPlanet

Video Source: YouTube



The Drumbeat Of Fascism

"Kitty Werthmann is an 87 year-old WW2 survivor. Werthmann lived under Nazi rule through the war, and strongly feels the need to warn Americans about the horrors of socialism, remembering Adolf Hitler spoke just like an American politician. She sites Switzerland's policy where citizens are required to own guns. 'Keep your guns. Keep your guns." - Kitty Werthmann
Video Source: YouTube







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