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Is Hollywood Moving To Brussels?

September 3, 2018



We Would Hope So . . . And Soon, Too!

"In the entertainment industry, the upcoming film 'First Man,' about Neil Armstrong's amazing journey to the moon, is generating a lot of positive critical buzz...but also a bit of controversy. Why? Because in this socially conscious update, upon reaching the moon, the Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin characters don't put an American flag on the moon. The scene was deliberately omitted to indicate that the achievement 'transcended countries and borders.'

Or, in the petulant words of Barack Obama regarding other American accomplishments: "you didn't build that.' Frankly, the film now sounds like it transcends our need to see it." - Stilton'sPlace

Graphic Source: Stilton'sPlace


I remember years ago there was a anecdote floating around about how Communist dictators loved to control all things human to the point, that even if the facts got in the way of their collective agenda, they would find a way to change those, too.

The story tells of an American journalist who asks a Russia citizen how the future of Russia will look with more freedom being spread around the world.

The Russian replies with an answer that was unexpected:

"It's not the change in Russia's future we are concerned about. It's the rewriting of Russian history that worries us."

And that's important to understand. Because when you allow liberals and their corrupt media to change history, there is no history. And therefore there are suddenly no traditions that need to be honored or heroes who have to be recognized . . . lives given up to protect time-honored traditions for future generations to follow and appreciate.

Being on this earth for over 70 years, I have observed that the politics in America today remind me too much of the game playing that occurred in Germany in 1933 when the Third Reich finally took over the country, nullifying its democracy while weaponizing its children and making political correctness the new law of the land to be obeyed without question.

Therefore, to me, what is happening in America today is far more dangerous than what was given birth in Germany 80 or so years ago. In Germany there were first the Brown Shirts and then the Gestapo, backed by the SS, which embraced a strong progressive movement represented by a powerful new symbol of a Swastika, quickly seen on armbands of Nazi's marching in uniforms to honor their führer.

Their newly elected leader, Adolf Hitler, was recognized as a hero in WWI, blaming German Jews for the country's loss in the war. So with a willing and obedient media, Hitler was able to morph the German Jew into a non-person, a non-human, that after being redefined could be rounded up and dragged into camps. Some businessmen would be made to mow government lawns with their teeth while most others would find themselves being reduced to ash, in some places around or near Germany ankle deep guaranteed by specially designed ovens for quick cleansing of flesh from its bones. It was all done in the name of solving what the Third Reich had seen as their "Jewish problem."

The Age Of Obama's Crotch-Salute

In 2008, the collective Marxist, Barack Obama, with well over 90% of black votes in November of 2008, ran his candidacy on the mission to "Fundamentally Transform" the United States of America, the two words meaning that the country would never again look like what it had been. After elected to office Obama directed NASA to look to the Muslim Nations and their technical skills for guidance.

Another day that will live in infamy. - Webmaster.

Photo Source: TIME Magazine, candidate Barack Obama's famous "Crotch Salute" to the playing of the American National Anthem at a 2007 Iowa Democrat fundraiser, his hands of his private parts, the name given by some in the military.

How could that have been worse, one might ask? Sure, it could have been worse if achieved on a global level and not through hardware but through software.

In America today through the efforts of Silicon Valley, we seem to be racing fast in that direction with some believing we have already entered the age of "a Mark," a place where there are no guns or uniforms but instead a mass of technology programmed to follow the daily lives of any citizen who has a Mark on them. In today's world, that Mark would be called a smart phone, where almost overnight western citizens AND their children now own one.

In fact, a smart phone device is becoming so prevalent that I suspect one day in the not to distant future every American will be required to carry one.

The objective over time will be to miniaturize it and then design it to be integrated into the skin of a person in the form of an electronic identify Mark on the forehead or hand where it can be easily scanned, an act prophesied in the Book of Revelation 2,000 years ago. Revelation reported it would be something a person would need 24/7, because without it you will not be able to buy or sell anything . . . even on Amazon.

As I write this, in America the Third Reich has been replaced by the country's San Francisco Silicon Valley, a geographical area that has more wealth than some countries around the world while controlling 95% of the world's Internet. It is a place where hundreds-of-millions of people can be tracked every second of every day, even with their smart phones off.

Not only does it track anyone with a Smart phone, but it's also in control of what people are allowed to see and read in computer screen searches, using massive codes of algorithms to decide in an instant what speech and images will be allowed to be seen or NOT, making the book burning in WWII Germany seem tame by comparison.

Within a decade these controlling tech companies are no longer American companies. They are instead "globalist companies" bringing in profits from all over the world while doing the bidding of organizations such as the United Nations, (UN), where its "Agenda 2030" is designed to eliminate borders by the year 2030. This same UN sees nationalism, (pride in country), as a dirty concept that will get in the way of what the UN sees as a "healthy" one-world government run by its own officials, of course, with other side organizations such as the EU and the Bilderberg located in Brussels.

"How much power do the tech companies have over our elections? Dan Bongino is a contributor to NRA TV." - TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

Video Source: TuckerCarlson / FOXNews

It is therefore no surprise from the graphic at the top of the page, which shows the result of America's effort to walk on the moon but instead changes history by removing the planted America flag as if it was never there . . . replaced with an abstract concept of "coexistence."

You see the elites on that "island" of Hollywood have decided they don't like some parts of American history and therefore are going to rewrite it ON THEIR TERMS. The elite snobs know very well they are pushing off the sacrifices of America citizens who not only paid for the research and the trip to the moon but also those as astronautics who literally gave their lives in the research of the mission, one announced by John F. Kennedy (JFK) at the beginning of the 1960's.

Below you find more that goes to the heart of this story brought to you on Labor Day. It is a traditional day that is still celebrated by tens-of-millions of Americans across the country, who may actually care where Hollywood, (or ESPN or the NFL), decide to shove a three-color flag that's simply annoying to them along with anyone who would want to honor "its history."




"Chuck Yeager Fires Back At Hollywood Elites Over Moon Landing Movie – THEN Twitter CENSORS The U.S. Flag?!" - GatewayPundit

Article by Brock Simmons, August 31, 2018, Gateway Pundit


"Legendary WWII Ace and fighter test pilot Chuck Yeager chimes in on the 'First Man' movie covfefe. He may be 93 years old, but he’s very active on Twitter. 'That’s not the Neil Armstrong I knew' he says, responding to Ryan Gosling’s portrayal of Armstrong as a modern day left wing social justice wacko." - GatewayPundit

Photo Source: GatewayPundit


Photo source: GatewayPundit

"That’s right, Twitter is now censoring the U.S. flag.

Meanwhile, the quick-witted Yeager continues to fire back at the far left Hollywood elites with another comment, 'More Hollywood make believe.'" - GatewayPundit

Photo source: GatewayPundit


Above article by Brock Simmons, August 31, 2018, Gateway Pundit






Obama's Progressive Fascists In The Liberal Media Cry Out, "It's Not Faaaair!"

Graphic Source: Branco / SilenceIsConsent







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