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Kaepernick, Who Pushed Cops As Pigs, Is Hero To Obama's Former CIA Leader

September 7, 2018



Former Obama Weaponized CIA Leader, John Brennan, Who Called Trump Treasonous, Supports Kaepernick's Throwing Cops Under The Bus As "Pigs."

"Former CIA Director John Brennan praised NFL player Colin Kaepernick on Monday, saying the athlete gave meaning to the Constitution by taking a knee during the national anthem to protest racial injustice." - TheHill

Graphic Source: TheHill

When Kaepernick Took A Knee

GQ Magazine: Kaepernick "Citizen Of The Year."

College Of The Ozarks Drops Nike. We're proud of our country. - Breitbart




Maybe Nike Could Run A Special Brennan Bundle Deal!

Buy Nike's Walk-All-Over The America Flag And Get A Free Pair Of Pig Socks, Too!

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The Bottom Line!

Let's break it down. It's really very simple when you understand what's going on. - Webmaster


It’s not about Trump. It has never been about Trump.  It's about the globalists and their investors who benefit financially when deciding to use the world’s poor for labor housed in sweatshops not allowed in the U.S., a decision that can increase profits back at corporate headquarters.

"According to Supalai, if factories were not able to meet Nike's demands, their contracts—and employee wages—were suspended indefinitely. She said that the brand's new quotas caused her normal 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. shift to turn into a grueling 8 a.m. to midnight stretch, which meant Supalai often had to eat, shower, and sleep at the factory." - Complex

Factory Worker Is Criticizing Nike For Unfair Labor Practices - Complex

Nike chose Kaepernick because he is the Obama of the sports world, hating law enforcement like Obama who at the same time had embraced Cuba's socialist government. 

Candidate Obama, when running for president in 2007, was called out by some of our treasures in the military as the first “Crotch Salute” president. Kaepernick, like Obama, knelt during the playing of the National Anthem while other millionaire NFL players put their fists in the air DRESSED IN UNIFORM, allowed by the team's executive managers along with the leadership of the NFL. If those players had any other job outside of sports, they probably would have been fired.

Kaepernick is sympathetic to radical Muslims, as Obama was when president. Obama allowed ISIS to cross the desert from Syria into Iraq without a shot being fired, our satellites watching the parade of murdering Islamists.  ISIS then went on to slaughter 1.5 million Christians in an area of the world where Christ taught 2,000 years ago. Sunday services for the first time since Christ were silenced.

Obama didn't care. His Democrat Party didn't care. Obama even stuck it into the eye of surviving Christians, considering bringing in only surviving Muslims to the United States.

Kaepernick is the antithesis of what the NFL has stood for, Obama the antithesis of the America dream. 

In an interview in 2016, Obama told a crowd on national television that there was no way Trump, as president, could ever raise the GDP of the United States beyond 1%, Obama literally asking, “Does he have some kind of magic wand?” 

Well Trump did, his magic wand “a backbone.” Obama never had one, never will have one, wasn’t born with one!  When Obama didn’t protect the red line in Syria that he created, it sent millions of Syrian migrants down into European countries to destabilize the world there. It became so embarrassing to European leaders that some told law enforcement to lie to the press about the number of rapes, protecting their goal of impossible multiculturalism.

In November 2008 Obama said, “In five days we will fundamentally transform the United States of America.”  And so are globalist pigs like Nike, using Kaepernick as a faux role model for NFL players, “hate the pig socks" and all.









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