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What Is Going On In Cheyenne?

September 19, 2018



New Base Commander Removes POW/MIA Bible From Historic Display

Says her goal is to respect the Cheyenne community the base serves.

Quote Source: ChristianFighterPilot


Cheyenne, Wyoming, Is The Home Of Warren Air Force Base, One Of The Oldest In The Nation That Now Also Commands One Of The Largest Missile Bases In America.

However an Air Force base commander, after serving on the base for one year, turned to the cloak of political correctness that would affect the historic dynamics of the base's relationship with the local community, which she had promised to keep.

And that's troubling, especially after America has gone through eight years of socialist leadership under Barack Obama. He was a president that some in the military renamed the "crotch salute president," his going on to weaponize the CIA and the FBI. The FBI to this point today could have been renamed FIB.

Do Americans then have to ask after Obama's two-terms, "The Air Force, too?!"



Some History You Need To Know About Cheyenne.


1. From the Warren Base Guide:

“'The base enjoys a rich history, spanning more than 150 years and providing the front line of defense for America and her allies.  Cheyenne and the base were both established 1867. 

Originally named Fort D.A. Russell, the base was renamed in 1930 as Fort Francis E. Warren to honor Wyoming territorial governor and first state senator.' (Click for complete base history.)

You can listen to a ten-minute audio presentation of the history of the Warren base, which includes a history of the famous Buffalo Soldiers, named after the Buffalo for their strength and stamina."

Note: As of this writing the Web page for the Cheyenne History Heritage Museum Web site contains a link to the Museum's artifacts and information that has been taken down, leading a visitor literally to a URL with a blank white page.


2. From Wyoming History:

"In 1947, Fort Warren became a U.S. Air Force Base—now the oldest continually active base in that military branch of service. The base has no airfields, however. In the late 1950s it was chosen as headquarters for the Atlas ICBM missiles under the leadership of the Strategic Air Command.

According to Ewig, by the summer of 1963, 200 missiles were located in silos within 100 miles of the base in Wyoming, Colorado and Nebraska.

In 1966, Mayor Herbert Kingham appointed James Byrd as the first black chief of police in Cheyenne, and Byrd became the first black police chief in the state. He served for 16 years under several different mayoral administrations before he retired.

In 1977, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, one of the largest missile-command bases in the nation, was designated a National Historic Landmark. Ewig called the economic impact of the base and its early day Fort Russell predecessor 'incalculable.'”


3. Cheyenne's Religious History:

The following was written by Stephanie Prescott on August 5, 2017. Posted in Cheyenne Attractions, Cheyenne, WY

First Presbyterian Church 1869

"First Presbyterian Church was organized in the Territory of Wyoming on July 18, 1869.  The current building at 22nd and Carey was dedicated on March 22, 1925.

There have been two additions to the building; a memorial chapel in honor of the Presbyterian young men who lost their lives in World War II was dedicated on November 10, 1948 and a new CE wing in September 1961."

First United Methodist Church — 1867

"The first service for First United Methodist Church in Cheyenne was held on September 29, 1867 by Reverend W. W. Baldwin in City Hall.

In 1869 the church bought two lots from the Union Pacific for $1.00. The church was dedicated by Bishop Ames on September 23, 1871. The current church began construction in 1890. It was dedicated on Easter Sunday, 1894.

Today the church has many programs that offer a hand to the community. Two that I have enjoyed are the Kids Day Out Program and the Pumpkin Patch."

St Mark’s Episcopal Church 1868

"St. Mark’s Episcopal Church has a long history in Cheyenne dating back to 1868. The current church held its first service on August 19, 1888.

If you get a chance to go today take notice of the interior, which was made to resemble an upside down ark with a marble floor. It is a gorgeous piece of architecture."





Present Day


"The new commander of F.E. Warren Air Force Base stopped by the KGAB studio this week to introduce herself and talk about the base and Cheyenne Frontier Days. Col. Stacy Huser comes to F.E. Warren from Minot Air Force Base in North Dakota.

A native of Indiana, [if link removed click here] Col. Huser was commissioned through Officer Training School in 1996 after earning a bachelor's degree in psychology from North Central College in Illinois." - KGAB, July 2017

Col. Stacey Huser On KGAB Radio July 20th About Cheyenne Frontier Days, [a year before she would remove the POW/MIA Bible]:

"My only goal is to continue to strengthen the already strong bonds that the base has with the community, continue to work on our honorary commander's program and continue to build that relationship we have." - KGAB

Video Source: KGAB


But strengthening the bonds of the local community was assaulted by the base commander in 2018 when not honoring the people of faith in Cheyenne. But it hadn't started there.

For instance, Oscar Rodriguez, Jr., a decorated Air Force veteran, who had delivered patriotic flag-folding speeches over 100 times at civic and military events, was at another one in March 2016.

A service member asked Rodriguez to deliver the flag-folding speech at his retirement ceremony, which was to be held at Travis Air Force Base in Sacramento.

Rodriguez agreed. But when he began to speak, uniformed Airmen assaulted him (see video below) and physically dragged him out of the ceremony. He was then kicked off the base. Why? Because his speech had included the single word “God.”

In reaction to the attack, First Liberty Institute sent a letter to the United States Air Force on June 20, 2016, demanding justice for Rodriguez, and for those responsible to be held accountable. - FirstLiberty

Warning: Video from Travis Air Force base is very troubling, attacking the Constitution's guarantee of free of speech by the people who are supposed to be protecting it.

Air Force veteran, Oscar Rodriguez, is assaulted by Airmen in uniform over the single word God used in his speech, then literally dragged out of the ceremony. - FirstLiberty

Video Source: FirstLiberty


The Air Force Times in June of 2016 noted the incident and reported the following:

"The controversy has now reached the highest levels of the Air Force. Secretary Deborah Lee James has now ordered the Air Force inspector general to review the incident, spokeswoman Capt. Brooke Brzozowske said in an email Wednesday.

In a June 20 letter to Maj. Gen. John Flournoy Jr., commander of the 4th Air Force at March Air Reserve Base, California, and Col. Raymond Kozak, commander of the 349th Air Mobility Wing at Travis, Michael Berry, the senior counsel and director of military affairs at First Liberty, said those NCOs committed unlawful assault and battery when they forcibly removed him." - AirForceTimes

So it was therefore surprising when a Bible, representing our POW/MIA service people along with the faith community of Cheyenne for the last 160 years old, would be removed. It also put salt into the wound when that same Bible was replaced with a generic secular book on religion by the base commander in July of 2018.

However a few months before the 2018 Bible removing incident, Col. Stacey Huser also fired two people on the base who were not only directly involved in serving the Cheyenne community, but given an award for excellent merit in their job back in 2016. Lt. Col. Erin Weatherly and Chief Master Sgt. James Clark were removed from their leadership positions on May 2, 2018, reported by 2nd Lt. Nikita Thorpe in an email, a spokeswoman for the 90th Missile Wing.

Reported by the Air Force Times:

"Thorpe said that Col. Stacy Jo Huser, commander of the 90th Missile Wing, had removed Lt. Col. Erin Weatherly and Chief Master Sgt. James Clark from their leadership positions on May 2, 2018.

Thorpe said that Col. Stacy Jo Huser, commander of the 90th Missile Wing, “lost confidence in their abilities to carry out their duties and determined that new leadership was necessary to ensure the highest levels of precision from a squadron leadership.”

SouthForward reported that the base commander gave no specific reason for the firings.

Yet going back just to 2016, the previous leadership at the base reported the following on Chief Master Sgt. James Clark, providing him and his group with a Cheyenne Trophy Award for supporting the community above and beyond the call of duty: [Hmm?]

Photo Source:

Here is what was reported for giving out the Cheyenne Trophy Award:

“Every unit on Warren supports the mission, but we have some unique factors that allow us to directly partner with Cheyenne,” said Chief Master Sgt. James Clark, 90th CES chief. 'I was very pleased to get [the trophy], a lot of what we do is community based and I think that helped us get recognized.'

After the MAC presented the award to CES, Col. Stephen Kravitsky, 90th Missile Wing commander, gave remarks to the award recipients.

'The 90th Civil Engineer Squadron is very deserving of the recognition, and this award,' Kravitsky said. 'All of the units on F.E. Warren have blown me away with their ability to accomplish the mission and to participate and support the community.'"

Then later in 2018 after the firings, enters Michael “Mikey” Weinstein. He had contacted Col. Stacy Huser, complaining to her about the POV/MIA Bible that was on display at the base. Weinstein represents the bully organization, Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

Photo Source Of POW/MIA Bible Display: Christainfighterpilot

The Christian Fighter Pilot Web site writes about Weinstein's complaint:

"For Weinstein, POW displays are the gift that keeps on giving. There are  literally thousands of them around the world, and, despite some apparent implications, there is no unified policy on what is 'approved' in such a display. Thus, local commanders or office managers make those decisions — making each one an 'opportunity.'

Mikey Weinstein can demand a Bible be removed from a POW/MIA display every few weeks and, one way or the other, try to stay in the news.

This pattern has repeated for years, and Weinstein is not always successful — though his stinging defeats seem to be less well known than his “victories.”  (Several years ago, an Inspector General even defended the inclusion of Bibles in POW displays.)

In other words, Weinstein’s current display of bigotry isn’t anything new."

Soon to follow, former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee also had some strong words after the United States Air Force at Warren removed the Bible from the display table for prisoners of war (POW) and soldiers missing in action (MIA), to be replaced with a generic 'book of faith.'

"'It's embarrassing to the nation,' Huckabee told FOX & Friends. 'We're supposed to be a nation that has freedom of religion, not freedom from religion.'"

In another case where religious freedom had been attacked, the following was announced just last month:

"The Army has exonerated a decorated Fort Bragg Army chaplain and his assistant after they were accused of discrimination against a same-sex couple.

Chaplain Scott Squires and Chaplain Assistant Kacie Griffin had been facing 'dereliction of duty' charges for declining to lead a marriage retreat that included a same-sex couple.

'We are grateful that the Army has rejected and abandoned these baseless charges,' First Liberty Institute attorney Mike Berry told the Todd Starnes Radio Show.

'The United States military is no place for anti-religious hostility against its own military chaplains,' said Berry, who is representing both the chaplain and the assistant. 'Chaplains like Scott Squires and Kacie Griffin do not have to give up their First Amendment rights in order to serve their fellow soldiers.'”


United States Military Power 2018

The Leader U.S. Armed Forces

Video Source: YouTube


Finally, the above video promotion for the United States Air Force was released in November of 2017, showing the diversity and strength of our military. We, a citizens, therefore need to remember it was the Pilgrims who left England for America seeking their religious freedom at any cost, which had jump started this nation. The cost to them was huge in loss of lives, looking for a new world.

I would think a military this large would have a special corner available for those who follow a faith responsible for the existence of what would become the United States Of America. It would be socialist candidate Barack Obama who would try to "fundamentally transform" that same nation with the assistance of a corrupt media, a media that would hide Obama's birth into a Muslim home and having studied the Koran as a teenager in Indonesia.

The New York Times accidentally let the cat out of the bag in late 2008 in its enthusiasm for mutliculturalism, an editor amazed that Obama could sing the "Muslim Call To Prayer" so perfectly. Obama at the time also claimed he was a Christian, looking for votes in the 2008 election. CNN had also said to any guest that dared to question Obama's motives, asking, "Do you think he is lying about his Christian faith?"

So in the end, few in America have been informed about the wonderful testament of the beliefs brought to our shores by the Pilgrims; a monument that spells out every detail of their faith to citizens hundreds of years later who might be interested in where the foundation of the country came from.

I personally would hope one day, the monument forgotten in a suburb in the northeast of this country, would find its way, (while repairing its weathered past), into a park in Washington D.C.

School teachers across the nation could bring their students to show why they're free today, along with guaranteed free speech, the right of religious freedom and the right to protect themselves from those who would want to do harm.


A Call To Arms

What organization would have the drive and spirit to pick up the torch and rebuild this monument to its former glory on the Mall in Washington D.C.?

The National Monument to the Forefathers, formerly known as the Pilgrim Monument, commemorates the Mayflower Pilgrims.

Dedicated on August 1, 1889, it honors their ideals as later generally embraced by the United States. It is thought to be the world's largest solid granite monument,and is the third-tallest statue in the United States.

Located in Plymouth, Massachusetts, the 81-foot-tall (25 m) monument was commissioned by the Pilgrim Society. The original concept dates to around 1820, with actual planning beginning in 1850. The cornerstone was laid August 2, 1859 by the Grand Lodge of Masons in Massachusetts, under the direction of Grand Master John T. Heard. The monument was completed in October 1888, and was dedicated with appropriate ceremonies on August 1, 1889." - Copy Source - Wikipedia

Video Source: The Movie, Monumental


It wasn't the Jewish organizations that recognize Mikey Weinstein's hatred of Christians, who had formed the early foundation for this country. Neither was it Muslims, who allowed ISIS to cross the desert into Northern Iraq untouched, (our satellites watching their progress), while Obama did nothing.

That would result in the murder, rapes, human trafficking and beheading of an estimated 1,500,000 men, women and children in Northern Iraq. And that's a fact few media outlets will discuss. They also will not discuss that the dictator of Turkey will not allow discussion of the 1,500,000 million Armenians slaughtered by Turkish Muslims starting back in 1915. Or that the same Turkish dictator has been assisted by CNN Turk.

Obama almost seemed proud that Sunday services, in an area around northern Iraq where Christ had walked, would no longer be heard, empty-headed progressives like the ones who run the University of Illinois instead filling Obama's head with awards, a candidate in 2008 who purposely lied he didn't know Bill Ayers.

Hell, Obama not only knew Bill Ayers but worked with him at the CAC in the late 1990's in an attempt to spread socialism onto the public school children of Chicago! Ayers wrote the program and Obama was hired to pass out the bucks. But the media's lips were sealed on that, too.

Obama, as president, also lied to the Syrian dictatorship they better not "cross a red line" Obama had set over the gassing of the Syrian rebels. The rebels soon realized by Obama's inaction that he was a coward, trying to look tough while not having the stomach for the real fight.

Because of that, migrants in the millions suddenly realized they would have to leave their country or be gassed again. They would in turn overwhelm western European countries such as France and Germany, to name a few, with a Muslim race that didn't understand freedom and too often saw Western women as sex object to rape because they didn't cover themselves properly. In England they had a name for it. It was called "Grooming Gangs." But if you mentioned that, British police could arrest you.

So when you find time, Col. Stacy Huser, why not honor the 160 years of Christian faith that has surrounded the people of Cheyenne, Wyoming, and put the Bible back where it belongs. - Webmaster




Why Did The Commander Of Warren Air Force Base . . .

. . . follow the directive of someone who has called the President of the United States a "bigot" in 2017 and those who follow him "henchmen," a national security threat to this nation? - Webmaster

In May of 2017 Weinstein told Newsweek, “The reality of Trump being commander in chief has unleashed a raging battle cry along the lines of ‘There’s a new sheriff in town, and he loves white, male, straight, Christian fundamentalists one hell of a lot more than anyone else,’” Weinstein says.

“The fundamentalist/Dominionist bullies have been emboldened by Trump’s own bigotry and that of his henchmen to such a profound degree that MRFF considers the dire situation to be nothing less than a full-fledged national security threat to our country.”

In an online publication, Weinstein was reported to have commented on Air Force General Teichert for a post the general put on his personal Website:

“General Teichert should be doing time behind prison bars, not commanding a Wing wearing a general’s stars,” Weinstein said, as reported on Fox News. Treichert is a “fundamentalist Christian tyrant and religious extremist predator."








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