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Why Are Democrats Obviously AND Purposely Ignoring Keith Ellison's Female Accuser?

September 21, 2018



Keith Ellison's Accuser Of Violence Against Her Is Not Only Well Documented But Very Recent.

Yet these Democrat Party "Pillars Of Moral Outrage" are not at all interested in the character of their rising star, Keith Ellison. If you remember, they were also not interested in the proven character of Ted Kennedy, who allowed his date to drown in a car he had left behind while not reporting the accident until the next day.

Ted would then go on to attack the morals of an African American justice up for the Supreme Court, Clarence Thomas. Or Bill and Hillary Clinton attacking any female that Bill had taken a pleasure to.

Video Source: FOXNews

"DNC Leader Perez Still Proud Of Making Keith Ellison Deputy DNC Chair, Despite Abuse Allegations." - DailyCaller

Ellison's Accuser Releases Medical Records Documenting Alleged Abuse; Reveals How Democrats Have Treated Her. - DailyWire

"Why We Know Clarence Thomas Was Framed." - WND







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