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October 3, 2018



From Actual Activities That Surround Our Lives In 2018, Comes 7 Scriptural Proofs That We Are Living In The Last Days.

"Have you ever thought that you might be living in what the Bible calls the LAST DAYS? Have you looked around at this world full of sin and wondered why the Father lets it all happen? I'm here to tell you that our Father's judgment is close at hand and He will again return to His creation to make things right. The prophets speak of His return. Here are 7 Scriptural Proofs of the Last Days." - Zachary Bauer, January 2017

Video Source: Zachary Bauer, January 2017




More News Of What Is Going On Around Us In Technology - Topic 8

"The circuit bends, wrinkles and stretches with the mechanical properties of skin. The researchers demonstrated their concept through a diverse array of electronic components mounted on a thin, rubbery substrate, including sensors, LEDs, transistors, radio frequency capacitors, wireless antennas, and conductive coils and solar cells for power." - News Illinois Edu

From August 11, 2011, Seven Years Ago!

"'The blurring of electronics and biology is really the key point here,' Huang said. 'All established forms of electronics are hard, rigid. Biology is soft, elastic. It's two different worlds. This is a way to truly integrate them.' The researchers used simple adaptations of techniques used in the semiconductor industry, so the patches are easily scalable and manufacturable. The device company mc10, which Rogers co-founded, already is working to commercialize certain versions of the technology.

Next, the researchers are working to integrate the various devices mounted on the platform so that they work together as a system, rather than individually functioning devices, and to add Wi-Fi capability." - NewsIllinoisEdu

Photo Source: NewsIllinoisEdu

And This Biblical Prediction Also Goes On: Christians In Myanmar Suffer As Pro-Chinese Rebels Destroy Churches, Kidnap Ministers. - DailyWire



Gosnell's Trial Of The Century

A trial of the century that the progressive Democrat paid-for media initially refused in rank step to attend of an abortionist Planned Parenthood protected, do-nothing Pelosi saying without care, as if passing out roses, Oh, we don't talk about that one!

Surprise, surprise, it's the same progressive media that refused to report on the murder of Arkansas teenager, Jesse Dirkhising.

"A movie about the notorious Philadelphia abortionist Kermit Gosnell hits theaters this October – one of the filmmakers, Phelim McAleer, gives us a preview of what to expect." - EWTN

Watch Movie Trailer

Video Source: EWTN

Note: I saw a preview of this movie tonight that ended with a Q&A from the film's director, who was in attendance. The film is well made and follows the trial only, without getting into the life of Gosnell. There is not a single dull moment, images chosen that kept a PG13 rating for the movie. - Webmaster







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